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Travel: Is Seville The Most Beautiful City In Spain?

DW Travel (May 24, 2023) – Have you ever been to Seville? This city in the south of Spain is considered the birthplace of flamenco, and offers in addition fascinating historical architecture and every type of delicious tapas bar.

Video timeline: 00:00 Intro 00:17 Old Town and Seville Cathedral 00:46 Setas de Sevilla or: Mushrooms of Seville 01:16 Royal Alcázar of Seville 02:31 Torre del Oro 02:55 Tapas bar El Rinconcillo 03:44 Flamenco show at Los Gallos

We visited the Andalusian capital to see if it really is as beautiful as people say. And while we are there, we’ll show you round everything you should do while you’re here.


Reviews: The Prettiest Hotels In Seville, Spain

May 15, 2022 – Seville is ready for a true return to form. The city whose splendour has inspired countless works of music, art and poetry is in the beating heart of Andalucía, with its enchanting streets lined with orange trees and Moorish highlights. It’s a flavour that infuses the city’s architecture, which is also full of colonial influences due to the wealthy merchants that traded across the Spanish Empire. Saturated with various styles and cultures, many of the city’s age-old properties have been carefully converted into cool places to stay, while remaining steeped in heritage. Whether you’re in search of a rooftop pool to dip into or classic Moorish architecture, this is your ultimate guide to the best hotels in Seville.

  • Alfonso XIII
    • Alfonso XIII For a taste of truly regal extravagance, look no further. Built specially for Seville’s 1929 Expo, this majestic establishment was commissioned by the then king of Spain, who gave it his own name. Look out for the monarch’s mahogany and bronze throne: this was originally used in the royal office of the premises, which is where the restaurant Ena now sits. Here, executive chef Brian Deegan had just launched a new menu including grilled Iberian pork with escalivada and scallops with cauliflower foam. The hotel’s 148 rooms alternate Andalusian, Castilian and Moorish decorative styles; with grand stairways, sweeping corridors and ornamental patterns everywhere the eye can see.

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Top Cultural Road Trips: Seville To Ronda In Spain

First, the fizz. Part of Seville’s exuberance is because the city is preparing for two festivals: Semana Santa, over Holy Week, and the April Fair (actually in May). The first involves processions of elaborately trussed religious statues sitting on decorative floats held aloft by men in cream-coloured cloaks and cone-shaped headdresses, a vision that surprised me when I attended, by chance, while interrailing around Europe decades ago. The April Fair is equally flamboyant, although with more frills — Sevillanas in every shade of flamenco dress. Everyone learns flamenco at school, so there’s no excuse for poor footwork. And, naturally, getting a new dress, of slightly different design, is the done thing each year.

After all that, arriving at La Donaira via the white mountain village of El Gastor is a change of pace. Not least because the views are lurking under cloud (the calima again), so I am inclined to make the most of the hotel’s cosiness rather than head out for a grey hike.

What was once a private house, converted into a hotel in 2015, strives to maintain that homely feeling. It’s working — guests wear athleisure at dinner, pad around in socks and Crocs, and children jump on the giant sofa by the living-room fire. The vibe here is so relaxed, we leave our bedroom door open at night to listen to the rain and feel the cool mountain air. The living room is a big, open space — a former barn, with picture windows over the courtyard, a library and plenty of lounging spots.

Cocktails With A Curator: ‘Murillo’s Self-Portrait’

In this week’s episode of “Cocktails with a Curator,” delve into the life and times of Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, one of the most celebrated painters of seventeenth-century Spain. Look closely at his self-portrait for clues about the Seville-born artist—a trompe l’oeil stone frame points to his fascination with the antiquities excavated in his hometown, and the sitter seems to be looking forward, into the future, after surviving a traumatic period when Seville was ravaged by plague. Acquired by Henry Clay Frick in 1904, the painting stayed with the family until 2014, when it was gifted to the museum by Dr. and Mrs. Henry Clay Frick II. This week’s complementary cocktail, the Rebujito, conjures the warm spring days of Seville’s Feria de Abril (April Fair) and goes well with Thanksgiving leftovers.

To view this painting in detail, please visit our website: https://www.frick.org/murilloportrait

Artist Profile: Scottish Painter David Roberts Masterpieces Of “Seville Cathedral” In 1833 (Video)

Sotheby's logoThese two magnificent paintings by Scottish artist David Roberts exquisitely capture the essence of life in Seville in the 1800s. Hear how Roberts, one of the most widely travelled artist explorers of the 19th century, executed these resplendent views of the Cathedral – one capturing the ceremony of the Corpus Christi festival, the other displaying the bustle of life outside. ‘Interior of the Cathedral of Seville’ and ‘The Moorish Tower at Seville’.

Top New Travel Videos: “Andalućia” In Southern Spain By Vadim Sherbakov

Filmed and Edited by: Vadim Sherbakov

Andalućia is a non-narrative, short, architectural film, showcasing amazing autonomous community in southern Spain.

Andalusia is a unique region with a fantastic blend of architectural marvels. The whole region is filled with a mix of fantastic buildings, reminiscence of the turbulent history of that area. From Carthaginians and Romans, Moors and Byzantine empire to Christian civilisation. These unique historical intricacies play a vital role in establishing the one and only rare visual identity of this region.

Shot in 4 major cities of Andalucia – Seville, Cordoba, Granada, Marbella, and also in Ronda, Mijas, Nerja and Setenil de las Bodegas, this short film showing just a mere drop of many marvelous exteriors and interiors that Andalucia has to offer.