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New Timelapse Travel Video: “La Palma – Canary Islands” By Martin Zalba

Filmed, Edited and Music by: Martin Zalba

La Palma is one of Spain’s Canary Islands, off northwestern Africa. Its rugged, forested terrain is dotted with volcanoes like Teneguía and Cumbre Vieja. The island’s capital, Santa Cruz de la Palma, is a port town with narrow cobbled streets and houses with wooden balconies. The Caldera de Taburiente National Park has a huge crater-shaped formation and is covered in pine forest and cut by waterfalls.

Global News Podcast: States File More Lawsuits, Spain’s New Lockdown

NPR News NowNPR News Now discusses continued criticism of federal agents in states, Spain’s new lockdown measures and other international news.

Travels With A Curator: Osuna, Spain (Frick Video)

In this week’s episode of “Travels with a Curator,” journey to the Spanish town of Osuna, most famously known as one of the film locations for “Game of Thrones” but also the title lands of the 9th Duke of Osuna, whose portrait by Goya is in the collection at the Frick. Join Xavier F. Salomon, Deputy Director and Peter Jay Sharp Chief Curator, as he recounts his trip to rural Andalusia in search for the tomb of the Duke.

World News Podcast: Stocks And Covid-19 Cases Rise, Catalonia Lockdown

The Economist LogoThe Economist reviews the world’s top headlines including Blackrock’s earnings, new Covid-19 cases rise in America and other countries, airline industry updates and more.

Top New Travel Videos: “Most Beautiful Medieval Towns In Europe” (2020)

When planning a vacation to Europe, some of the first destinations that come to mind will be the teeming cities of Paris, London or Rome. Each of these metropolises is incredible, but they are far from all that Europe has to offer. By exploring some of the small towns across the continent, it is possible to see a more authentic, traditional side to Europe. Here’s a look at the most beautiful medieval towns of Europe:

Travel & Architecture: “Alhambra Palace – The Red Castle” In Spain (Video)

The Alhambra, the Red Castle Alhambra is a Palace and Fortress Complex located in Granada, Andalusia, Spain. Designed as a Military Zone at the beginning, the Alhambra became the Royal Residence and Court of Granada in the 13th Century after the establishment of the Nasrid Kingdom and the Construction of the First Palace by the Founding King Mohammed Ibn Yusuf,

Better Known as King Alhamar, It Was Converted Into a Royal Palace in Later by Yusuf the First, Sultan of Granada. After the Conclusion of the Christian Reconquista in 1492, the Site Became the Royal Court of Ferdinand and Isabella (Where Christopher Columbus Received Royal Endorsement for His Famous Expedition), and the Palaces Were Partially Altered in the Renaissance Style.


Top Aerial Travel Videos: “Serenity 8K” By Vadim Sherbakov (2020)

Filmed and Edited by: Vadim Sherbakov

Remastered in 8K “Serenity” is a non-narrative short drone film, produced with the unique camera angle, facing straight down at -90º at the wonderful texture of earth landscapes.

Because of this and the subjects it captures, you can watch this film both horizontally or vertically. Here is a horizontal version, but you can see the vertical one, on my Instagram or IGTV.

The film itself is a 3 minutes blend of total tranquility and calmness that allows you to escape reality for just a short while. Shot in different places on earth such as Iceland, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Belarus and Russia, it shows the unique and gorgeous landscape at an unusual angle. So bring up the volume or put on headphones and immerse in it.


Art Video: “Stone Cut” – A Japanese Sculptor’s Quest With “La Sagrada Familia”

An architectural marvel has sat incomplete in a residential corner of Barcelona since its architect, Antoni Gaudí, died during construction in 1926. For decades, La Sagrada Familia has been an example of Christian fealty and Catalan ingenuity wrought in granite and sandstone; but little could anyone have guessed that ninety-four years after Gaudí’s death a Japanese sculptor would dedicate his life to completing the architect’s colossal work…

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