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Timelapse Travel Videos: “Drifting Through The Night – Startrails” By Michael Shainblum (2020)

Filmed and Directed by: Michael Shainblum

I am excited to share my new collection of night sky, startrail timelapses. These trails were created by blending hundreds of long exposure images for each individual timelapse.

Drifting Through The Night Startrails Timelapse 4k by Michael Shainblum video February 12 2020

Locations: Lone Pine, California; San Jose, California; Dolomites, Italy; Kauai, Hawaii; Malibu, California; Anza Borrego, California;Yosemite National Park, California; Bristlecone Pines, California; Sparks Lake, Oregon; Point Reyes, California


Top New Travel Videos: “Andalućia” In Southern Spain By Vadim Sherbakov

Filmed and Edited by: Vadim Sherbakov

Andalućia is a non-narrative, short, architectural film, showcasing amazing autonomous community in southern Spain.

Andalusia is a unique region with a fantastic blend of architectural marvels. The whole region is filled with a mix of fantastic buildings, reminiscence of the turbulent history of that area. From Carthaginians and Romans, Moors and Byzantine empire to Christian civilisation. These unique historical intricacies play a vital role in establishing the one and only rare visual identity of this region.

Shot in 4 major cities of Andalucia – Seville, Cordoba, Granada, Marbella, and also in Ronda, Mijas, Nerja and Setenil de las Bodegas, this short film showing just a mere drop of many marvelous exteriors and interiors that Andalucia has to offer.


Timelapse Travel Videos: “Bali – Island Of Gods” By Martien Janssen (2020)

Filmed and Edited by: Martien Janssen

Bali ‘Island of Gods’ is a timelapse movie of one of my favorite islands. As cliché as Bali might sound (everyone’s visiting Bali these days) it is an island like no other, with gorgeous nature and wonderful landscape, kind people, great food and an expression of their culture unlike any other place. Bali is many things and your trip is what you make of it. Staying in the south at the beaches is totally different from staying at Ubud, or the east or the north. My advice, stay somewhere quiet, get a nice room, rent a motorbike and explore it yourself.

Bali Island of Gods Timelapse Travel Video by Martien Janssen February 8 2020

Even though I’ve visited many great places, Bali remains one of my favorites. I spend 2 months here working a movie project, using my different cameras and techniques. I had such cool plans for it. I had a new DJI Osmo with me, my drone. I planned to shoot a lot in slow motion, so I could manipulate time in my movie. Two months I spent shooting mornings till nights, without really checking my footage on the laptop enough.


Food & Wine: “Castillo de Cuzcurrita” Winery In La Rioja, Spain (Video)

Monocle 24 Films logoThis Spanish region is home to many large-scale producers, but at Castillo de Cuzcurrita things are done differently. Vintner Ana Martin Onzain unveils how their aged wines – grown and made exclusively in this small village – bring people together.

Castillo de Cuzcurrita Winery In La Rioja Spain winesHISTORY: Little is known of its history of Cuzcurrita prior to the 14th century. On 15 November 1367, King Enrique II of Castile rewarded the Alcalde Mayor of the Hijosdalgo of Castile, Juan Martínez de Rojas by granting him the title of Feudal Lord of Cuzcurrita with all its lands and rights.

In the 16th century, during the reign of Philip II, the 9th Lord of Cuzcurrita, Pedro Velasco, bastard son of Bernardino de Velasco and the wife of Pedro Suárez de Figueroa, established the entailed estate by marrying Marta de Rojas y Osorio, carving his coat of arms over the entrance to the castle.The fortress, which had been erected by the Suárez Figeroa family between the 14th and 15th centuries, remained in the hands of the Velasco-Rojas family until the last century, subsequently passing through various hands until it was bought by the Sáinz de Incháustegui family, Counts of Alacha, in 1947, who went on to restore it and make it their family home.

Within the irregular square floor plan of this fortress stands the keep, one of the most characteristic of its kind in La Rioja due to the harmony of its dimensions and its few arched openings. This square tower rises from right in the middle of the castle with small, rectangular openings.


New Travel Videos: “Out in the World – Nepal-Tibet-Bhutan” (Carsan Choong)

Filmed and Edited by: Carsan Choong

Music: Reid Willis – Overflow – Thirst EP (Used with permission)
Mark Petrie – Cerulean (Licensed from Audionetwork.com)

Sound Design : Creativehunters and Carsan Choong

Voice Over: Dea Strica (Fiverr.com)

Out In The World Nepal - Tibet - Bhutan Travel Film by Carsan Choong February 2020

Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan are all shrouded in mystery and magic, featuring in Himalayan landscape where snow-capped peaks soar highly and thick temple and Monastery fragrances are given off from the spectacular architectures and pious pilgrims.

The vertically raising layers of mountains and series of valleys appear as giant staircase leading to sky touching snow peaks. Nepal was refuge for spiritual masters and political mavericks from both India and Tibet for a long time. Rare teachings were passed down and prospered undisturbed by outside world until recently. In the citadel of the eastern Himalayas, Bhutan persisted with the original form of Tibetan Buddhism and its unique civilisation. As a medieval country with its featured customs, Bhutan never seeks for the speedy modernisation at the expense of its original charm. Attaching great importance to environmental protection and cultural preservation, undoubtedly it gets a reputation of the Last Shangri-La.


Landscape Travel Videos: “Lanzarote – The Wonder” By L’oeil d’Eos (2020)

Raw. Mineral. Bewitchingly. These three words describe perfectly the atmosphere that we could feel on Lanzarote in the Canary archipelago off the coast of Morocco.

Lanzarote The Wonder Landscape Landscapre Travel Film by L'oeil d'Eos 2020
Far from the crowd that can be everywhere on Lanzarote (sometimes), we have found preserved and totally uninhabited places there. It’s this side that we wanted to explore. The soul of its landscapes, of this volcanic lands, between dark rock, stormy ocean and wonderful nature.