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News: China Ups Online Censorship, New $60 Cap On Russian Oil, U.N.-Taliban

December 5, 2022: China boosts online censorship and surveillance following zero-covid policy protests. G-7 sets $60 crude oil cap on Russian oil. United Nations representatives meet with the Taliban.

News: World Leaders At U.N., Israel & Turkey Ties Restored, Trump Probe

The UN General Assembly begins against the backdrop of Russia’s war in Ukraine. Will progress be achieved? Plus: Israel and Turkey’s rapprochement, the latest on the investigation of Donald Trump, Switzerland’s defence deal for F-35 fighter jets and a report from Pitti Fragranze in Florence.

News: Trump FBI Search, U.N. & Turkey Leaders In Ukraine, Mexico Violence

A Florida judge has given the Justice Department a week to decide what to make public regarding the search of former President Trump’s home.

The UN secretary general met with the presidents’ of Ukraine and Turkey in Lviv, Ukraine. A wave of violence in Mexico kept Tijuana residents at home after a cartel allegedly called for a curfew.

Morning News: U.N. Chief In Moscow, U.S. Diplomats Return, Musk Buys Twitter

As UN chief António Guterres heads to Moscow, we give you the latest on his meeting with Vladimir Putin. Plus: US diplomats begin to return to Ukraine, Elon Musk strikes a deal to buy Twitter and a round-up of the latest news from the Nordic region.

Morning News: U.S. Voting Reform, Afghanistan Aid Appeal, Djokovic Visa Row

We discuss Joe Biden’s attempts to push through voting reform, which he describes as ‘the biggest test of America’s democracy since the civil war’. Plus: the UN’s aid appeal for Afghanistan and Novak Djokovic’s visa row.

Views: Global Population Projections By Year 2100

Climate Change: “Don’t Choose Extinction” (U.N.)

A visitor to the United Nations General Assembly has a message about climate change, telling us government-supported fossil fuel subsidies will prove disastrous to our species. The computer-animated Frankie the Dinosaur (voiced by actor Jack Black) stars in this message produced by the U.N. Development Program as part of its “Don’t Choose Extinction” campaign, timed to the COP-26 climate conference in Glasgow.

Climate Science: Young People Voice Concerns Onboard The COP26 Train

Last weekend, hundreds of young people boarded a specially chartered train in Amsterdam to travel to Glasgow ahead of the United Nations COP26 climate summit.

Among them were scientists, activists and policy makers. In a Nature Podcast special, we boarded the train to catch up with some of them – to talk about their science, their motivations and their message.