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The Good Life France Magazine – Spring 2023

The Good Life France Magazine Spring 2023 - The Good Life France

The Good Life France Magazine – Spring 2023:

This issue whisks off to the lovely Loire Valley to discover two historic royal castles – Loches and Chinon as well as – the real Sleeping Beauty castle and gorgeous Villandry which has fairy tale pretty gardens – garden envy guaranteed. Read the extraordinary story of a postman who built a palace from pebbles with his bare hands in a tiny village in the Drôme, southeastern France. Not only that – he did it at night after he finished work – by candle light!


Follow the history of the Plantagenet English Kings through Anjou and Normandy. Fall in love with exquisite Vaucluse in Provence where nature has a party in the spring. And sigh over chocolate box lid pretty Le Perche in Normandy.

Come with us to the Roman city of Arles, Aigues Mortes – where the sea is pure pink and flamingos roam, and to sunny, festive Sète with its incredible lagoons. Discover delicious Lyon, the gastronomic capital of France, and its surroundings. Explore Brittany and Les Charentes – Charente and Charente-Maritime. Fairy tale pretty Alsace is unmissable – we look at the most picturesque villages and the historic wine route. Plus the magic of sun-kissed Provence captured in photos, will have you dreaming.

Italy Travel: The ‘Via Di Linari’ Pilgrimage Route

Emilia Romagna Tourism (March 13, 2023) – Walking along the Via di Linari, an ancient pilgrimage route towards Rome (alternative to the Via Francigena) which connects Fidenza to the Linari Abbey, a religious settlement that once stood on the mountain ridge between Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna.

It was established as a safer route to Tuscany compared to the Via Francigena, and it soon became an important road both for pilgrims on their way to Rome and as a trade route for the city of Parma. Like the  St Vicinio Way, the Linari Way was dotted with parish churches and hospitalia, places where travellers could find shelter from the elements and bandits.

Views: A Walking Tour Of The ‘Inner City’ Of Vienna

Vienna (March 12, 2023) – We’ll show you some of Vienna’s greatest hits & downtown visitor tips. From the perfect morning stroll to the best authentic Viennese food, this fully walk-through tour will bring you the perfect experience for visiting the Inner City of Vienna.

Locations: 00:45 Burgarten Lipizzaner 01:45 Palmenhaus 02:08 Schmetterlingshaus 03:06 Albertina 04:25 Kärntner Straße Lobmeyer 06:00 Demel 06:48 Stephansdom 07:23 Zum goldenen Würstel

Tiny Home Tourism: Stella The Stargazer, The Bay Of Islands Near Melbourne

Visit Melbourne (March 9, 2023) – Step outside the city and spend a night or two with Stella the Stargazer, Victoria’s newest limited-edition off-grid accommodation experience.

Stella is a uniquely Victorian tiny home, paying homage to the Aussie shed, crafted with repurposed timber and steel salvaged from a historical farming shed.

Stella is fitted with everything a hotel guest needs, and nothing they don’t. She’s all about quality over quantity, exuding authenticity and craftsmanship not before seen in a tiny home. With a focus on low environmental impact, the materials provide an aesthetic which is sustainable and distinctively Victorian.

Guests will truly be able to get back to nature and embrace the elements during their stay – enjoying a bespoke roll-out sleeping platform for stargazing.


Alpine Views: The Grimsel Hospiz Hotel, Switzerland

DW Travel (March 4, 2023) – A hotel you can’t get to on your own? You’ll need a guide to reach the four-star Grimsel Hospiz Hotel in the Swiss Alps at 2,000 metres above sea level. The guide will take you up the mountain, past a hydroelectric power station and on several cable cars. The road over the Grimsel Pass is closed in winter. But at the end of it you will find yourself in the absolute silence of the mountains.

Art/Interior Design: Tour Of Charleston House, UK

House & Garden (March 3, 2023) – Houses with History from Charleston House. Join Lucy Hammond Giles, Associate Director at Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler, as we tour Charleston House, once home to artists Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant.

Vanessa and Duncan saw no particular distinction between art and interior design, and treated the house as a canvas, painting practically every wall and piece of furniture in their own distinctive styles. As a result, the house is not only a significant piece of art history, but a landmark in the history of interior decoration.

Charleston, in East Sussex, is a property associated with the Bloomsbury group, that is open to the public. It was the country home of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant and is an example of their decorative style within a domestic context, representing the fruition of more than sixty years of artistic creativity.

Views: Discover Germany Switzerland & Germany Magazine – March 2023

Discover Germany, Switzerland and Austria

Discover Germany, Switzerland and Austria – March 2023 Issue:

The March issue of Discover Germany, Austria & Switzerland introduces five perfect places to bike to this springtime, as well as the famous Wartburg Castle and its cultural legacy.

Other topics covered are an interview with actor Bernhard Bettermann, some brightly coloured and airy spring outfits in this month’s Fashion Finds, top event locations in Switzerland, the popular Berlinale event, healthcare solutions, top coaches, 3D-printing technology, software development companies, education providers and much more.


Travel & History: Inside Stories Of German Castles

DW Travel (March 1, 2023) – You’ve likely heard of Germany’s famous Neuschwanstein castle, or Potsdam’s Sanssouci palace. But did you know one of the country’s best-known castles only became famous as a ruin? And that some German castles served as fortified customs offices? Here are some of the biggest misconceptions involving German castles palaces.

Video timeline: 0:00 Intro 0:28 Neuschwanstein – a medieval castle? 2:06 Sanssouci – palace or garden hut? 3:35 Is it too expensive to rebuild Heidelberg castle? 5:00 Why do so many castles line river Rhine? 6:25 Are all German castles and palaces owned by the state?


March 2023 - France-Amérique

Opens profile photo

France-Amérique Magazine – March 2023

Paris, the City of Lights, Camera, Action!

From Emily in Paris to Lupin, American productions continue to present a glowing vision of France. Tourism, real estate, and artisanal know-how are just a few of the French sectors that have benefited from the global reach of these shows. What’s more, their promotion of a certain way of life is rejuvenating the nation’s soft power.

HOLLYWOOD Puts France in the Spotlight

From Emily in Paris to Lupin, American blockbusters continue to present a well-groomed and rose-tinted vision of France. Tourism, real estate, and artisanal know-how are just a few of the French sectors that have benefited from the global reach of these shows. What’s more, their promotion of a certain way of life is rejuvenating the nation’s soft power.