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France-Amérique Magazine – June 2023 – The issue explores the art world on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean! First, read how American sculptor Alexander Calder produced a mobile to support Free France during World War II – this is our cover story.


LYNN GUMPERT – “Paris Has Always Attracted American Artists”

By Guy Sorman

A book co-edited by Lynn Gumpert, director of the Grey Art Gallery at NYU, is shaking up preconceptions about the contribution of American artists in France following World War II. We asked her about this little-known period, when Paris was still as much a hub of artistic creativity as New York City.

Also in this issue, discover the little-known contribution of American artists in 1950s France; read our interview with Delphine de Canecaude of Chargeurs Museum Studio, the French company that has outfitted many of America’s largest museums; and enjoy our profiles of Clark Art Institute director Olivier Meslay and French-American graffiti legend John “JonOne” Perello.



By Guénola Pellen

“Every Museum Is an Incredible Adventure”

The dynamic fortysomething was hired to run Chargeurs Museum Studio in February. As the world leader in cultural engineering and production, the French company has designed the National Museum of the U.S. Army, the National Museum of African American History and Culture, and the new wing of the American Museum of Natural History, which recently opened in New York City.


Travel: Do Humans Or A.I. Provide Better Advice?

BBC Scotland (May 6, 2023) – Which source provides the most trustworthy tips on Glasgow’s attractions – artificial intelligence or the humans who live there? Craig Ferguson puts both options to the test.


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France-Amérique Magazine – May 2023 – Our publication was launched in New York City on May 23, 1943, during World War II – a period of intense political debate between supporters of the Vichy regime and those fighting for de Gaulle that our historian-in-residence,

1943-2023 – We’ll Always Have Passion


This month, France-Amérique is celebrating its 80th anniversary – a miraculous example of longevity in today’s print media sector. This success is due to America’s longstanding passion for France, and the omnipresence of America in French controversies.

WORK TO LIVE? A French Pension Row with Deeper Implications


The scale and intensity of the current protests reflect a deeper discontent relating to the very nature of work and its place in people’s lives. While these concerns may seem specifically French, they echo a much broader and long-standing debate in our societies.

By Anthony Bulger

Travel Tours: Smithsonian Journeys – April 2023-2024



Powered by more than 175 years of prestige and trust in the Smithsonian, our trips mirror the reputation, varied collections, research, and community of the Institution. On any given trip, you’ll travel with intellectually curious, worldly, and adventurous life-long learners, and forge lasting friendships with others who share your passion for deeper learning and exploration.

Views: Discover Germany Switzerland & Germany Magazine – April 2023

Discover Germany, Issue 104, April 2023 by Scan Client Publishing - Issuu

Discover Germany, Switzerland and Austria – April 2023 Issue: The April issue of Discover Germany, Austria & Switzerland puts a special focus on the sustainable tourism approach of Berlin. While the German capital is leading in many areas, Berlin also knows how to reconcile sustainability and tourism in a clever way. We further travel to Bavaria to try out some adventure holiday option. Other topics covered are an interview with actor Langston Uibel, a special theme on art, culture and museum highlights, design and lifestyle trends, fashion items that combine modernity with tradition, great museums and destinations for a spring getaway, and much, much more.


Discovering the arts in Germany


Germany has much more to offer than just beer, pretzels and famous football teams. It is a paradise for artists as well as art lovers. Paintings, architecture, literature, music or design – the country’s art scene combines different backgrounds and cultural influences. The cities of Germany are home to numerous museums, galleries and theatres showcasing fine art and culture.



Germany’s culinary scene is one of the world’s best – for many reasons. Not only does the country lay claim to many award-winning chefs and restaurants, the sheer diversity of restaurants in the country is also one of a kind.


Travel Guide: The Sights And Food In Brooklyn, NY

Attaché (April 6, 2023) – Our Brooklyn travel guide! I don’t think I’ve ever given Brooklyn the time and attention it deserves. I’m always drawn to Queens, and Brooklyn never got more than a side-eye.

Video timeline:

That was dumb. Brooklyn is a huge borough with so much going on. Food, people, life. So to make our Brooklyn travel guide I went in with eyes wide open and this great borough did not disappoint. What a place.

Travel Guides: The 15 Most Visited Places In Germany

DW Travel (April 1, 2023) – Planning a trip to Germany and wondering which sights should be on your bucket list? We’ve had a look at the visitor numbers for 2022 for you…and here are the most visited places in Germany:

  • 1. Cologne Cathedral
  • 2. Elbphilharmonie Hamburg
  • 3. Museum Island Berlin
  • 4. Topography of Terror Berlin
  • 5. Zollverein Coal Mine Essen
  • 6. Humboldt Forum Berlin
  • 7. Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg
  • 8. St. Michaelis Hamburg
  • 9. Deutsches Museum Munich
  • 10. Frauenkirche Dresden
  • 11. Fernsehturm Berlin
  • 12. Berlin Wall Memorial
  • 13. Natural History Museum Berlin
  • 14. Heidelberg Castle
  • 15. Neuschwanstein Castle


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France-Amérique Magazine – April 2023 – Ahead of Earth Day, April 22, we profiled five Gallic startups based in the United States and helping biodiversity, fighting against food waste, and curbing global warming. We also sat down with Tristan Grimbert, the French CEO of EDF Renewables North America, one of the leaders on the green energy market in the United States and Canada. Also in this issue, read about the 15-Minute City, a model born in Paris and advocating for livable, sustainable urban centers; discover our profile of Gérard Araud, the former ambassador of France to the U.S. and a sharp observer of international relations; and read our interview with William Christie, the American conductor who has done more than anyone else for the revival of French baroque music.

“French Classical Music Owes a Lot to American Universities”

American harpsichordist and conductor William Christie has arguably done more than anyone else for the global revival of French baroque music. He now lives in France, but on April 25-26, he will bring his ensemble Les Arts Florissants to Carnegie Hall.

Table of contents


France Rethinks, Once Again, Its Relationship with Africa. By Anthony Bulger


French Cultural Events in North America. By Tracy Kendrick


Wokeness Dividing the (French) People. By Guy Sorman


Julie Taymor: “The Lion King Makes People Laugh from Paris to New York.” By Guy Sorman


Why the 15-Minute City May Be Your Next Home. By Anthony Bulger


Five French Entrepreneurs Caring for the Planet. By Benoît Georges

Views: A Walking Tour Of The ‘Inner City’ Of Vienna

Vienna (March 12, 2023) – We’ll show you some of Vienna’s greatest hits & downtown visitor tips. From the perfect morning stroll to the best authentic Viennese food, this fully walk-through tour will bring you the perfect experience for visiting the Inner City of Vienna.

Locations: 00:45 Burgarten Lipizzaner 01:45 Palmenhaus 02:08 Schmetterlingshaus 03:06 Albertina 04:25 Kärntner Straße Lobmeyer 06:00 Demel 06:48 Stephansdom 07:23 Zum goldenen Würstel

Tiny Home Tourism: Stella The Stargazer, The Bay Of Islands Near Melbourne

Visit Melbourne (March 9, 2023) – Step outside the city and spend a night or two with Stella the Stargazer, Victoria’s newest limited-edition off-grid accommodation experience.

Stella is a uniquely Victorian tiny home, paying homage to the Aussie shed, crafted with repurposed timber and steel salvaged from a historical farming shed.

Stella is fitted with everything a hotel guest needs, and nothing they don’t. She’s all about quality over quantity, exuding authenticity and craftsmanship not before seen in a tiny home. With a focus on low environmental impact, the materials provide an aesthetic which is sustainable and distinctively Victorian.

Guests will truly be able to get back to nature and embrace the elements during their stay – enjoying a bespoke roll-out sleeping platform for stargazing.