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Morning News: Hurricane Ida Hits Louisiana, Safe Stocks, Remote Work

A.M. Edition for Aug. 30. New Orleans is without electricity after Hurricane Ida slams the region 16 years after Hurricane Katrina. 

WSJ markets reporter Caitlin Ostroff explains why utilities and healthcare are among the S&P 500’s top-performing groups this quarter. Plus, WSJ’s Chip Cutter discusses the concern among bosses as remote work may now last two years.

Morning News: Taliban Capture Kabul, Capital Punishment, Uruguay

The fall of Kabul, the capital, sealed the country’s fate: after 20 years, the Taliban are back in charge—a fearsome outcome for its people and for the Biden administration. 

As capital punishment fades, life sentences proliferate; that comes with its own costs and iniquities. And visiting an enclave in Uruguay that is in many ways more Russian than Russia.

Morning News: Disruptive Airline Passengers, China Trade, Spirit Airlines CEO

A.M. Edition for Aug. 6. WSJ’s Alison Sider discusses recent cases of disruptive airline passengers and how they can affect operations. 

The CEO of Spirit Airlines apologizes for several days of flight cancellations. Some major business groups urge the Biden administration to open trade talks with China. And, how to handle an exit interview from your job. Marc Stewart hosts.

Morning News: Delta Variant Challenges Asia, Eviction Delays & Jobs

A.M. Edition for Aug. 4. WSJ’s Jon Emont discusses what’s behind the economic challenges facing some parts of Asia amid a rise in the highly transmissible Delta variant of Covid-19. 

The Biden administration implements a new federal moratorium on evictions. Spirit Airlines cancels more flights as it grapples with a dayslong operational meltdown. And, things to consider before quitting your job. 

Morning News: U.S. Fuels World Economy, Crypto Closure, Venmo Change

A.M. Edition for June 28. WSJ’s Tom Fairless discusses the U.S. presence in the worldwide economic movement. Crypto exchange Binance is ordered to cease U.K. activities.

WSJ markets columnist Mike Bird on stock and commodity growth. And, Venmo makes a change. Marc Stewart hosts.

Morning News: Global Inflation, Rental Homes & China’s Space Program

A.M. Edition for June 17. WSJ’s Paul Hannon on the role central banks around the world play in determining interest rates to control inflation. 

Property-rental sites deal with a shortage of inventory and strong demand. China marks a milestone in its space program. Marc Stewart hosts.