Art & Design: ‘Aerial Roots’ Galerie Philia, Cote d’Azur

Galerie Philia is proud to announce its summer exhibition taking place in two villas designed by Jean Nouvel and commissioned by Rivere Group on the luxurious Cote d’Azur. Villa Maeterlinck in Nice and villa in St Jean Cap Ferrat, both are perfectly integrated into the landscape and boast terrace gardens in front of wide private sea views on the Mediterranean.

Tillandsias in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat and Monsteras in Nice were planted by Jean Nouvel as an ode to their aerian roots. This specific fauna is in complete harmony with the asesthetic of the influential architect whose innovative aerian principle transforms buildings into dematerialized natural environments. Set in a mesmerizing atmosphere, between the breath-taking coast and the unassuming minimalism of Nouvel, Galerie Philia enhances this dialogue between the aesthetic of the architecture and its natural surroundings.

The concept of aerian roots is in the heart of the scenography of Galerie Philia as transcultural art and design works were selected for the plural and complex aesthetic and national identities they convey. Completed in 2015 and placed right by the famous Maeterlinck Palace, Villa Maeterlink is carved into the rock. Situated just by the waterfront, all of the rooms in the villa have a full view of the sea, with a living room spanning 40m2 without posts (cantilevered).

Set in a grand plot of 8600 m2, the entire house is made to measure including the stainless steel ceilings, light fixtures, and inox surfaces along with a multitude of special details that make this a truly unique place. The space breaths at all times thanks to the sliding partitions that were built in a studied way to dissipate the boundary between interior and exterior in this house that opens to the sea, and the stainless steel ceiling of the house allows one to see the sea at all times.

Blending with the unique and entirely customized architecture of Jean Nouvel, Galerie Philia’s elegant collection of sculptural design and art dresses these villas in a new look and create stunning vistas, transforming them into a living and breathing homes. The gardens and the interior of both villas are united by a harmonious scenography and become a reflection of the lightness of Nouvel’s aesthetic. The exhibition features unique pieces by Frederic Saulou, Andrés Monnier, Arno Declercq, Jojo Corväiá, Rick Owens, Elsa Foulon, Jan Ernst and many more designers represented by Galerie Philia.

The hand-carved stone firepit of Andres Monnier creates a radiant atmosphere in the patio with the ravishing views of plants as Gerard Kuijpers’ Dancing Stones move with the breeze from the mediterranean. Arno Declercq’s unique daybed accommodates a relaxing environment in the cozy living space and Jörg Pietschmann’s solid oak unique bench invites one to enjoy the monstera haven. The Revue Eclipse collaborated with Galerie Philia on the fine art selection, and internationally known artists will be exhibited such as Sam Szafran, Flora Temnouche, Edgar Sarin, Manuel Merida, Francisco Salazar, Jörg Kratz and Mateo Revillo.

Architectural Tours: New York’s Greenwich Village

Architectural Digest takes you to New York City for an insightful walking tour of Greenwich Village with architect Nicholas Potts. From jazz clubs and coffee shops to the dramatic arch at Washington Square Park and the landmark buildings on Waverly Place, “The Village” continues to exist at the nexus of New York’s past, present, and future.

Come along with Nick as he explores the architectural details hidden in plain sight. Check out Nicholas Potts here:

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America First

Angelo Codevilla’s final critique of our ruling class’s corruption… by Carnes Lord

America’s Rise and Fall among Nations: Lessons in Statecraft from John Quincy Adams is an extraordinary book by an extraordinary man. Angelo Codevilla, a senior fellow of the Claremont Institute, died in an automobile accident last year near his northern California vineyard. He was a first-generation immigrant, born in Italy, who shared with so many from a similar background a fierce love for his adopted homeland. A political scientist with far-ranging interests in comparative politics, international relations and strategic studies, and political philosophy, Codevilla also served in the United States government as a diplomat, naval officer, and congressional staffer.

Walking Tour: Merseburg In Northeastern Germany

Merseburg, city, Saxony-Anhalt Land (state), eastern Germany. It lies on the left bank of the Saale River, just south of Halle. Founded about 800 as a frontier fortress against the Slavs, it was a favourite residence of the German kings Henry I the Fowler (d. 936), Otto I, and Henry II.

It was the seat of a bishop from 968 until the Reformation (1561) and was chartered in 1188. It passed to Saxony in 1561 and was captured (1631) by the Swedes in the Thirty Years’ War. The residence of the dukes of Saxe-Merseburg from 1656 to 1738, it passed to Prussia in 1815. It was heavily bombed in World War II.

Merseburg’s most notable buildings are the imposing castle (1480–89) and the cathedral, begun in 1015 and dating mainly from the 13th and 16th centuries. Today there is a technical university (now part of Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg) in Merseburg. The city’s industries include aluminum foil production. 

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Architect’s Tour: Casa Mia In City Beach, Australia

Offering a playful rendition of the familiar sustainable narrative, Casa Mia enables residents to experience life inside a dream house. Crafted by Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects in collaboration with Caroline Di Costa Architect, the residence uses brickwork to convey a liberating message.

Video timeline: 00:00 – Introduction to Casa Mia 00:28 – High-Density Living 01:11 – A Playful Space 01:53 – Providing a Presence and Privacy 02:13 – Sustainable Brickwork 03:08 – Love and Appreciation for Brickworks 03:39 – Historic and Ancient Japanese Architecture 04:25 – Utilising Unfinished Materials 05:00 – Sustainable Design 05:47 – The Architect’s Favourite Aspects of the House

Located on the Ocean Mia Estate in City Beach, Casa Mia is an architect’s own home, sitting in contrast to the built context. Constructed from carefully positioned brickwork with spaces between bricks at its edge, the dream house juxtaposes the rectilinear forms of the surrounding buildings, presenting a dynamic profile of surprising lightness.

Liaising with Brickworks, Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects both inheres the project with a sense of sustainability and makes the concept legible as a prominent feature of the architect’s own home. Brickworks enables its products to be applied to the dream house in their uncut state – an atypical usage – in order to minimise waste. Every brick of the dream house is locally sourced and exhibits colours reminiscent of the earthy natural landscape. Inspired by Japanese architecture, Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects employs fully-glazed bricks around particular openings.

The bricks bounce sunlight into the depths of the home, allowing the residents to save energy where possible. Although Casa Mia represents the weight of responsibility architects have towards the environment, it also presents this responsibility as beneficial. Iredale Pederson Hook Architects and Caroline Di Costa Architect craft a dream house that rejoices in its sustainability, utilising the colour and texture of brick to suggest a playful variation of an architect’s own home.

Green Design: Villa Hotel On Ishigaki Island, Japan

Japanese architecture practice Sou Fujimoto Architects has revealed design for a villa hotel that features an undulating green roof, offering sweeping views on Japan’s Ishigaki Island.

Designed for a Japanese hospitality brand Not A Hotel, the brand’s new vacation homes are set to be built to offer various rentable holiday homes in multiple locations across Japan. 

Fujimoto’s holiday home is located on a tranquil Ishigaki Island, which is 11 minutes by car from New Ishigaki Airport. The vacation home, which gently connects to the earth, is offered visitors who want to spend a quiet time on the island.

Sou Fujimoto reveals villa hotel with undulating roof offering sweeping views on Ishigaki Island

Sou Fujimoto Architects‘ design, made of a circular-shaped structure and a bowl-shaped hilly courtyard, is envisioned like “a small paradise, offering a revelatory experience of earth.”

The circular holiday home on the vast grounds was designed without a front and back façade to be able to offer an uninterrupted views towards its surrounding. 

Sou Fujimoto reveals villa hotel with undulating roof offering sweeping views on Ishigaki Island

“The architecture, which has a vague boundary between the inside and outside and is connected to the earth, is equipped with a living-dining room overlooking the sea and four separate bedrooms that can accommodate up to 10 people,” stated the project’s website. 

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Resort Walk: Dufweholms Herrgård In Sweden (4K)

Dufweholms Herrgård is a romantic manor hotel located just outside Katrineholm. 

Katrineholm is a locality and the seat of Katrineholm Municipality, Södermanland County, Sweden with 24,271 inhabitants in 2018. It is located in the inland of Södermanland and is the third largest urban area in the county after Eskilstuna and county seat Nyköping.

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A Commerce Department-led process that reviews U.S. tech exports to the country approves almost all requests and has overseen an increase in sales of some particularly important technologies, according to an analysis of trade data.

Garland Weighed Mar-a-Lago Search for Weeks

Attorney General Merrick Garland deliberated for weeks over whether to approve the application for a warrant to search former President Donald Trump’s Florida home, people familiar with the matter said.