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News: Macron’s ‘Taiwan Stance’ Backlash, Ethiopia Unrest, IMF Bank Warning

The Globalist, April 12, 2023: Emmanuel Macron confronts hecklers on a state visit to the Netherlands to present his vision for Europe’s future, as his comments on Taiwan spark international outrage.

Plus: unrest in Ethiopia, the cities introducing tourism taxes and the Spanish restaurant set to reopen as a museum.


News: Exposing Russian War Crimes, Taiwan’s Ma Claims ‘We Are All Chinese’

March 29, 2023: We give you the latest from Ukraine as expectations of a counteroffensive against Russian positions mount.

Also in the program: Taiwan’s former president Ma Ying-jeou claims, “We are all Chinese,” during a historic visit to China. Plus: Russia’s plan to place nuclear weapons in its submarines in the Pacific and the second Summit for Democracy, an initiative launched by Joe Biden.

News: Taiwan’s Ma Ying-Jeou Visits China, French Protests, Tiktok Concerns

March 27, 2023: Taiwan’s former president Ma Ying-jeou visits China. Plus: the latest on the civil unrest in France with Agnès Poirier, Josh Cowls on the Tiktok controversy and a look ahead to Monocle’s April issue.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

Opinion: Avoiding War In Taiwan, Mystery Of Dead Britons, Office Irritations

March 13, 2023: A selection of three essential articles read aloud from the latest issue of The Economist. This week, how to avoid war over Taiwan, the mystery of 250,000 dead Britons (9:50) and the small consolations of office irritations (18:20).

Previews: The Economist Magazine – March 11, 2023


The Economist – March 11, 2023 issue

How to avoid war over Taiwan

A superpower conflict would shake the world

Europe is witnessing its bloodiest cross-border war since 1945, but Asia risks something even worse: conflict between America and China over Taiwan. Tensions are high, as American forces pivot to a new doctrine known as “distributed lethality” designed to blunt Chinese missile attacks. Last week dozens of Chinese jets breached Taiwan’s “air defence identification zone”. This week China’s foreign minister condemned what he called America’s strategy of “all-round containment and suppression, a zero-sum game of life and death”.

A stubbornly strong economy complicates the fight against inflation

Higher interest rates are not sufficiently slowing global growth

Emmanuel Macron’s vision of a more muscular Europe is coming true

But his allies disagree on its strategies and goals

Opinion: Taiwan-China-U.S. War Prevention, Germany Awakened, British Gloom

A selection of three essential articles read aloud from the latest issue of The Economist. This week, how to prevent a war between America and China over Taiwan, thanks to Vladimir Putin, Germany has woken up (10:20), and Britain’s summer of discontent (18:40).

Morning News: Ukraine On Alert, China & Taiwan, NASA Space Telescope

We get the latest from Kyiv on the crisis in Ukraine and discuss the fallout from Chinese military incursions in Taiwanese airspace. Plus: Nasa’s space telescope reaches its destination and we visit a haunted house in Istanbul.