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Culture/Society: Monocle Magazine – February 2023

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Monocle FilmsMonocle’s February 2023 issue is all about celebrating places that work, whether that’s a parliament, home or metro carriage. From a floating office to a school teaching children the rules of the road, we profile the locations that look good and work well for those who use them. Plus: Charleston’s hospitality boom and why you should learn Russian.

Arts & Culture: The New Criterion – February 2023


The New Criterion – February 2023 Issue:

Caesar & the republic  by Adrian Goldsworthy
Otto von Habsburg’s legacy  by Edwin J. Feulner
Garshin: a genius at suffering  by Gary Saul Morson
Saarinen & starchitecture  by Michael J. Lewis

New poems  by Rachel Hadas, Ryan Wilson & Duncan Wu

Previews: History Today Magazine – February 2023


History Today Magazine – February 2023 issue:

Secrets of the Silk Road

Silk Road

The discovery of a cave full of manuscripts on the edge of the Gobi Desert reveals the details of everyday life on the Silk Road.

Heirs and Spares

It was not easy to be the second son. The younger brothers of the French kings could choose either to rebel or reconcile, but neither option was straightforward.

The Nazi Spider in the Spanish Press

Francisco Franco with Adolf Hitler, 1940.

Hans Josef Lazar pulled the strings of Hitler’s propaganda in wartime Spain. Then he disappeared. Who was he?

Egypt Culture: A Look At 5 Ancient Craft Traditions

Insider Business – A traditional dyehouse, Fez hats and a thousand-year-old ancient hieroglyphs carving method have nearly disappeared in Egypt in recent decades. But five artisans are determined to keep their traditions alive. Here’s how they do it.

Video timeline: 00:00 Introduction 00:46 Tiles 07:13 Fez 14:40 Papyrus 22:13 Dyehouse 27:27 Stone Carving

Arts&Culture: Humanities Magazine – Winter 2023

Humanities | The National Endowment for the Humanities

HUMANITIES National Endowment for the Humanities (Winter 2023) Issue:

Gabrielle Suchon, Philosopher Queen of the Amazons

Illustration of Gabrielle Suchon

Centuries before the rise of feminism, this underappreciated thinker wrote to set women free

What Are Toys For?

wooden minimalist rocking horse

A visit to the Strong Museum

La Malinche, Hernan Cortés’s Translator and So Much More

The disputed legacy of an Indigenous icon

How the Drug War Convinced America to Wiretap the Digital Revolution

Operation Root Canal

When Illinois Joined the Union, Its Capital Was Kaskaskia


Preview: France-Amérique Magazine – January 2023


France-Amérique Magazine – January 2023 Issue:

Art Deco: Two Decades of Transatlantic Collaboration

If you think that French-American architectural ties boil down to swapping a few Statues of Liberty, then you should visit the Art Deco France-North America exhibition, in Paris until March 6 – or at least read our article on two decades of transatlantic collaboration, a friendship etched in stone. Also in this issue: Paris through the eyes of American thinker Susan Sontag; former prime minister Alain Juppé on the Conseil Constitutionnel – the French version of the Supreme Court; and director Alice Diop on her latest film, Saint Omer, which has been shortlisted to represent France at the Oscars!

Culture: The New Review Magazine – January 1, 2023


The New Review Magazine – January 1, 2023 issue:

Director Sam Mendes answers questions from readers and famous fans including @Aiannucci, @DMiliband, olivia colman, judi dench…..

+ Classical music diet – By @FionaMaddocks + Arts & books for 2023 + Q&S Actor Siobhan Finneran @michaelhogan

Arts & Life: FT Weekend Magazine – Dec 24, 2022


FT Weekend Magazine (December 24, 2022):

Three falls in the Alps

I was tethered to my partner when we fell 200m, beginning an almost unbelievable new chapter in my life

How professors’ children are shaping the world

Zelenskyy, Macron and Sam Bankman-Fried are all academics’ kids on a global stage

He is one of Russia’s most esteemed musicians. Why he left

An audience with Mikhail Voskresensky, former head of the piano section at the Moscow Conservatory

Previews: The Guardian Weekly – December 23, 2022

The cover of the 23 December edition of the Guardian Weekly.

The Guardian Weekly (December 23, 2022) issue:

As we near the end of another tumultuous year, one story has dominated the news agenda on almost every level. Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine in February had been signposted for months, but the shattering of Europe’s postwar order still came as a seismic shock.

The economic and human cost inflicted by Russia on Ukraine has been enormous, while the concurrent shock waves of energy, food and migration crises have reverberated around the world. In a special essay for the final Guardian Weekly magazine of 2022, diplomatic editor Patrick Wintour examines the competing grand narratives of the past that lie at the heart of the conflict – and which make it so difficult to resolve.

In other reflections on 2022, we look back at a year of scientific successes, from medicine to mathematics via the moon. From the Observer, we remember those we lost over the course of the year, by those who knew them best. There’s a stunning photo gallery featuring work from the agency photographers of the year, and a comprehensive look at the best film and music of 2022 – not forgetting the now traditional roundup of the Guardian Weekly team’s must-see TV.

From Montreal came some hopeful news to round off an otherwise alarming year for the environment. The Cop15 biodiversity summit reached international agreement to try to halt the destruction of Earth’s ecosystems, including targets to protect 30% of the planet for nature by the end of the decade and restore 30% of degraded water, coastal and marine ecosystems. Biodiversity reporters Patrick Greenfield and Phoebe Weston have the details.

Arts & Culture: Brandeis Magazine – Winter 2023

Read the Winter issue of Brandeis Magazine | BrandeisNOW

Brandeis Magazine (Winter 2022/2023):

The Amber of Our Thoughts

How are memories created and preserved? Brandeis scientists are studying the brain to find out — and, ultimately, untangle disorders like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

A ‘Notorious’ Champion of Women

In the 1970s, lawyer Ruth Bader Ginsburg developed an unusually successful strategy for fighting sex discrimination.

The Age of Invention

An analysis of patent data offers a window into human creativity.