Culture/Politics: Harper’s Magazine – March 2023


Harper’s Magazine – March 2023 issue:

Alternative Facts

How the media failed Julian Assange – Every year on the first of December, the Committee to Protect Journalists publishes its global prison census, documenting the number of journalists behind bars around the world. The 2022 edition set a grim record: 363 jailed journalists. 

At Random

The business of books and the merger that wasn’t


Online chess reshapes the game of kings


AI/Design 2023: ‘Architect-Style Cars’ By Moss & Fog

Moss & Fog (February 2023) – What if they designed cars, as well as buildings? Would they look like the architect’s famous creations? Would the car embody their trademark style?

We’ve enlisted AI to help us explore the ‘what if?‘. We used the program MidJourney to help visualize what an architect-derived car might look like. It was a fun visual journey, creating images that fit the time period and overall style of the famous architect in question.

Frank Lloyd Wright  (1867-1959)

Zaha Hadid  (1950-2016)

Eero Saarinen  (1910-1961)

Antoni Gaudí  (1852-1926)

Preview: London Review Of Books – March 2, 2023


London Review of Books (LRB) – March 2, 2023 issue:

This Concerns Everyone

All of us depend, in early age and often at the end of life, on the care of others. We are shaped by individual, consequential but highly contingent acts of care, or their absence. 

Labours of Love: The Crisis of Care 
by Madeleine Bunting

The Care Crisis: What Caused It and How Can We End It? by Emma Dowling

Cannibal Capitalism: How our System is Devouring Democracy, Care and the Planet by Nancy Fraser

Top of the Lighthouse

It is one of the curious qualities of the lighthouse that while its raison d’être is to be visible, durable and stable in the most adverse conditions, it is often seen as a site of ambiguity and insecurity.

News: Putin Gives Speech On War, China Diplomats In Russia, Tunisia Arrests

We report as China’s top diplomat heads to Russia: will Beijing consider supplying weapons for the war in Ukraine? Plus: arrests of opposition figures in Tunisia, the latest business news and Burberry’s first show under new chief creative officer, Daniel Lee.

Front Page: The New York Times – February 21, 2023


Biden’s Surreal and Secretive Journey Into a War Zone

President Biden traveled covertly to the besieged Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, hoping to demonstrate American resolve to help defeat the Russian forces that invaded a year ago this week.

In Biden’s Unannounced Visit to Kyiv, a Preview of an Increasingly Direct Contest With Putin

The vastly different world views of President Biden and President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia will become vividly apparent in a rare split-screen moment on Tuesday.

They Were Married. They Shared a Trench. They Died in It Together.

Taras and Olha Melster signed up to help the war effort. Like many other urban professionals in Ukraine, they never expected to be sent to the front line.

In Mississippi’s Capital, Old Racial Divides Take New Forms

A plan by Republican lawmakers to set up a new court system served by a state-run police force for parts of mainly Black Jackson has become a flash point for racial and political divisions.