Foreign Affairs Magazine: The Best Articles Of 2022

Foreign Affairs (December 23, 2022) – Editors’ Top Picks from print and the web:

The Sources of Russian Misconduct

A Diplomat Defects From the Kremlin


Revenge of the Patriarchs

Why Autocrats Fear Women


Nobody Wants the Current World Order

How All the Major Powers—Even the United States—Became Revisionists

AUGUST 3, 2022


Books: ‘Drawing Thought’ Andrea Kantrowitz (2022)

The MIT Press – Drawing is a way of constructing ideas and observations as much as it is a means of expressing them. When we are not ready or able to put our thoughts into words, we can sometimes put them down in arrangements of lines and marks. Artists, designers, architects, and others draw to generate, explore, and test perceptions and mental models.

In Drawing Thought, artist-educator Andrea Kantrowitz invites readers to use drawing to extend and reflect on their own thought processes. She interweaves illuminating hand-drawn images with text, integrating recent findings in cognitive psychology and neuroscience with accounts of her own artistic and teaching practices.

The practice of drawing, with paper and pencil or whatever else is at hand, is a simple and accessible means to become more mindful and aware of our inner and outer worlds. Time slows down when we start drawing. Our attention shifts. Setting aside our worries and fears about the future, we can draw ourselves into stillness. Drawing provides an active way to engage deeply with the present moment, locating our thoughts, perceptions, and feelings, in time and space.

Utah Mountain Views: The Patmos Ridge Ranch (2022)

Hall and Hall – Located about 140 miles southeast of Salt Lake City near Price, Utah, Patmos Ridge Ranch lies among the eastern Book Cliffs Mountain Range, with views of Bruin Point and the entire Castle Valley. The rugged terrain creates a thriving natural habitat for big game and upland birds, as well as multiple recreational opportunities.

German Villages: Seiffen – Home Of The Nutcracker

FRANCE 24 English – For centuries, this small German town has been making these Christmas traditions by hand.

Seiffen is a charming “Toy Story” village in eastern Germany’s wooded Erzgebirge (known in English as the Ore Mountains). Located off the beaten tourist path, minutes from the Czech Republic border, it’s the 19th-century birthplace of nutcrackers, the whimsical wooden figures that are a traditional symbol of Christmas in many cultures.

Architecture & Nature: 2022 Remodel Of The Year

Suspended between two beautiful California hills, this remodel spans a creek and boasts a waterfall in the back yard.

Suspension House / Fougeron Architecture - Exterior Photography, Windows, Forest
© Joe Fletcher

To build such a house anew is no longer allowed in California, but following strict guidelines, we reconceived an existing structure, transforming the relationships between home, water and land. A steel frame inserted beneath the original floors anchors the home to the rocky hillsides, thus allowing us to remove supporting columns from within the creek bed.

Suspension House / Fougeron Architecture - Exterior Photography, Facade, Handrail

A human-made object in nature may exist in harmony or disparity. Our goal was to deepen this home’s connection to the environment, creating a place where our clients can live immersed within an exceptional landscape. Taking care to protect and restore the land, we suspended the renovated house between two wooded hills, where it overlooks a rushing waterfall and spans the creek below.

Suspension House / Fougeron Architecture - Interior Photography, Chair, Garden, Patio

A third floor addition strikes a more slender profile facing east, to engage the breadth of the site. The experience is one of being in nature and also humbled by it.

Suspension House / Fougeron Architecture - Exterior Photography, Windows, Forest

The goal with this unique site was to enhance the relationship of the structure to the nearby bodies of water and the rock face.  Rather than bearing down and disturbing the creek below, the new structural system has been anchored to the bedrock within the flanks of the hill, suspending the home

2022 In Review: The Biggest News Stories Of The Year

What happened in 2022?: Monocle’s head of radio, Tom Edwards, examines 2022’s biggest news stories with Isabel Hilton and Marie Le Conte including the invasion of Ukraine, the elections that grabbed the headlines, protests around the world and the obituaries that shaped the year.

Front Page: The New York Times – December 23, 2022


Trump Audit Shows Depths of I.R.S. Funding Woes

The agency lacks the resources to go after rich taxpayers. For years, a single revenue agent was responsible for the audits of Donald J. Trump.

‘Major Trustee, Please Prioritize’: How NYU’s E.R. Favors the Rich

Dozens of doctors said the nonprofit hospital pressured them to give preferential treatment to donors, trustees and their families.

Winter Storm Raises Fears and Scrambles Plans as It Moves South

The powerful storm has bombarded the eastern half of the country, prompting dire warnings to avoid dangerous conditions, and widespread flight cancellations.

Zelensky’s Weapons Wish List Goes Mostly Unfulfilled on Trip to Washington

The Biden administration continues to balk at sending U.S. battle tanks, fighter jets and long-range missiles to Ukraine.