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The New York Times – Saturday, June 3, 2023


The Debt-Limit Deal Suggests Debt Will Keep Growing, Fast

A national debt counter pin is seen on the lapel of Representative Thomas Massie, Republican of Kentucky.

Negotiations to prevent a government default reaffirmed that the big drivers of future deficits are all off the table in a divided Washington.

This Nonprofit Health System Cuts Off Patients With Medical Debt

The exterior of Allina Health United Hospital in St. Paul, Minn.

Doctors at the Allina Health System, a wealthy nonprofit in the Midwest, aren’t allowed to see poor patients or children with too many unpaid medical bills.

She Lost Her Career, Family and Freedom. She’s Still Fighting to Change Iran.

Fighting for change has cost Narges Mohammadi her career, separated her from family and deprived her of liberty. But a jail cell has not succeeded in silencing her.

Saudi Soccer League Creates Huge Fund to Sign Global Stars

A coordinated effort financed by the kingdom’s Public Investment Fund is offering huge paydays to some of the sport’s biggest stars if they join Saudi Arabia’s best teams.


News: Asia Defense Summit, China-U.S. Tensions, OPEC Meeting, Nigeria President

The Globalist Podcast, Friday, June 2, 2023: Asia’s top security meeting, IISS Shangri-La Dialogue kicks off but China refuses to talk to the US on the sidelines.

Plus: several media groups are banned from Opec’s production meeting this weekend; we check in on how Nigeria’s new president is faring and we ask, “What is lake cow bacon?” 

The New York Times Front Page – Friday, June 2, 2023


Arizona Limits Construction Around Phoenix as Its Water Supply Dwindles

Queen Creek, Ariz., a suburb of Phoenix, is projected to grow to 175,000 people from its current 75,000 — if it can find enough water.

In what could be a glimpse of the future as climate change batters the West, officials ruled there’s not enough groundwater for projects already approved.


McCarthy Emerges From the Debt Limit Fight With Victories, and Some Wounds

The deal that Speaker Kevin McCarthy negotiated met his goal of cutting spending from current levels.

The speaker defied expectations and delivered a debt limit agreement that few thought he could manage, but left some of his Republican colleagues feeling betrayed.

Talk of Racism Proves Thorny for G.O.P. Candidates of Color

As candidates like Tim Scott and Nikki Haley bolster their biographies with stories of discrimination, they have often denied the existence of systemic racism in America while describing situations that sound just like it.

Mayor Adams Loves a Good Tale. Some of Them May Be Tall.

The New York City mayor has made an art form of telling stories about himself that are nearly impossible to verify, adding fresh details to often-told anecdotes.

News: Ron DeSantis 2024 Campaign Launch, Poland Democracy, Qatar-Taliban

The Globalist Podcast, Thursday, June 1, 2023: Veteran political strategist Norm Sterzenbach unpacks Ron DeSantis’s 2024 launch.

Plus: fears that Polish democracy is under threat, secret talks between Qatar and the Taliban, and award-winning author Leila Slimani talks about her latest novel. 

The New York Times – Thursday, June 1, 2023


House Passes Debt Limit Bill in Bipartisan Vote to Avert Default

“Everybody has a right to their own opinion,” Speaker Kevin McCarthy said ahead of the vote. “But on history, I’d want to be here with this bill today.”

An overwhelming bipartisan coalition pushed through the compromise struck by Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Biden, even as lawmakers in both parties signaled displeasure with the plan.

A Poisonous Cold War Legacy That Defies a Solution

B Plant, the Hanford Site’s earliest plutonium processing facility in Washington State.

A $528 billion plan to clean up 54 million gallons of radioactive bomb-making waste may never be achieved. Government negotiators are looking for a compromise.

In Iowa, DeSantis Signals the Start of a Slugfest With Trump

After absorbing months of attacks from the former president, the Florida governor is beginning to fire back — but carefully.

After Erdogan’s Attacks, Fear Spreads Among L.G.B.T.Q. People in Turkey

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vilified gay people during his re-election campaign, calling them a threat to society and rallying conservatives against them. It has left people feeling threatened, and alone.

News: Drone Attacks In Moscow, G7 Trade With China, Elections In Spain

The Globalist Podcast, Wednesday, May 31, 2023: Russia analyst Mark Galeotti gives us the latest on the drone attacks in Moscow, the G7 issues  Leaders’ Communique on trade relations with China, a look ahead at Spain’s snap election, the business news and why flip phones are making a comeback.

The New York Times – Wednesday, May 31, 2023


Drone Strike in Moscow Brings Ukraine War Home to Russians

Inspecting the damaged facade of an apartment building after a drone attack in Moscow on Tuesday.

At least eight drones were intercepted, the Kremlin said, but the foray raised questions about Russian air defenses.

Companies Push Prices Higher, Protecting Profits but Adding to Inflation

Shoppers in New York. Inflation could remain high as some of the world’s biggest businesses have said they intend to continue raising prices or keep them at elevated levels.

Corporate profits have been bolstered by higher prices even as some of the costs of doing business have fallen in recent months.

G.O.P. Revolts Over Debt Limit Deal as Bill Moves Toward a House Vote

Despite growing Republican opposition, a key committee voted to move the bill forward to the House floor.

A.I. Poses ‘Risk of Extinction,’ Industry Leaders Warn

Leaders from OpenAI, Google DeepMind, Anthropic and other A.I. labs warn that future systems could be as deadly as pandemics and nuclear weapons.

The New York Times – Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Why Spending Cuts Likely Won’t Shake the Economy

Some economists say the economy could use a mild dose of fiscal austerity right now to help lower a persistently high inflation rate.

With low unemployment and above-trend inflation, the economy is well positioned to absorb the modest budget cuts that President Biden and Republicans negotiated.

Will Erdogan’s Victory Soften Turkey’s Opposition to Sweden in NATO?

Supporters of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan celebrating his victory in Istanbul on Sunday.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, re-elected as Turkey’s president, is expected to toughen up at home but seek better ties with Washington and ratify Swedish membership of the military alliance.

A Small Town’s Tragedy, Distorted by Trump’s Megaphone

When a teen’s killing became a right-wing talking point, the rush to outrage obscured a more complicated story.

She Said Her Professor Sexually Harassed Her. His Wife Won Damages.

A case involving a graduate student and her art history professor illustrates the tangled state of sexual power dynamics in Japan.

News: Erdoğan Victory Divides Turkey, Modi Opens New Parliament

Monday, May 29, 2023: Monocle’s Istanbul correspondent, Hannah Lucinda Smith, unpacks the hard nationalism dominating Turkish politics as provisional results from the run-off election come in.

Plus: Prime minister Modi unveils India’s new parliament building, and Karen Krizanovich is back from Cannes with all the latest from the Croisette.