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Morning News Podcasts: Joe Biden’s VP Pick, Virtual School & Retail, Tik Tok

This week, Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden is supposed to decide on his pick for a running mate. How he’s selecting her says a lot about how Biden might govern.

  • Plus, how the virtual school year could push retailers even closer to the brink.
  • And, the behind the scenes of the White House’s latest Tik Tok announcement.

Guests: Axios’ Hans Nichols, Courtenay Brown and Mike Allen.

Morning News Podcast: New Stimulus Bill Talks, California Covid-19 Rates

NPR News NowNPR News Now reports on Stimulus Bill talks on Saturday, California reaches 500,000 coronavirus infections and 9200 fatalities, Florida tropical storm, and more.

Food Trends: American “Fresh Seaweed” Products Are Expanding (Podcast)

NPR PodcastAtlantic Sea Farms is the largest commercial seaweed farm in the U.S. They line-grow their seaweed in clear, icy cold Maine waters. The seaweed — which is sold frozen in pureed cubes and in ready to eat cut strands and fermented products — is never dyed or dehydrated.

Beyond sushi restaurants and roasted snacks, seaweed is increasingly accepted, appreciated, even adored, in American kitchens — and for good reason.

Seaweed is really good for you. It’s loaded with potassium, magnesium, Vitamin B12, iodine, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and tons of calcium. And then there’s the umami bomb of taste: briny, sweet, meaty, and vegetal are just some of the ways cooks describe the flavor of various seaweeds.


Morning News Podcast: New Stimulus Bill, Covid-19 Vaccine & Civil Rights

Axios TodayThis week, lawmakers in Capitol Hill are trying to piece together the next stimulus package as many benefits like unemployment insurance and forgiving evictions expire. Democrats and Republicans both agree that a new bill is necessary but there’s been a lot of back and forth about the specifics. And they’re running out of time.

  • Plus, a reality check on the coronavirus vaccine.
  • And, the silver lining for civil rights this year.

Guests: Axios’ Alayna Treene, Sam Baker, and Sara Fischer.

Global News: The New Macroeconomic Era, EU’s Big Deal & Mexico’s Youth

A selection of three essential articles read aloud from the latest issue of The Economist. This week, the new era of macroeconomics; (9:25) the EU after striking a huge deal; (17:00) and the challenges for Mexico as its youth departs.

Sunday Morning Podcast: News From Switzerland, London And Tokyo

Monocle on Sunday PodcastMonocle’s Markus Hippi is joined by a line-up of guests from Switzerland, London and Tokyo for the weekend’s liveliest discussion.

Global News Podcast: States File More Lawsuits, Spain’s New Lockdown

NPR News NowNPR News Now discusses continued criticism of federal agents in states, Spain’s new lockdown measures and other international news.

World News Podcast: Unemployment In America Rises, China Tensions And South Korean Recession

The Economist LogoThe Economist reports on the rise of American unemployment, tensions with China and South Korea falls into recession.


Morning News Podcast: Race For Covid-19 Vaccine, Swing States & Fall TV

Axios TodayThe U.K. and China made big news with promising results in vaccine development for the coronavirus — the US, Russia and at least five other countries are also working on possible vaccines. 

But for a vaccine to work effectively, these countries should be working together. Instead, they’re clashing. Countries like the US and Canada have even accused Russia of stealing our vaccine research. Plus:

  • Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Georgia are all swing states at the center of the 2020 voting crisis.
  • And, how the virus will wreak havoc on your fall TV lineup.

Guests: Axios’ Dave Lawler, Stef Kight, and Sara Fischer