New York Walks: Bleecker Street, Greenwich Village

4K WALK (December 2022) – Bleecker Street is an east–west street in the New York City borough of Manhattan. It is most famous today as a Greenwich Village nightclub district. The street connects a neighborhood today popular for music venues and comedy, but which was once a major center for American bohemia.

The street is named after the family name of Anthony Lispenard Bleecker, a banker, the father of Anthony Bleecker, a 19th-century writer, through whose family farm the street ran.] Bleecker Street connects Abingdon Square (the intersection of Eighth Avenue and Hudson Street in the West Village) to the Bowery and East Village.

Austrian Views: Hiking The Rosengartenschlucht

The Flying Dutchman (December 2022) – This natural gorge is located on the edge of Imst and represents one of the most important biotopes in Tirol. The Rosengartenschlucht measures 1.5 kilometres in length and is traversed by the rushing Schinderbach river starting at the enchanting Blue Grotto. Wooden walkways, paths blasted into the rock and small tunnels through the mountainside invite visitors to explore this fantastic landscape. The entrance to the gorge is a highlight in its own right, with a number of houses which have been built into the rockface. The gorge is open from May until October. Sturdy footwear is required.

Autumn Views: Aspens In South-Central Montana

CBS Sunday Morning (December 2022) – We leave you this morning amid the Aspens of autumn, in south-central Montana. Videographer: Brad Markel.

Relatively pristine, south-central Montana is a world-class playground for the outdoor recreation enthusiast. Its biggest draws are the mountains that are a haven for hikers and campers, and the fly-fishing waters of the four major rivers that run through its valleys — the Madison, Jefferson, Gallatin, and Yellowstone.

During the winter, downhill skiing takes over at Bridger Bowl, Big Sky, which boasts the largest vertical drop of any hill in the United States (4,350 ft.), and the relatively new Moonlight Basin resort. The region is also excellent for cross-country skiing — Lone Mountain Ranch and Bohart Ranch are two of the best Nordic skiing facilities in the state.

Books: The New York Times Book Review – Dec 11, 2022

The New York Times Book Review - December 11, 2022 | Magazine PDF

@nytimesbooks December 11, 2022 features:

2022 Reading Picks From Times Staff Critics

The books they read this year that have stayed with them.

When It Comes to Picture Books, Santa Sells

At this time of year, the best-selling books for children are all Christmas, all the time. And they’re not even new!

A Family Drama, Taiwan History and Murder Case, Rolled Into One

“Ghost Town,” a novel by Kevin Chen, recounts the overlapping — and hotly contested — memories of a Taiwanese family.

Island Views: A Tour Of Southwest Madeira (4K)

Living Walks Madeira Islands, Portuguese Arquipélago da Madeira, archipelago of volcanic origin in the North Atlantic Ocean, belonging to Portugal. It comprises two inhabited islands, Madeira and Porto Santo, and two uninhabited groups, the Desertas and the Selvagens. The islands are the summits of mountains that have their bases on an abyssal ocean floor. Administratively, they form the autonomous region of Madeira. The regional capital, Funchal, is located on Madeira Island.

Madeira Island, the largest of the group, is 34 miles (55 km) long, has a maximum width of 14 miles (22 km) and a coastline of about 90 miles (144 km), and rises in the centre to Ruivo Peak (6,106 feet [1,861 metres] above sea level). The greater part of the interior above 3,000 feet (900 metres) is uninhabited and uncultivated; communities of scattered huts are usually built either at the mouths of ravines or upon slopes that descend from the mountains to the coast.

Culture & Travel: Greece Is Magazine Winter 2022-23

Greece Is Athens Winter 2022-2023 issue:

Enjoying aperitivo in the neighborhood of Koukaki.© Angelos Giotopoulos

This year, Athens was crowned Europe’s Leading Cultural City Destination at the World Travel Awards, and in this 143-page magazine, culture takes center stage. We guide you to Athens’ major museums and the neighborhoods around them; learn what life is like for the many artists who in recent years have sought their way from abroad to create homes and studios here; trace ancient philosophers’ favorite haunts in and around the Athenian Agora; present museum tours tailored specifically to children; discover the local dining scene through a historic lens as renowned Greek writer Christos Choumenidis presents five traditional and contemporary restaurants with their unique stories to tell; and check in on the development of the never-more-hot campaign for the return of the Parthenon marbles.

Opinion: The End Of Cheap Money, Great Britain’s Tier 2 Cities, Age Of ‘Boring AI’

December 11, 2022: A selection of three essential articles read aloud from the latest issue of The Economist. This week features ‘The End of Cheap Money’, Britain’s Second-Tier Cities & The Age of ‘Boring AI‘.

Travel Views: Jeju Island Off Coast Of South Korea

Jeju province encompasses the South Korean island of Jeju in the Korea Strait. It’s known for its beach resorts and volcanic landscape of craters and cavelike lava tubes. Hallasan Mountain, a dormant volcano, features hiking trails, a crater lake at the 1,950m summit and nearby Gwaneumsa Temple. The Geomunoreum Lava Tube System includes 7km-long Manjanggul Cave, created centuries ago when Hallasan was still active.