Cover: Food Technology Magazine – February 2023

February 2023 -

Food Technology Magazine – February 2023:

Rebuilding Plant-Based Meat

Much-publicized market stumbles are triggering doubts about the potential of this onetime darling of investors, activists, and curious consumers. What’s it going to take to get it back on track?

Next-Generation Sensory Science

Sensory science is evolving thanks to a host of advanced methods and technologies that are helping food companies create successful products.

Classic Car Shows: Best Of ‘Retromobile 2023’ In Paris

Retromobile Officie, PARIS — Once a year, the city of Paris sets aside its hatred of cars and welcomes enthusiasts from around the world to the Retromobile show. First held as a small gathering in 1976, Retromobile has become one of the largest classic-car-only events on the planet. There’s something there for everyone, whether you’re looking to buy a classic Ferrari, a model of one, an ignition coil for a Fiat 126, or just about anything in between.

Retromobile takes place in the heart of the French capital, in the same venue as the Paris auto show, and its massive size attracts big-name vendors and exhibitors. It’s one of the few events that draws major manufacturers. Renault traveled to the 2023 edition to celebrate 30 years of the original Twingo, the Italian side of Stellantis showcased what its Heritage Hub’s restoration team is capable of, and the French side of the group displayed several classics from its collection, including a Citroën SM-based prototype built by Michelin to test tires.

Environment: ‘Guardians Of The Glaciers’ In France

FRANCE 24 English (February 7, 2023) – Glaciers are increasingly threatened by climate change. The French Alps are home to more than 4,000 of these fascinating natural monuments, of which 80 to 90 percent are set to disappear by 2100 due to global warming.

Among the most emblematic glaciers is the Mer de Glace, or Sea of Ice, which retreats a little more each year, under the watchful eye of tourists. Meanwhile, the Bossons glacier reveals aircraft debris that was thought to be lost forever. FRANCE 24 went to meet some of the guardians of the glaciers.

News: Hong Kong Begins National Security Trials, EU-US Green Trade Dispute

February 7, 2023 Hong Kong’s biggest national-security trial yet begins. Plus: a trade dispute between the EU and Washington, the latest TV news and how the war is changing Ukraine’s historically patriarchal society.

Front Page: The New York Times – February 7, 2023


Powerful Quake Strikes Turkey and Syria, Killing More Than 4,300

Desperate survivors dug through rubble with shovels and their bare hands, hoping to find loved ones.

Earthquake Strikes Syrian Region Already Mired in Humanitarian Crisis

One of the hardest hit areas was northwestern Syria, where nearly three million people displaced by the country’s decade-long civil war were already living in precarious conditions.

China’s Balloon Dispute Aims Attention at Xi’s Leadership

The flap with the United States raises concerns about how China wields its power in a climate where one wrong move could set off an accidental conflict.

Biden’s State of the Union Prep: No Acronyms and Tricks to Conquer a Stutter

Aides describe a process in which the president spends weeks reading drafts aloud, rejecting anything that smacks of Washington-speak.