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Front Page: The New York Times – December 8, 2022

Germany Arrests 25 Suspected of Planning to Overthrow Government

Among those detained were a German prince, a former far-right member of Parliament, an active soldier and former members of the police and elite special forces.

A Pastor and Politician Who Sees Voting as a Form of Prayer

Raphael Warnock, a son of Savannah public housing who rose to become Georgia’s first Black senator, secured a full six-year term and a spot among Democrats’ rising stars.

Supreme Court Seems Split Over Case That Could Transform Federal Elections

The justices are considering whether to adopt the “independent state legislature” theory, which could give state lawmakers nearly unchecked power over federal elections.

China Eases ‘Zero Covid’ Restrictions in Victory for Protesters

Beijing’s costly policy of lockdowns has pummeled the world’s second-largest economy and set off mass public protests that were a rare challenge to China’s leader, Xi Jinping.

Front Page: The New York Times – December 7, 2022

Trump’s Company Is Guilty of Tax Fraud, a Blow to the Firm and the Man

Prosecutors did not indict the former president, but they invoked him throughout the monthlong trial. The Trump Organization had been his springboard to fame and power.

Warnock defeats Walker in Georgia’s Senate runoff.

In the final battle of the 2022 midterms, Senator Raphael Warnock dealt another blow to Donald Trump, whose handpicked candidate, Herschel Walker, was outspent and outmatched.

House Jan. 6 Committee Signals It Will Issue Criminal Referrals

Speaking before a formal decision had been made, Representative Bennie Thompson said his panel had not yet agreed on who would be the subject of the referrals or what the charges would be.

Inside the Face-Off Between Russia and a Small Internet Access Firm

The cat-and-mouse experience of Proton, a Swiss company, shows what it’s like to be targeted by Russian censors — and what it takes to fight back.

Front Page: The New York Times – December 6, 2022

Ukraine Targets Bases Deep in Russia, Showing Expanded Reach

Launching drones at air bases 300 miles from its own territory, Ukraine changed the geography of the war. It said it had developed drones with a range of over 600 miles.

In Forests Full of Mines, Ukrainians Find Mushrooms and Resilience

These misty and damp parts of the country have long beckoned to mushroom hunters with the promise of plenty, but now peril, too, lies beneath the earth’s surface.

Supreme Court Seems Ready to Back Web Designer Opposed to Same-Sex Marriage

The justices are expected to settle a question left open in 2018: how to reconcile claims of religious liberty with laws barring discrimination based on sexual orientation.

In Forests Full of Mines, Ukrainians Find Mushrooms and Resilience

These misty and damp parts of the country have long beckoned to mushroom hunters with the promise of plenty, but now peril, too, lies beneath the earth’s surface.

Front Page: The New York Times – December 5, 2022

War and Sanctions Threaten to Thrust Russia’s Economy Back in Time

While Russia’s economy has not collapsed, an exodus of Western companies is eroding hard-won progress, and experts say the worst may be yet to come.

Iran Has Abolished Morality Police, an Official Suggests, After Months of Protests

The move, which the government did not confirm, might be a concession to the protest movement that erupted after the death of a young woman in the custody of the morality police.

Warnock and Walker, at Finish Line in Georgia, Stick to Their Strategies

Senator Raphael Warnock preached from his Atlanta church and put on rallies, while Herschel Walker held a series of low-key events.

A New Clash Between Faith and Gay Rights Arrives at a Changed Supreme Court

A Colorado graphic designer says she has a First Amendment right to refuse to create websites for same-sex weddings despite a state anti-discrimination law.

Front Page: The New York Times – December 4, 2022


Defaults Loom as Poor Countries Face an Economic Storm

Debt-relief efforts are stalling as developing economies are being hit by higher interest rates, a strong dollar and slowing global growth.

He Returned a Dazed Soldier to the Russians. Ukraine Calls It Treason.

No one knew what to do with a lost Russian pilot who suddenly appeared in the occupied city of Kherson. The case has revealed the blurred line between pragmatism in a war zone and collaboration with the enemy.

Three Dutch Goals End U.S. Run in Qatar

The United States saw its weaknesses exploited in a 3-1 loss to the Netherlands. But after a solid showing and with a young team brimming with promise, the best may be yet to come.

The Chinese Dream, Denied

The world’s harshest Covid restrictions exemplify how Xi Jinping’s authoritarian excesses have rewritten Beijing’s longstanding social contract with its people.

Front Page: The New York Times – December 3, 2022


U.S. Job Growth Remains Strong, Defying Fed’s Rate Strategy

Employers added 263,000 workers in November, even as some industries showed signs of a slowdown. Wage growth exceeded expectations.

As Officials Ease Covid Restrictions, China Faces New Pandemic Risks

Huge swaths of the nation’s elderly remain vulnerable, scientists say, and a surge in deaths and hospitalizations may be inevitable.

As Macron Loses His Sheen at Home, Harmonious U.S. Visit Is ‘Regenerative’

President Emmanuel Macron, dealing with a difficult start to his second term, can return to France feeling buoyed by a warm reception and unity on Ukraine.

Applying to College, and Trying to Appear ‘Less Asian’

The affirmative action lawsuit against Harvard seemed to confirm advice given for years to Asian Americans: Don’t play chess, don’t check the box declaring race.

Front Page: The New York Times – December 2, 2022

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With Senate Vote, Congress Moves to Avert Rail Strike

Bipartisan coalitions in the House and Senate pushed through a bill that would impose an agreement between rail companies and their workers.

Biden Says He Is Willing to Talk to Putin About Ukraine, With Conditions

Showing a united front during a state visit, President Biden and President Emmanuel Macron of France affirmed their support for Ukraine ahead of a cold winter that will test the alliance.

Biden and Macron: A Bond Built on a Birthday Wish, Ice Cream and 30 Phone Calls

State visits are meant to test how far flattery can get a president in winning the support of a key ally. But President Biden and President Emmanuel Macron of France have a “genuine” rapport, an official said.

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Front Page: The New York Times – December 1, 2022

House Passes Bill to Avert a Rail Strike, Moving to Impose a Labor Agreement

The House voted to force rail companies and workers to accept a pending agreement and to add seven days of paid leave, a key demand of the employees. But it met with a rocky reception in the Senate.

For China’s Leader, Another Dilemma: How to Mourn Jiang Zemin

The former president’s death drew tributes from Chinese people at a fraught moment for the current leader, Xi Jinping, who faces widespread criticism of his harsh Covid policies.

When the Lights Go Out, Kyiv Keeps Going — With Some Ingenuity

Survival kits in elevators, alternative menus in cafes, flashlights and generators everywhere: This is life under Russian bombardment, when power can fail at any moment.

On City Streets, Fear and Hope as Mayor Pushes to Remove Mentally Ill

Mayor Eric Adams intends to remove people with severe, untreated mental illness from the streets. That will mean involuntary hospitalization of people deemed unable to care for themselves.

Front Page: The New York Times – November 30, 2022

Congressional Leaders Say They Will Act to Prevent Rail Strike

Democratic and Republican leaders prepared to intercede as President Biden warned the prospect of a December strike put the U.S. economy “at risk.”

New York City to Remove Mentally Ill People From Streets Against Their Will

Mayor Eric Adams directed the police and emergency medical workers to hospitalize people they deemed too mentally ill to care for themselves, even if they posed no threat to others.

With Intimidation and Surveillance, China Tries to Snuff Out Protests

Communist Party officials are using decades-old tactics, along with some new ones, to quash the most widespread protests in decades. But Xi Jinping is silent.

Russian Retreat Reveals Signs of an Atrocity in a Ukrainian Village

In the southern Kherson region, the pattern seen in eastern Ukraine is repeating: The withdrawal of Russian forces yields evidence of possible war crimes.

Front Page: The New York Times – November 29, 2022

Chinese Unrest Over Lockdown Upends Global Economic Outlook

Growing protests in the world’s biggest manufacturing nation add a new element of uncertainty atop the Ukraine war, an energy crisis and inflation.

A Protest? A Vigil? In Beijing, Anxious Crowds Are Unsure How Far to Go.

In a country where protests are swiftly quashed, many who gathered to voice their discontent — under the watchful eye of the police — were uncertain about how far to go.

Jewish Allies Call Trump’s Dinner With Antisemites a Breaking Point

Supporters who looked past the former president’s admirers in bigoted corners of the far right, and his own use of antisemitic tropes, now are drawing a line. “He legitimizes Jew hatred and Jew haters,” says one. “And this scares me.”

As Haiti Unravels, U.S. Officials Push to Send in an Armed Foreign Force

Fearing a mass exodus, some Biden officials are pressing for a multinational force, but they don’t want to send U.S. troops and haven’t been able to persuade other countries to take the lead.