Preview: New Scientist Magazine – August 13, 2022


In this week’s issue: How the healing power of silence can improve our mental and physical health.

  • FEATURES – What Earth’s mysterious infancy tells us about the origins of life
  • FEATURES – The power of quiet: The mental and physical health benefits of silence
  • FEATURES – 5 mind-bending numbers that could reveal the secrets of the universe
  • NEWS – How weevils have become weapons in UK’s fight against invasive plants

Cover Previews: Science Magazine – August 12, 2022


Death’s-head moths correct course based on an internal “compass,” a new study finds, revealing insights into how insects traverse such long distances during seasonal migrations.

Scientists scramble to set up monkeypox vaccine trials

Logistical and ethical challenges are complicating the design of efficacy studies

Harassment researchers decry proposed reporting rule

U.S. Title IX law update requiring mandatory reporting of sexual misconduct would cause harm, they say

Star’s midlife crisis illuminates our Sun’s history—and future

Long magnetic lull mimics Maunder Minimum, when sunspots largely disappeared 400 years ago

Star marine ecologist guilty of misconduct, university says

University of Delaware finding vindicates whistleblowers

Webb reveals early universe’s galactic bounty

Star formation after the big bang appears much faster than models had forecast

Read that research and more this week in Science.

Preview: The Economist Magazine – August 13, 2022

Target: Taiwan

Target: Taiwan

Cover Preview: Nature Magazine – August 11, 2022

Volume 608 Issue 7922

Swiss Views: 60-Mile Hike In Interlaken-Jungfrau Area

Spent 4 days hiking 60 miles outside of Interlaken’s Jungfrau region of the Swiss Alps.

Video timeline: 00:00 Intro 07:01 Day 1 – Interlaken to Schynige Platte 11:42 Day 2 – Bachalpsee to Grindelwald 22:26 Day 3 – Eigergletscher to Lauterbrunnen 29:20 Day 4 – Murren to Interlaken 32:30 Outro

The Jungfrau Region (German: Jungfrauregion) is a region of the Bernese Oberland, at the foot of the Bernese Alps. It consists of two valleys south of Interlaken: that of Grindelwald and that of Lauterbrunnen, both drained by the Lütschine.

The Jungfrau Region is named after the highest mountain in the area: the Jungfrau. It is also notably dominated by the Eiger and Mönch. It is a major tourist destination in Switzerland and the Alps, renowned for its mountains and lakes (in particular Lake Thun and Lake Brienz). Both valleys are served by several railways: the Bernese Oberland Railway, the Wengernalp Railway and the Jungfrau Railway. The region also includes numerous cable transports and other facilities.

Tours: 1961 Gentleman’s Yacht ‘CAMARA C’ (105 Feet)

CAMARA C is a stunning gentleman’s yacht for charter that opens cruising grounds other boats can only dream of. She recently completed an extensive refit in 2021 giving back her former glory from 1961. The yacht now calls Phuket home.

At 32M/105’ in length, CAMARA C offers accommodation for up to 12 guests in 6 suites. The bed configuration includes 1 king, 3 queen, 1 double, and 2 singles. Thanks to her unique floor plan allowing separation between the guests and the crew areas, you will benefit from great privacy during your charter journey. Find out more info here:

Preview: Times Literary Supplement – Aug 12, 2022


Shared intelligence

How British and American secret services have collaborated

By Richard Norton-Taylor

Contemporary philosophy|Book Review

The truth is out there

Do different perspectives lead to scientific progress?

By David Papineau

Natural history|Book Review

If we only had eyes to see

The extraordinary variety of animals’ sensory worlds

By Charles Foster

Diaries|Book Review

Monks and bones

Dora Wordsworth’s journal of her father’s German tour

By Frances Wilson

Headlines: Trump’s Legal Woes, The Future Of Apple iPhone, French Mustard

Donald Trump endured an FBI raid, questioning in a civil lawsuit and an adverse court ruling, all in 48 hours.

But at least in the short-term, he’s making political hay from his legal woes. Why Apple’s future increasingly rests on services rather than just hardware. And how France is coping with a mustard shortage.

Front Page: Wall Street Journal – August 11, 2022


FBI Quest for Trump Documents Started With Breezy Chats, Tour of a Crowded Closet

In June, the FBI asked for a stronger lock to be installed on a Mar-a-Lago door, behind which were government records. Then, relations between the FBI and the former president’s associates went downhill.5 min read

Ukraine Seeks to Squeeze Russian Troops as It Girds for Battle for Kherson

Kyiv is building forces outside Kherson, even as larger battles continue in the eastern region of Donbas, under a strategy that suggests growing confidence.66 min read