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Putin’s Hidden War: The Russians Fighting Back

The Economist (February 23, 2023): The invasion of Ukraine left Russians with a stark choice: carry on as normal or make a stand against the war. But speaking out in Russia carries huge risks. How is the opposition managing to resist the regime – and at what personal cost?

Video timeline: 00:00 – One year on 01:37 – The first wave of protests 05:43 – Crackdown on dissent 10:04 – Individual acts of rebellion 13:51 – Partial mobilisation 16:20 – Russia’s mass exodus 23:06 – The future of Russian rebellion


News: Ukraine & Russia Military Moves, Letter Bombs In Spain, Croatia

December 2, 2022: The pullback by Ukraine’s military in the south of the country. Also, letter bombs sent to high profile targets in Spain. Croatia becomes the 20th member of the Euro Zone.