Research Preview: Science Magazine – Feb 24, 2023

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Science Magazine – February 24, 2023 issue:

Samples returned from the asteroid Ryugu are similar to Ivuna-type carbonaceous meteorites

The Hayabusa2 spacecraft made two landings on the asteroid (162173) Ryugu in 2019, during which it collected samples of the surface material. Those samples were delivered to Earth in December 2020. The colors, shapes, and morphologies of the returned samples are consistent with those observed on Ryugu by Hayabusa2, indicating that they are representative of the asteroid.

Journals take up arms against AI-written text

Many ask authors to disclose use of ChatGPT and other generative artificial intelligence

Iron stress threatens Southern Ocean phytoplankton

Lack of the nutrient limits the plants’ productivity, key to climate and ecosystems


Putin’s Hidden War: The Russians Fighting Back

The Economist (February 23, 2023): The invasion of Ukraine left Russians with a stark choice: carry on as normal or make a stand against the war. But speaking out in Russia carries huge risks. How is the opposition managing to resist the regime – and at what personal cost?

Video timeline: 00:00 – One year on 01:37 – The first wave of protests 05:43 – Crackdown on dissent 10:04 – Individual acts of rebellion 13:51 – Partial mobilisation 16:20 – Russia’s mass exodus 23:06 – The future of Russian rebellion

Architecture & Design: Frank Lloyd Wright’s 1952 ‘Carmel-By-The-Sea House’

Hexagonal living room with expansive windows. Views of the ocean.

Architectural Digest (February 22, 2023) – Designed in Wright’s Usonian style, the 1,400-square-foot and single-story home overlooks the Pacific Ocean, and is the only home designed by the architect in a coastal setting.

View of a stone facade home along the ocean

Like the nearby coast, Carmel’s allure has ebbed and flowed, though Wright’s assessment of it as a community full of upper-middle class residents has, for the most part, remained true. 

Located on Carmel Point near Carmel-by-the-Sea—a celeb-favored California enclave—the one-of-a-kind home just sold for $22 million, according to the Wall Street Journal. 

Reports: Tufts Health & Nutrition – March 2023

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Tufts Health & Nutrition Letter (March 2023):

  • Obesity is a Disease: Why, and Why It Matters
  • News Bites
  • The Health Benefits of Strength Training
  • Special Report: Optimizing Sleep
  • Tummy Trouble: When to Seek Help
  • Featured Recipe: Cabbage Roll Casserole
  • Ask Tufts Experts: Vitamin C supplements; Processed Meats

Arts & Life: FT Weekend Magazine – Feb 25, 2023


FT Weekend Magazine – February 25, 2023 issue:

Joshua Reynolds’ ‘Portrait of Omai’ is a national treasure. Why is Britain struggling to keep it?

The fight to save the iconic work reflects a painful truth about the UK’s financial state

It’s time for a serious tax on guns in America

‘Not one inch’: unpicking Putin’s deadly obsession with the details of history

News: NATO’s Bucharest Nine, UN-Ukraine Meeting, Austria Neutrality Debate

February 23, 2023: Joe Biden’s meeting with Nato’s Bucharest Nine and a look ahead to the UN’s special session on Ukraine. Plus: a special interview with Austria’s minister for foreign affairs, a flick through today’s papers, a global statistics round-up and Laura Kramer speaks to ‘Liaison’ star Vincent Cassel.

Front Page: The New York Times – February 23, 2023


Putin and Biden Shore Up Alliances in Dueling Appearances

On the surface, it looked like a reversion to the Cold War era. The reality was even more complicated.

How Poland, Long Leery of Foreigners, Opened Up to Ukrainians

The country, once one of the world’s most ethnically and culturally homogeneous, has accommodated far more refugees from neighboring Ukraine than any other nation.

Mexico Hobbles Election Agency That Helped End One-Party Rule

The changes come ahead of a presidential election next year and are part of a pattern of challenges to democratic institutions across the Western Hemisphere.

When the Movies Pictured A.I., They Imagined the Wrong Disaster

Instead of the chilling rationality of HAL in “2001: A Space Odyssey,” we get the messy awfulness of Microsoft’s Sydney. Call it the banality of sentience.