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Morning News: Poland And Belarus Border, Texas Abortion Law, Hong Kong

get the latest as Poland imposes a state of emergency on its border with Belarus. Also in the programme: the US Justice Department’s challenge to protect the constitutional right to an abortion, plus Hong Kong’s announcement to allow quarantine-free travel again.

Morning News: Taliban Forms New Government, WHO’s New Pandemic Hub

We discuss the latest from Kabul as the Taliban prepares a new government for Afghanistan and look at the role of the WHO’s new pandemic intelligence hub. 

Plus: headlines from the world of film and a first glimpse of Audi’s new concept car.

Morning News: Ukrainian President Visits U.S., All-English Channel In Taiwan

A look ahead to Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky’s visit to the White House. Plus, Taiwan’s launch of an English-language news channel, and the laboratory working to ensure that Swiss trains run without a hitch.