Books: London Review Of Books – February 16, 2023


London Review of Books (LRB) – 16 February 2023

Rudy Then and Rudy Now

Giuliani: The Rise and Tragic Fall of America’s Mayor By Andrew Kirtzman

Paul Newman: The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man 
by Paul Newman, edited by David Rosenthal

The Last Movie Stars directed by Ethan Hawke

The Last Colony: A Tale of Exile, Justice and Britain’s Colonial Legacy 
by Philippe Sands


Books: TLS/Times Literary Supplement – Feb 10, 2023


Times Literary Supplement (February 10, 2023) @TheTLS , features Mark Mazower on Elgin and the Parthenon; James Fenton on El Cid; @NortonTaylor on Pegasus; Claire Lowdon on Aleksandar Hemon; @michaelscaines on Titus Andronicus – and more.

Previews: The Guardian Weekly – February 10, 2023


The Guardian Weekly (February 10, 2023) – Three years have passed since Britain officially left the European Union, but the country feels a long way from the “sunlit uplands” once memorably envisioned by Boris Johnson. Indeed, according to several polls released last week, more of the British population than ever are unhappy with the outcomes of Brexit – including, crucially, those who voted for it in the first place.

The Observer’s Michael Savage and Toby Helm consider what’s behind the upsurge in “Bregret” and ask what realistic hopes exist of Britain ever returning to the bloc. Then, opinion writer Nesrine Malik warns that, while many on the left may see validation in the current trends, it’s important to understand many of the UK’s structural problems stem from before the time of the Brexit referendum in 2016.

Travel: A Winter Tour Of Stockholm, Sweden (2023)

Attaché (February 8, 2023) – Our Stockholm travel guide! Stockholm is one of those cities that I visited and returned just a few weeks later to make an episode. There is so much to love about Stockholm – not only is it beautiful, spread across dozens of islands, but the food is incredible and the vibe outstanding.

Video timeline: . 00:00 – Intro 00:50 – Transport 04:42 – Sponsor 05:45 – Food 10:45 – Money

Stockholm is a rare city that is truly an all year round destination. Cosy and characterful in the winter, stunning and sunny in the summer. I have a lot of time for Stockholm and I think you will too.

News: Biden ‘State Of The Union’, Earthquake Relief In Turkey, Russia-Ukraine

February 8, 2023 – Jenny Mathers on the directions in which Ukraine and Russia are moving as Moscow prepares its spring assault. Plus: The latest on relief efforts in Turkey from the epicentres of the earthquakes, the day’s papers and the welcome return of the beaver.

Front Page: The New York Times – February 8, 2023


Biden Calls on Republicans to Help Him ‘Finish the Job’ and Build the Economy

President Biden was heckled during the State of the Union address when he spoke about fentanyl and when he accused Republicans of threatening Social Security and Medicare.

Rescue Teams Fight ‘Weather and the Earthquake’ as Toll Surpasses 7,700 Dead

Shoveling snow and rubble, emergency crews worked across hundreds of miles in Turkey and Syria to save people in the aftermath of the most powerful quake in the region in decades.

Amid the Quake’s Frosty Wreckage, a Remarkable but Bittersweet Rescue

In the hard-hit Turkish city of Gaziantep, a collapsed apartment building spared few of its residents. But one man heard his brother’s voice from beneath the debris.

Gustavo Dudamel, Star Maestro, to Leave L.A. for New York Philharmonic

Dudamel, a charismatic 42-year-old conductor, will take up the Philharmonic’s podium in 2026, in a major coup for the orchestra.