Research Preview: Nature Magazine – Dec 15, 2022

Volume 612 Issue 7940
Cover image: Daniel Kronauer

nature – December 15, 2022 issue:

Sharp laser beam reveals internal organs in stunning 3D

Scientists refine a technology that peers through bone to image sub-surface body parts.

Prehistoric carvings are oldest known story sequence

Two carved panels discovered in what is now Turkey illustrate a tale involving leopards and a bull.

Deadly skin cancer can shrink or vanish after T cells join the fray

Immune-cell-based therapy quashed tumour growth in some people with treatment-resistant melanoma.

A city’s sprawl triggers ominous changes underground

Rapid growth in a city in Central Africa is causing a landslide to speed up.

Art: ‘Making Modernism’ – Royal Academy, London

Royal Academy of Art (December 14, 2022) – What would Modernism look like if you saw it through the eyes of women artists? How would it change your perception? What other stories might you find?

Watch Royal Academy curators Sarah Lea and Professor Dorothy Price discuss the pioneering work of four women making art on their own terms: Paula Modersohn-Becker, Kӓthe Kollwitz, Gabriele Münter and Marianne Werefkin.

Making Modernism is open now until 12 February 2023.

Books: TLS/Times Literary Supplement – Dec 16, 2022


Times Literary Supplement @TheTLS – December 16, 2022: Featuring @CLEdwall on Keats; @prospect_clark on Starmer’s Labour; Martin Ivens on Liz Truss; @zoeguttenplan on Orlando at the Garrick; @pottmeister on White Noise; @angusjnicholls on Eckermann and Goethe – and more.

Canada Views: Christmas Snowfall In Quebec City

Christopher Putvinski (December 14, 2022) – Snowfall in Old Québec at around 5 a.m. during the Christmas season. I had included this footage in an edit on Christmas in Québec, but felt it was so nice that it deserved its own edit as well. Song is Provence by GÅEL.

Visit to Quebec City in December to capture the Christmas season.

Urban Views: World’s Best Public Housing In Vienna

Monocle Films (December 14, 2022) – The world is urbanising fast. But how do you accommodate people in cities in a way that offers dignity, affordability and a sense of community? Vienna may have a solution. Explore the enduring legacy of the city’s ‘Gemeindebau’ apartment blocks in the latest episode of our Design Tours series.

Cover: American Scientist Magazine – Jan/Feb 2023

Current Issue
(Cover illustration by Sean Murtha.)

American Scientist – January/February 2023

In “A New Picture of Dinosaur Nesting Ecology” (Perspective), paleontologist Daniel T. Ksepka offers an overview of these sweeping advances in his field, showcasing the spectrum of reproductive traits among the dinosaurs, often with surprising mixes of reptilian and avian traits. 

A Deep Dive into Innovation

Groundbreaking innovations may appear to be strokes of genius, but they are most often the product of context, consequence, and coincidence.

Is Garlic Mustard an Invader or an Opportunist?

Originally thought of as simply harmful to native plants, this invasive herb has been spreading for far more complex reasons.

Food: Banana Plantations At Risk From Global Blight

Financial Times (December 14, 2022) – Dire warnings about the banana’s impending extinction have been circulating for some time, but despite that, as the FT’s Clive Cookson explains, global production has expanded in recent years. That growth, however, is at risk from an outbreak of Panama disease, which has spread to at least 22 countries.

News: Global Unity Behind Ukraine, Brasil Protests, India-China Border Clash

We discuss the state of global unity on the war in Ukraine with Aliona Hlivco and Michael Binyon. Plus: Jair Bolsonaro’s supporters clash with police in Brasília as Lula unveils his new cabinet and a round-up of fashion news.

Millions face the freezing Ukrainian winter without power following waves of Russian strikes on energy infrastructure. Dozens of countries have pledged €1bn in aid.

Front Page: The New York Times – December 14, 2022


Inflation Cooled Notably in November, Good News for the Fed

Consumer Price Index data reinforces that inflation is beginning to slow down just ahead of the Federal Reserve’s December rate decision.

Prosecutors Say FTX Was Engaged in a ‘Massive, Yearslong Fraud’

A criminal indictment unsealed on Tuesday and a complaint by the S.E.C. describe years of wrongdoing in Sam Bankman-Fried’s crypto empire.

Scientists Achieve Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough With Blast of 192 Lasers

The advancement by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory researchers will be built on to further develop fusion energy research.

As Covid Spreads Fast, Beijing Isn’t in Lockdown. But It Feels Like It.

Almost no one is venturing out even after an easing of pandemic measures. Cold and flu medicines are scarce, but food supplies appear adequate.