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Travel Destinations: Isla Palenque Is An Island Eco-Paradise Off Panama

From an Architectural Digest online review:

Isla Palenque Resort Panama PoolAs a natural paradise rooted in sustainable luxury, only 5 percent of the island is developed, with the rest kept as a nature reserve. “It’s 400 acres of unspoiled jungle, lagoons, mangroves, and beaches that create intimate connections between the land and the traveler,” notes Benjamin Loomis, the architect and developer behind Isla Palenque Resort. From the people to the food to the design materials, everything is sourced locally (most even coming directly from the property).

Let’s strip it back to the basics. Imagine your own private island: 400-acres of lush rain forest with a rich archaeological history and secluded beaches accessible by foot from a beachfront casita. At Isla Palenque, a small private island on the western Pacific shore of Panama, this is exactly what guests are treated to: a sustainable and intimate escape that is the ultimate expression of barefoot luxury. A plane, an automobile, and a boat ride are the minimum requirements to get there, but once you arrive, allow the tide to kiss your feet while you sip a fresh fruit juice at sunset on a beach you have completely to yourself.

To read more: https://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/this-private-island-oasis-in-panama-raises-the-bar-on-sustainable-design-retreats

Destination Travel: Captain Whidbey Inn In Washington, “Gateway To Beautiful, Rugged Wild”

From the Captain Whidbey website:

Captain Whidbey Inn Washington sceneryThe presence of the inn itself demands this kind of myth-making. Its hulking imperfections, hidden staircases and infinite doorways, narrow pathways and intricate stonework, call to mind an honest, handmade world, where times were slower and things made to last. Rumors of its past are worn proudly on its proverbial sleeve — stripped wood where there once was a second floor balcony, prominently displayed plaques of historic register, mismatched sediments of historic photos, the speckled outline of a dart board and creaking floorboards. The front door was originally the back door because most guests arrived by boat.

Since 1907, Captain Whidbey has been a locus of natural beauty, community gathering and quiet, exalted delight. A place where locals and visitors do things together — even if those things are simply eating, drinking, appreciating nature, looking out across the water, feeling alive, feeling grateful.

Captain Whidbey is the Unofficial Official Lodge of Ebey’s Landing National Historic Reserve. The gateway to beautiful and rugged wild, Captain Whidbey fosters a sense of romance, a longing for adventure and a communion with the natural world.

To read more: https://www.captainwhidbey.com/

Top New Travel Videos: “Wayag’s – Raja Ampat” Island Chain Directed By Michael Fletcher (2019)

Filmed, Edited and Directed by: Michael Fletcher

Wayags - Raja Ampat Aerial Travel Film By Michael Fletcher 2019

Music by: Luke Richards (“It’s Happening”)
Whale Shark footage by: Oliver Oldroyd

Wayags - Raja Ampat Aerial Travel Film By Michael Fletcher 2019

Filmed whilst travelling on the M/V True North through the breathtakingly beautiful Wayag Island chain in the greater Raja Ampat region of West Papua.

Wayags - Raja Ampat Aerial Travel Film By Michael Fletcher 2019

Now a marine sanctuary, the Wayag’s are number one in marine biodiversity throughout the world. For this reason it is a mecca for marine biologists and recreational divers.

Wayags - Raja Ampat Aerial Travel Film By Michael Fletcher 2019

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Fletcher-Visuals-322799744798520/

Top New Travel Videos: “Lofoten In July 2019” Directed By Timo Oksanen

Filmed, Edited and Directed by: Timo Oksanen

Lofoten In July 2019 Directed By Timo Oksanen

Footage shot on the amazing Lofoten islands on July 11th and 12th 2019.

Lofoten In July 2019 Directed By Timo Oksanen

Locations include Henningsvær, Haukland Beach, Uttakleiv Beach, Flakstadpollen, Nusfjord, Hamnøy and Reine.

Music: Charlie Ryan – Impavid

Lofoten In July 2019 Directed By Timo Oksanen

Website: http://timoksanen.fi/

Top New Travel Videos: “Faroe Islands” Directed By Marcello Ercole

Filmed, Edited and Directed by: Marcello Ercole

Faroe Islands Travel Film by Marcello Ercole 2019

Between the Norwegian Sea and the north of the Atlantic Ocean, between Iceland and Norway, there is a land whose nature is one of the most beautiful we can see on earth.
Faroe Islands.

Music by Chad Lawson
Supported by “Visit Faroe Islands”

Website: http://www.illusion-group.it/