Research Preview: Science Magazine – Dec 2, 2022

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@ScienceMagazine December 2, 2022:

Madagascar’s extraordinary biodiversity: Evolution, distribution, and use

Early snowmelt and polar jet dynamics co-influence recent extreme Siberian fire seasons

Monitoring of cell-cell communication and contact history in mammals

The human signal peptidase complex acts as a quality control enzyme for membrane proteins

Preview: The Economist Magazine – Dec 3, 2022


The Economist – December 3, 2022 issue:

Xi Jinping’s zero-covid policy has turned a health crisis into a political one

Caught between raging disease and unpopular and costly lockdowns, he has no good fix

Will the cap fit?

Why the West’s proposed price cap on Russian oil is no magic weapon

CoD and chips

Why trustbusters should let Microsoft buy Activision Blizzard

Preview: France-Amérique Magazine – December 2022


@FranceAmerique Magazine – December 2022

The Paris we love was born in the late 19th century – an elaborate staging engineered by Napoleon III and Baron Haussmann.Read our interview with Esther da Costa Meyer, professor of art and archeology at Princeton, who invites us to see the French capital in a new light.


On Camembert, Culture, and Cleanliness

For months, an epic battle has been raging in France between artisan and industrial cheesemakers over one of the world’s most famous cheeses, Camembert – that disk of creamy, ivory-colored delight which, according to the poet Léon-Paul Fargue, smells of God’s feet.

Also in this issue: As part of World AIDS Day on December 1, read about the French-American race to discover HIV; discover how Jean-Luc Godard, who passed away in September, is still influencing American filmmakers; and pay a visit to the Fouquet’s, the chic Parisian brasserie and hotel that just opened in Manhattan!

Analysis: How To Make Healthcare Affordable

The cost of health care is unaffordable for many in the developing world. But while universal health care may sound like an impossible dream, it’s more achievable than you might think.

Video timeline: 00:00 – The argument for universal health coverage is clear 00:57 – Thailand’s path to universal health coverage 03:31 – Universal health care around the world 04:48 – How to finance universal health coverage? 05:30 – Rwanda: from genocide to public health exemplar 07:19 – What is a pooling finance system? 08:01 – Which services make the cut? 11:17 – The economic benefits of UHC 12:23 – Could covid-19 be a catalyst for reform?

Culture & Tradition: The Beekeepers Of Slovenia

UNESCO – In Slovenia, beekeeping is a way of life for many individuals, families and communities, who obtain bee products for food and traditional medicine and use their knowledge and skills to care for the honeybees and the environment.

Communities express a loving and respectful attitude towards bees, and the knowledge, skills and practices relating to their keeping are shaped by centuries of tradition and transmitted from generation to generation. Beekeepers view their bees as teachers and friends. They expand their knowledge and skills through constant research.


ART VISION TV – Now a yearly event, the Hôtel de Ville Christmas Market is one of the top festive attractions in Paris on the years when it is held. Prior to 2018, there was an ice skating rink where revellers could glide along to views of the River Seine and Notre Dame Cathedral!

Since then, the festive event has been replaced with a more environmentally-friendly attraction and 2021 marks the fourth edition of the Hôtel de Ville Christmas Market.

Head to the Mairie de Paris at this time and you can expect to find a winter wonderland of snow-covered trees, sapins (fir trees), and a carousels. At night, the Hôtel de Ville is illuminated with blue lights, bathing the entire area in a blue glow. This is reminiscent of blue Christmas in Alsace.

Books: Literary Review UK Magazine – December 2022


Literary Review – December 2022/January 2023:


JOANNA KAVENNA  – Happiness is a Cold Fjord


Prince of Caricatura – James Gillray: A Revolution in Satire By Tim Clayton

Artist Before a Mirror – Picasso: The Self-Portraits By Pascal Bonafoux

Oils and Water – Looking to Sea: Britain Through the Eyes of Its Artists By Lily Le Brun

Stairways to Heaven – Hilma af Klint: A Biography By Julia Voss (Translated from German by Anne Posten)


CAROLYNE LARRINGTON I Have Wedded Fyve!The Wife of Bath: A BiographyBy Marion TurnerNORMA CLARKE Sense & InsolvencySister Novelists: The Trailblazing Porter Sisters, Who Paved the Way for Austen and the BrontësBy Devoney LooserLRRICHARD DAVENPORT-HINES Yours Chastely, TomThe Hyacinth Girl: T S Eliot’s Hidden MuseBy Lyndall GordonMary & Mr Eliot: A Sort of Love StoryBy Mary Trevelyan & Erica Wagner

Research Preview: Nature Magazine – Dec 1, 2022

Volume 612 Issue 7938

Science Magazine – December 1, 2022 issue:

Research Highlights

Fast-evolving genome regions point to DNA that sets humans apart

The collection of 1,500 rapidly changing segments is rich in sequences associated with brain development and disease.

Prehistoric rubbish hints that early cooks cared about flavour

Ancient chefs made bitter plants taste better with techniques such as grinding and soaking.

Off the hook: electrical device keeps sharks away from fishing lines

Such interventions could greatly reduce accidental catches of threatened species.

Devastating drought in East Africa is traced to nearby seas

Understanding the weather pattern known as the Indian Ocean Dipole might help to predict lack of rainfall in countries such as Kenya.

Reports: Tufts Health & Nutrition – December 2022

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December 2022 Issue:

Beware of “Health-Washing”

Front-of-package health claims can be helpful—but they can also be misleading. Learn how to tell the difference.

Habitual Coffee Consumption Associated with Health Benefits

A study that followed nearly 400,000 middle-aged individuals in the U.K. for a median of over 10 years found that, compared to individuals who reported drinking less than one cup of coffee a day, drinking four or more eight-ounce cups a day was associated with lower risk of 30 medical conditions.

FDA Proposes New Definition of “Healthy” on Food Packages

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently proposed new draft guidelines for food manufacturers who want to label their products as “healthy.” This term was last defined in the 1990s. According to the FDA, “our current definition permits manufacturers to use the claim ‘healthy’ on some foods that, based on the most up-to-date nutrition.

News: China Protests And Zero-Covid Easing, Major Russia Airstrike Planned

December 1, 2022 – The latest on the unrest in China and the easing of some coronavirus restrictions in response. Plus: the repercussions of the Belarusian foreign minister’s sudden death, Oath Keepers go on trial for the Capitol riots in the US and ArtReview’s annual Power 100.