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Morning News: Finland Looks To NATO, Abortion Rights, Las Vegas Violence

Finland wants to join NATO; the country has a long border with Russia and has remained neutral in wartime since WWII.

The White House faces pressure to protect abortion rights nationwide after legislation failed in the US Senate. And Las Vegas faces a series of violent school incidents involving both students and parents.

Morning News: Biden To Visit Poland, Elections In Malta, Fashion World

Joe Biden heads to Poland to address Russia’s war on Ukraine. Plus: a look ahead to Malta’s parliamentary elections, top stories from the fashion world and Andrew Mueller’s unique assessment of what we’ve learned over the past seven days.

Morning News: NATO Allies Gather, Eastern Europe, Belgrade-Budapest By Rail

We’ll have the latest as Biden and European allies gather in Brussels for a high-stakes Nato summit. Plus, Estonia calls for Nato to build up a permanent force in Eastern Europe, a flick through today’s papers, and Monocle’s Balkans correspondent, Guy De Launey, boards the Belgrade-Budapest railway.

Morning News: NATO’s Resurgence, Italy Elects A President, Nuns On TikTok

Our correspondent speaks with Jens Stoltenberg, NATO’s secretary-general, who says the alliance’s involvement in de-escalating Russia tensions is a sign of its resurgent relevance.

After tortuous votes, Italy’s lawmakers elected a president: the incumbent who did not want the job. No posts have changed, but the political balance surely has. And we meet the nuns racking up followers on TikTok. 

Morning News: Russia’s NATO Demands, Future Of Work, Garlic In Cuba

This week’s flurry of diplomacy aims to address what Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, says he wants. He cannot get it. Does an invasion of Ukraine hang in the balance? 

At an annual jamboree of economists our correspondent finds an unusual focus on the future—in particular the future of home working. And why Cuba has an enormous trade in grey-market garlic.

News Analysis: Glasgow Climate Summit, Turkey’s Patriarch & Bollywood

A selection of three essential articles read aloud from the latest issue of The Economist. This week why the COP26 climate summit will be both disappointing—and crucial; the autumn of a patriarch in Turkey (11:23); and our Banyan columnist on the BJP’s battle with Bollywood (18:47).