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Front Page: The New York Times – April 2, 2023


How Alvin Bragg Resurrected the Case Against Donald Trump

Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan district attorney, leaves his office after a grand jury indicted former President Donald J. Trump over a $130,000 hush-money payment to porn star Stormy Daniels.

A year ago, the investigation into the former president appeared from the outside to be over. But a series of crucial turning points led to this week’s indictment.

Venice Is Saved! Woe Is Venice.


After centuries of flooding, Venice has at long last raised seawalls to save itself from high water.

China Draws Lessons From Russia’s Losses in Ukraine, and Its Gains

With an eye on a possible conflict over Taiwan, analysts have scrutinized the war for insights ranging from the importance of supply lines to the power of nuclear threats.

A Chicago Mayoral Hopeful Who Took on Hard-to-Fix Schools Faces a Political Shift

Paul Vallas has long been a supporter of charter schools. He is running against Brandon Johnson, an ex-teacher with a different approach.

Front Page: The New York Times – April 1, 2023


Trump Prepares to Surrender in New York as Police Brace for Protests

Former President Donald J. Trump speaking at a campaign rally in Waco, Texas, last week. The former president is expected to be arraigned in Manhattan criminal court on Tuesday.

The former president is expected to answer charges with the Secret Service in tow before a judge in the often grimy and ill-lit criminal courthouse in Lower Manhattan on Tuesday.

For Some G.O.P. Voters, Fatigue Slows the Rush to Defend Trump

Trump supporters outside Mar-a-Lago on Friday in Florida. Republican voters across the country had mixed reactions to the indictment of Donald Trump.

The Republicans who will pick their 2024 nominee expressed anger, defensiveness and also embarrassment about the indictment facing Donald J. Trump.

Biden’s Response to Trump’s Indictment? 4 Ways to Say No Comment.

President Biden believes that presidents should not comment on pending legal matters. He also does not want to be baited into a reaction.

Nebraska’s Fight Over Transgender Care Turns Personal and Snarls Lawmaking

One state senator has been filibustering for weeks, trying to block a bill that would ban transition-related medical treatment for young people.

Front Page: The New York Times – March 31, 2023

Trump Is Indicted, Becoming First Ex-President to Face Criminal Charges

Donald J. Trump had avoided criminal charges for decades despite persistent scrutiny and repeated investigations.

The Manhattan district attorney, Alvin L. Bragg, has not announced the charges that former President Donald J. Trump will face when he is arraigned next week.

A President Faces Prosecution, and a Democracy Is Tested

Former President Donald J. Trump could also face indictments in Georgia and from federal prosecutors.

For more than two centuries, American presidents were effectively shielded from indictment. But the case against former President Donald J. Trump breaks that taboo and sets a new precedent.

This is what will happen when Trump is arrested in the coming days.

Donald J. Trump will likely face standard processing when he is taken into custody, but the unprecedented arrest of a former commander in chief will be anything but routine.

Republicans Erupt in Outrage and Rush to Defend the Defendant

Many in the party said Donald Trump could benefit from a wave of sympathy among Republicans, with his base of supporters likely to be energized by a belief in a weaponized justice system.

Front Page: The New York Times – March 30, 2023


How Ukraine’s Battered Steel Industry Galvanized Its War Effort


Ukraine’s iron- and steel-producing factories have made body armor, helmets and armored plates for vehicles — and steelworkers risked their lives rolling out heavy machinery at the beginning of the war to help physically block the Russian advance.

F.D.A. Approves Narcan for Over-the-Counter Sales

Doses of Narcan in a vending machine at a safe drug site in Providence, R.I.

The nasal spray reverses opioid overdoses and public health officials hope that making it more widely available could save lives and reduce the nation’s high rates of drug fatalities.

Mexico Investigates Migrant Deaths in Border City Fire as Homicide Case

The authorities identified eight suspects and said government workers and private security workers had done nothing to help migrants flee the blaze at a detention center in Ciudad Juárez.

The Undoing of Guo Wengui, Billionaire Accused of Fraud on 2 Continents

He cultivated powerful allies and built an empire in China. Then, fleeing charges, he turned his charms on America. Now the law has caught up with him.

Front Page: The New York Times – March 29, 2023


‘We’re Going Away’: A State’s Choice to Forgo Medicaid Funds Is Killing Hospitals

Greenwood Leflore Hospital in Mississippi lost $17 million last year, as rural hospitals nationwide struggle to deal with population declines, soaring labor costs, and a long-term shift toward outpatient care.

Mississippi is one of 10 states, all with Republican-led legislatures, that continue to reject federal funding to expand health insurance for the poor, intensifying financial pressure on hospitals.

As Migrants’ Desperation Mounts at the Border, a Fire Kills Dozens

A fire broke out at a government-run migrant detention facility in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, on Monday night, killing dozens of migrants who were inside.

The fatal blaze comes as border cities across Mexico have been flooded with migrants turned back from the United States and more arriving from other countries.

Tinkering With ChatGPT, Workers Wonder: Will This Take My Job?

Artificial intelligence is confronting white-collar professionals more directly than ever. It could make them more productive — or obsolete.

As King Charles Moves to Center Stage, So Do His Impersonators

Long overshadowed by other royal look-alikes, Charles imitators are experiencing newfound popularity ahead of the king’s coronation in May.

Front Page: The New York Times – March 28, 2023


Netanyahu Delays Bid to Overhaul Israel’s Judiciary as Protests Rage

Watching Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech from a store in Tel Aviv on Monday.

The Israeli prime minister called for dialogue as civil unrest and work stoppages reached a crisis point, grinding the country to a halt.

Heavily Armed Assailant Kills Six at Christian School

The shooter was also killed after police officers responded on Monday morning at the Covenant School, the authorities said.

Netanyahu Attempts Another Juggling Act, Maybe His Toughest Yet

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delayed his plans for a judicial overhaul on Monday.

Israel’s prime minister, who has long thrived by pitting one force against another, is caught between his far-right coalition and public anger over the government’s plan to weaken the judiciary.

Can a Machine Know That We Know What It Knows?

Some researchers claim that chatbots have developed theory of mind. But is that just our own theory of mind gone wild?

Front Page: The New York Times – March 27, 2023


Israel Boils as Netanyahu Ousts Minister Who Bucked Court Overhaul

A raucous demonstration erupted in Tel Aviv late Sunday after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dismissed the defense minister and his government pressed on with a judicial overhaul.

Protests broke out shortly after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fired the defense minister, who had called for a halt to efforts to weaken the judiciary.

The Amazon’s Largest Isolated Tribe Is Dying

Members of Brazil’s environmental special forces team during a mission to destroy illegal mining equipment in the Yanomami Indigenous territory.

Illegal mines have fueled a humanitarian crisis for the Yanomami Indigenous group. Brazil’s new president is trying to fight back.

They Left Town as Convicts. Will They Be Buried as Heroes?

As thousands of ex-prisoners fight and die in Ukraine, honoring their memory is becoming a patriotic imperative in Russia. But some committed crimes their old neighbors cannot forget.

Clash Over Natives’ Graves Inflames Hochul’s Relationship With Tribes

After battles with previous governors, New York’s Native American leaders were hopeful for a reset with the new administration. Instead, the tensions have increased.

Front Page: The New York Times – March 26, 2023


An Anxious Asia Arms for a War It Hopes to Prevent

Doubts about both China and the United States are driving an arms race in the Indo-Pacific with echoes of World War II and new levels of risk.

Stolen Valor: The U.S. Volunteers in Ukraine Who Lie, Waste and Bicker

Axel Vilhelmsen trained Ukrainian soldiers last year as part of the Mozart Group, which two former Marines established to help Ukraine. It disbanded after one founder sued the other, alleging theft and harassment.

People who would not be allowed anywhere near the battlefield in a U.S.-led war are active on the Ukrainian front, with ready access to American weapons.

Loss Piles on Loss for Afghan Women

The Taliban’s takeover ended decades of war. But their restrictions, and the economic fallout, threw many women into a new era of diminished hopes.

Steve Cohen’s Amazin’, Maddening, Money-Losing Bid to Own New York

Once a symbol of Wall Street excess, Cohen has invested lavishly in the Mets, becoming the most beloved billionaire in Queens. Is that enough to reverse team history?

Front Page: The New York Times – March 25, 2023


From Rockets to Ball Bearings, Pentagon Struggles to Feed War Machine

An Air Force technology expo in Aurora, Colo., this month. Major contractors like Lockheed Martin are looking across the United States to bring on new suppliers for missile programs.

The flow of arms to Ukraine has exposed a worrisome lack of production capacity in the United States that has its roots in the end of the Cold War.

Expelling Rahul Gandhi From Parliament, Modi Allies Thwart a Top Rival

Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the Indian National Congress Party, arriving at the New Delhi airport after his court appearance in Surat, India, on Thursday.

The expulsion of Rahul Gandhi is a devastating blow to the once-powerful Indian National Congress party. He and several other politicians are now in jeopardy through India’s legal system.

A Refuge for Russians and Ukrainians, Bali Rethinks Its Open-Door Policy

After multiple accounts of tourists behaving badly, its governor wants Russia and Ukraine to lose access to Indonesia’s visa-on-arrival program.

Conflict in Syria Escalates Following Attack That Killed a U.S. Contractor

U.S. officials said the main air defense system at the coalition base was “not fully operational” at the time of Thursday’s attack, which killed a U.S. contractor and wounded six other Americans.

Front Page: The New York Times – March 24, 2023


Lawmakers Blast TikTok’s C.E.O. for App’s Ties to China, Escalating Tensions

TikTok’s C.E.O., Shou Chew, listening to Representative Kat Cammack’s questions during the hearing on Thursday.

Lawmakers grilled Shou Chew, TikTok’s chief executive, over the app’s ties to its Chinese parent company and its effects on children, as Chinese officials said they opposed a sale of the platform.

Netanyahu Digs In on Court Overhaul, in the Face of Mass Protests

Amid a national crisis over a planned judicial overhaul, Israel’s Parliament approved a bill making it much harder to remove a prime minister from office.

As Dreams of Peace Wither, Nightmares Flourish in Ukraine’s Sleep

A survey asked hundreds of wartime Ukrainians what they dreamed about. Many replied: the war.

How Manhattan Hotels Became Refuges for Thousands of Migrants

The city has spent millions to convert upscale hotels, humble motels and even office buildings into housing for an influx of migrants.