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Front Page: The New York Times – August 15, 2022

Some Republicans Make a More Restrained Case for Defending Trump

When some G.O.P. members of Congress attacked the nation’s top law enforcement agencies immediately after the F.B.I.’s search of Mar-a-Lago, it underscored deep fissures within the party.

The Rise of the Worker Productivity Score

Across industries and incomes, more employees are being tracked, recorded and ranked. What is gained, companies say, is efficiency and accountability. What is lost?

Front Page: The New York Times – August 14, 2022

Trump Lawyer Told Justice Dept. That Classified Material Had Been Returned

The lawyer signed a statement in June that all documents marked as classified and held in boxes in storage at Mar-a-Lago had been given back. The search at the former president’s home on Monday turned up more.

As Right-Wing Rhetoric Escalates, So Do Threats and Violence

Both threats of political violence and actual attacks have become a steady reality of American life. Experts blame dehumanizing and apocalyptic language.

Front Page: The New York Times – August 12, 2022

Garland Moves to Release Details on Search of Trump’s Home

The search was part of a government effort to account for materials related to some of the most highly classified programs run by the United States, a person briefed on the matter said.

The Poisoned Relationship Between Trump and the Keepers of U.S. Secrets

The F.B.I. search of Mar-a-Lago is a coda to the years of tumult between an erratic president and the nation’s intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

News: The New York Times August 3, 2022 Front Page

Nancy Pelosi Arrives in Taiwan, Drawing a Sharp Response From Beijing

China announced plans for live-fire military drills soon after Ms. Pelosi flew into Taiwan. Analysts said Beijing’s move seemed designed to project strength rather than serve as a precursor to an invasion.

As Pelosi Arrives, Quiet Defiance in Taiwan

Public nonchalance about the tensions over Nancy Pelosi belies a political reality: Many are tired of China’s threats and crave American support.

Front Page View: The New York Times – August 2, 2022

U.S. Drone Strike Kills Ayman al-Zawahri, Top Qaeda Leader

The strike, carried out over the weekend, was the first attack since American forces left Afghanistan last year.

U.S. Warns China Not to Turn Pelosi’s Expected Trip to Taiwan Into a ‘Crisis’

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a longtime China hawk, has not confirmed that she plans to visit Taiwan, but all indications suggest that she will make a stop on the self-governing island without prior announcement.