Previews: The Economist Magazine- Feb 18, 2023


The Economist Magazine- February 18, 2023:

Inflation will be harder to bring down than markets think

Investors are betting on good times. The likelier prospect is turbulence

Israel’s proposed legal reforms are a dreadful answer to a real problem

They will damage the country at home and abroad

The World Bank’s embattled chief steps down

David Malpass’s record is better than his many critics will credit


Previews: History Today Magazine – March 2023

Volume 73 Issue 3 March 2023 | History Today

History Today Magazine – March 2023 Issue:

Treason of the Clerics

For 600 years Muslims held sway over the Indian subcontinent. Then democracy and a desultory leadership did them in.

Getting Away with Murder

Sarah Malcolm by William Hogarth, 1733.

Found guilty of the Temple Murders in 1733, Sarah Malcolm became the most notorious woman in Britain. Did she commit the crime alone? Did she commit it at all?

Save Your Ass


The US government was happy to support the assassination of foreign officials – but not to be seen doing so.

The New York Review Of Books – March 9, 2023

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The New York Review of Books – March 9, 2023:

Peddling Darkness

True crime stories, like Sarah Weinman’s Scoundrel, make for suspenseful reading. But do they exploit the criminal, and deepen a thirst for punishment?

Commanders and Courtiers

The Howe family achieved an influential position of power in late-eighteenth-century Britain, propelled by the shrewd social intelligence of the Howe women.

News: Xi Jinping Pledges Support For Iran, Finland-NATO, Museum Openings

February 16, 2023: China’s president, Xi Jinping, has promised to give support to Iran. How will that affect relations between the two countries and the West? Also in the programme, we discuss whether Finland will join Nato before Sweden and look at India’s first new museum opening in a decade.

Front Page: The New York Times – February 16, 2023

New York Times Front Page, New York Edition

U.S. on Track to Add $19 Trillion in New Debt Over 10 Years

Congressional Budget Office projections released on Wednesday suggested rising interest rates and bipartisan spending bills are adding to deficits.

As Lawmakers Spar Over Social Security, Its Costs Are Rising Fast

New budget projections show that the program’s spending is outpacing tax revenues as an aging population claims benefits.

As Taliban Settle In, Kabul’s Green Zone Comes Back to Life

Walking down its streets a year ago was like wandering into the modern ruins of another empire come and gone from Afghanistan. Now, the Taliban have adopted the former diplomatic enclave as their own.

Before the Gunfire, It Was Their Glittering ‘Dancing Star’

The mass shooting in Monterey Park threatened a community of ballroom dancers who share a rich history. They hope to find a way to carry on.