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News Headlines: Xi Jinping Travels To Central Asia, EU Unveils Energy Crisis Plan

Xi Jinping’s first overseas trip since the pandemic: what’s at stake? Plus: the EU’s energy crisis plan, a flick through today’s papers and a special interview with the CEO of the British Fashion Council.

News: U.S.-Taiwan Trade Talks, Ukraine Strikes Back At Russia In Crimea

A.M. Edition for Aug. 18. Recent explosions at a Russian air base and an ammunition depot in Crimea have made the Russian-occupied peninsula the latest battleground in the Ukraine war.

WSJ European security correspondent James Marson explains what the attacks signal about Ukraine’s capabilities and Russia’s ability to fight the war in southern Ukraine. 

News: Indonesia’s Widodo, Russia-Ukraine, France Exits Mali, Mexico Cartels

As Indonesia celebrates its independence day, we discuss President Joko Widodo’s plan to act as a diplomatic bridge between Russia and Ukraine. Plus: French troops officially leave Mali, cartel-driven violence in Mexico and the latest aviation news.

Headlines: Trump’s Legal Woes, The Future Of Apple iPhone, French Mustard

Donald Trump endured an FBI raid, questioning in a civil lawsuit and an adverse court ruling, all in 48 hours.

But at least in the short-term, he’s making political hay from his legal woes. Why Apple’s future increasingly rests on services rather than just hardware. And how France is coping with a mustard shortage.

Stories: Hamas Sits Out Israel-Palestine Strikes, Gen Z Roils Workforce

A ceasefire is holding after a weekend of deadly strikes. We ask why Hamas, the Palestinian movement that controls Gaza, did not get involved.

As Generation Z tentatively enters the workforce, they are clamouring for more flexibility and money than their forebears enjoyed. And reflecting on the flawed but brilliant poet Philip Larkin on the centenary of his birth. 

Morning News: Russia Cuts Nord Stream 1 Gas Flow, SSRI Drugs, Dakar

Russia cut the gas flowing through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline by half in what many see as retaliation for Europe’s support of Ukraine. EU energy ministers fear further cuts as winter approaches.

A new research review suggests the decades-long reliance on SSRIs to treat depression was based on a false premise. And why Dakar’s plant vendors show such high levels of trust.