1959 Mid-Century Modern: Tour Of ‘Tracey Residence’ In San Pedro, California

Open Space – David and Arienne are no strangers to Mid-Century Modern homes having lived in a few others years past however this one of a kind Architectural home sited upon the hillsides of San Pedro is perhaps their most special, A home built by Rolly A. Andrew in 1959.

After stepping in the home they both looked at each other and instantly knew they wanted the home, picturesque views that span from the Hollywood sign all the way past Laguna Beach, this is truly a home that was perfectly positioned to enjoy it all. Fast forward a few years, some restoration and remodeling and they share the story of what it’s like to live in such a home.

The indoor/outdoor flow alongside the walls of glass throughout the entirety of the home is something that needs to be enjoyed in person to truly understand. The Architect Rolly wasn’t particularly a well known architect and after doing some research Arienne came to find out this was Rollys first Residential project after obtaining his license. Aside from Green Hills Memorial park there isn’t much more about Rolly that David and Arienne were able to find out.

Could this be the only residential project from an architect that seemingly blended the home perfectly into the hillside or are there others out there? Driving up the coast in their restored Porsche’s to pull into the driveway of their beautifully restored home with endless views doesn’t sound like a bad day.

Hawaii Views: Mauna Loa Volcano Eruption (2022)

CBS Sunday Morning (December 2022) – We leave you this morning with Nature’s great spectacle at the Mauna Loa volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Notice that Mauna Loa, the largest active volcano in the world, was going to erupt — as it did this week for the first time in nearly four decades — came to people on the Big Island of Hawaii an hour before the lava began to flow. Public officials scrambled to alert nearby residents. Scientists rushed to predict which areas of the island might be in danger. The curious made plans to observe what could shape up to be an event of a lifetime: the exhalation of a massive mountain.

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Transportation: United Airlines Reveals First ‘Air Taxi’ By Archer Aviation

CNET (December 4, 2022) – Archer Aviation introduced its first production model eVTOL that’s called Midnight, an electric air taxi designed for high-demand urban flights. United Airlines has put down a deposit for 100 Midnights to begin passenger service in 2025.

Video timeline: 0:00 Intro 0:55 Midnight eVTOL 1:54 Maker Prototype Test Flight 2:29 Archer x United 3:26 Conclusion

Home Design: Top Remodel Extensions 2022 (Dezeen)

Dezeen (December 2022) – Continuing our 2022 review, we have collected 10 residential extensions featured on Dezeen this year, from a weathering steel structure perched on top of a bungalow to a pair of concrete volumes added to a remote farmhouse.

The Perch
Photo is by Casey Dunn

The Perch, USA, by Nicole Blair

This weathering steel-clad asymmetrical house extension is perched two centimetres above a family bungalow in Austin, hence its name. Architect Nicole Blair was tasked with expanding the occupants’ living space without sacrificing any of the home’s existing back garden.

The unusually shaped extension rests on four steel columns and was assembled off-site to avoid disrupting the lot’s vegetation. Inside, living spaces are dressed in pinky hues and framed by tongue-and-groove wooden planks on the ceilings and walls.

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Cascada House by Ana Nuño de Buen and Luis Young
Photo is by Luis Young

Cascada House, Mexico, by Ana Nuño de Buen and Luis Young

A rectilinear metallic frame in a dark shade of green forms Cascada House, an airy apartment nestled within a lush surrounding that tops an existing 1950s concrete building in Mexico City.

Architects Ana Nuño de Buen and Luis Young designed the structure with two roof slopes that drain towards a central gutter which manages rainfall, while inside, the steel structure is left exposed to create a distinctive interior.

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Casa San Cristobal by Marc Perrotta
Photo is by Fabian Martinez

Casa San Cristobal, Mexico, by Marc Perrotta

Local architect Marc Perrotta replaced a “clumsy” volume with a concrete, glass and brick extension at Casa San Cristobal, a house in Mexico’s Mérida.

Containing most of the living spaces, this two-storey, U-shaped addition creates a trio of courtyards filled with lush native plants that are designed to provide relief from the tropical heat.

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Opinion: Xi Jinping Zero-Covid Policy, Activision Blizzard, UK Emigration

A selection of three essential articles read aloud from the latest issue of The Economist. This week, Xi Jinping’s zero-covid policy, why trustbusters should let Microsoft buy Activision Blizzard (11:44) and why emigration is in the air for Britons (16:38).

Books: The New York Times Book Review – Dec 4, 2022

The New York Times Book Review - December 4, 2022 | Magazine PDF

@nytimesbooks – December 4, 2022 issue:

Books to Give This Season


Whether you’re looking for thrillers or romances, historical fiction or travel books, let us help.

How a Good Book Became the ‘Richest’ of Holiday Gifts

As Christmas came to be celebrated in the home, choosing the right volume was a way to show intimate understanding of the person opening the package.

How Well Do You Know the New York City of the Beats?

Here are five questions to test your knowledge of the Beat Generation in the Big Apple.

Wheels, Waves and Wings

Books about exploring the world by bike, by car, by boat or by plane, passport in hand.

Winter In Sweden: Frozen Bureälven River Skating

Erik Normark (December 2022) – Ice skating along the frozen river, Bureälven, with long distance (Nordic) ice skates, långfärdsskridskor. It’s like an adventure, you follow the ice path and wonder what’s behind the next turn. You quickly get up speed and can pretty easily cover long distances. It was snowing a little so the ice had a nice white cover. I took a break for some coffee a an old barn before I returned back.

Nordic skating, also known as tour skating, wild skating and long-distance skating (and in Swedish långfärdsskridskor), was born in Sweden. It is essentially long-distance skating on frozen lakes and rivers, using skates with blades longer than traditional ice skates. Nordic skating blades are about 50 cm (20 inches) long and are attached with bindings to special boots that are similar to cross country boots, usually at the front. Here, we take a look at the top 10 spots in Sweden to enjoy Nordic skating.

Front Page: The New York Times – December 4, 2022


Defaults Loom as Poor Countries Face an Economic Storm

Debt-relief efforts are stalling as developing economies are being hit by higher interest rates, a strong dollar and slowing global growth.

He Returned a Dazed Soldier to the Russians. Ukraine Calls It Treason.

No one knew what to do with a lost Russian pilot who suddenly appeared in the occupied city of Kherson. The case has revealed the blurred line between pragmatism in a war zone and collaboration with the enemy.

Three Dutch Goals End U.S. Run in Qatar

The United States saw its weaknesses exploited in a 3-1 loss to the Netherlands. But after a solid showing and with a young team brimming with promise, the best may be yet to come.

The Chinese Dream, Denied

The world’s harshest Covid restrictions exemplify how Xi Jinping’s authoritarian excesses have rewritten Beijing’s longstanding social contract with its people.