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Finance Preview: Barron’s Magazine – May 29, 2023



Crypto Is Staging a Major Rebound. How It Survived a $3 Trillion Crash.

Bitcoin and other tokens have rebounded while big companies and funds continue to plow capital into cryptocurrencies.

Yield-Hungry Investors Are Feasting on T-Bills

T-bills—Treasuries issued with maturities of one year or less—have become one of the hottest investments around. And why not?

Nvidia Could Join the Trillion-Dollar Stock Club. How Much It Needs to Gain.

By Ben Levisohn

Nvidia   might become the world’s first trillion-dollar chip stock—but it’s not worth chasing after this past week’s surge. 


Sri Lanka Views: The Rise Of Women ‘Tuk-Tuk’ Drivers

DW Documentary (May 25, 2023) – Amidst the traffic chaos of Sri Lanka: the popular auto-rickshaws, or tuk-tuks. They’re traditionally driven by men. But increasingly, you’ll see a woman at the wheel – and this film is about three of them: Anulawathi, Thushari and Jega. Anulawathi, Thushari and Jega all do the same job: they’re auto rickshaw drivers in Sri Lanka, three women in a sector traditionally dominated by men.

Besides being a popular mode of transport, the three-wheeled tuk-tuk also provides these three women with a reliable source of income. All three were left by their husbands and had to find a way to feed themselves and their children. They were forced to challenge societal norms. After all, in Sri Lanka, men are traditioanally seen as the providers. Male tuk-tuk drivers view their female colleagues as rivals. But unsurprisingly, female customers love them. Thushari lives in the capital Colombo. She is a longtime parent and works to support herself and her two daughters.

Anuwalathi works in Kandy. She lived abroad for a few years and saved up enough money to buy her own tuk-tuk. Jega is also a single parent. She lives with her son and niece in the tourist resort of Hikkaduwa. All three women earn a steady income from the tuk-tuk business, which brings them closer to their eventual goal – independence and freedom.

Finance Preview: Barron’s Magazine – May 22, 2023

Magazine - Latest Issue - Barron's


10 Stocks to Play a Resurgent Energy Sector, From Our Roundtable Experts

Our energy roundtable predicts higher crude prices as global demand grows faster than supply. What’s ahead for U.S. shale, the majors, and the energy transition.


Goldman Sachs Is Evolving. David Solomon on the Next Chapter.

Goldman Sachs Is Evolving. David Solomon on the Next Chapter.

The CEO sat down with Barron’s to discuss his critics’ complaints, the challenging climate for banking, his growth ambitions, and DJing side gig.Long read

Forget the Bud Light Mess. BUD Stock Is a Buy.

Forget the Bud Light Mess. BUD Stock Is a Buy.

The controversy over Bud Light’s transgender promotion obscures Anheuser-Busch InBev’s push to boost global sales and revenue growth

The 5 Stocks That Rule This Market—and Make Investors Nervous

Al Root


The Market Shrugs off Doomsday Scenarios. It Just Might Be Right.

Ben Levisohn


Why a Fed Hike Is Still on the Table for June

Megan Cassella

Japan Culture: How Five Ancient Crafts Survived

Insider Business (May 19, 2023) – These Japanese crafts are among the oldest in the world. But most of them are disappearing. In this video, we will tell you the stories of five artisans who are among the last to keep their ancient methods alive.

Video timeline: 00:36 Soy Sauce 08:16 Wagashi 19:27 Mochi 27:12 Bonsai Scissors 37:45 Black Vinegar

We saw how soy sauce is aged in century-old wooden barrels, how vinegar is fermented using an ancient method, and how sweets that only aristocrats and emperors could eat 400 years ago are prepared today.

Finance Preview: Barron’s Magazine – May 15, 2023



How a SpaceX IPO Could End Musk’s Uncomfortable Tesla-Twitter Dance

How a SpaceX IPO Could End Musk's Uncomfortable Tesla-Twitter Dance

A Starlink IPO could raise billions of dollars and mean less selling of Tesla in the years ahead.

The New Bank Landscape—and How to Invest Amid the Turmoil

The New Bank Landscape—and How to Invest Amid the Turmoil

Lenders face steep economic hurdles and stiffer regulations. How to invest as the industry reshapes itself.

Space Could Be a Trillion-Dollar Business. Here Are the Stocks to Play It.

Space Could Be a Trillion-Dollar Business. Here Are the Stocks to Play It.

Rocket Lab, Planet Labs, and other companies are high-risk bets on taking business to the final frontier.

Africa: The Potentials Of Nigeria Cassava Farming

Insider Business (May 7, 2023) – Nigeria grows 63 million metric tons of cassava (also known as yucca) every year, but most of the country’s supply is eaten locally as fufu or garri. Experts say Nigeria could be missing out on billions in exports of lucrative cassava products like bubble tea pearls, starch, or ethanol.

Video timeline: 0:00 Intro 1:48 History of cassava 2:58 Growing issues 5:42: How garri and fufu are made 6:54 Transportation issues 7:36 How cassava is processed 10:06 Global demand is so high for cassava

Challenges along the country’s entire supply chain have caused hundreds of millions of dollars in cassava spoilage. But one entrepreneur, Yemisi Iranloye, thinks she has the solution. She’s introduced higher-yielding seed varieties and moved processing plants closer to farms.

Now, her farmers earn four times more for their product, and her cassava starch and sorbitol have landed her clients like Nestle and Unilever. Could Yemisi’s model be the way for Nigeria to feed itself and cash in on exports?

Finance Preview: Barron’s Magazine – May 8, 2023



Culture Wars Are Hitting Companies. How They’re Fighting Back.

Culture Wars Are Hitting Companies. How They're Fighting Back.

Bud Light is the latest casualty in a battle over whether companies are embracing too many progressive goals on everything from gender identity to climate change. What’s at stake as companies fight back.

Thinking of Buying Bank Stocks? You’ll Need a Strong Stomach.

Thinking of Buying Bank Stocks? You’ll Need a Strong Stomach.

No one wants to buy bank stocks ahead of a recession, says UBS analyst Erika Najarian.

Weight-Loss Drugs Will Be Blockbusters. Here’s the Stock to Buy.

Weight-Loss Drugs Will Be Blockbusters. Here’s the Stock to Buy.

Everyone is talking about Eli Lilly’s Mounjaro and Novo Nordisk’s Ozempic. Now, the drugs are poised to go from conversation starters to profit makers.

Biofuel Stocks Are Sputtering. They Could Get a Jump Start.

Biofuel Stocks Are Sputtering. They Could Get a Jump Start.

An industry reckoning over carbon credits could refresh the market for renewables derived from things such as cooking oil and cow manure. These beaten-down stocks that could get a lift once headwinds subside.

Profiles: ‘Two Lochs’ – UK’s Smallest Radio Station In The Scottish Highlands

Monocle Films (May 4, 2023) – Located in the north-western corner of the Scottish Highlands, Gairloch is a coastal village of about 700 people that known for its mountains, sea loch and rugged landscape.

Monocle paid a visit to Two Lochs, reportedly Britain’s smallest commercial radio station, which is nestled on Gairloch’s shores, run by a handful of volunteers and has built a loyal fan-base of global listeners.

Reviews: “A New Way Of Thinking About Aging”

“People 50 and older hold the vast majority of wealth in the country, but we’re producing products and services for people who don’t have nearly as much money to spend…”

by Alexander Gelfand

April 27, 2023: Thanks to advances in medicine and public health, people are living longer, healthier lives. The world’s population of people 60 and older is growing five times faster than the population as a whole. Global life expectancy has doubled since 1900, and experts say that children born in developed countries now have a good chance of living to 100.

A “silver tsunami” is already sweeping the U.S. labor force: the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that 36% of people ages 65–69 will remain on the job in 2024 — up significantly from the 22% who were working in 1994.

These longer-lived, longer-working individuals generate an ever-bigger slice of global GDP and control an expanding tranche of global wealth. In her recent book Stage (Not Age)Golden estimates that the “longevity economy” is worth more than $22 trillion — $8.3 trillion in the United States alone.

That may be a conservative figure: AARP (the organization formerly known as the American Association of Retired Persons) estimates that people over 50 already account for half of consumer spending worldwide, or $35 trillion. (This range of figures may have to do with how “older adult” is defined: The term is variously used to refer to people over the ages of 65, 60, or — sorry, Gen Xers — 50.)


Business: How ‘Junk Fees’ Invaded The U.S. Economy

CNBC (April 25, 2023) – Americans are collectively spending nearly $65 billion on sneaky fees, according to the White House. “It really seems like companies have become addicted to junk fees,” Lina Khan, chair of the Federal Trade Commission, told CNBC.

Junk fees are making companies billions of dollars richer. Watch the video above to learn more about where junk fees hide, details of proposed changes, where policy may fall short and whether increased regulatory oversight may be enough to squash junk fees once and for all. Chapters: 0:00 Introduction 1:26 Defining ‘junk’ fees 5:34 Squashing fees 7:52 Policy problems 10:02 The future of fees