Walks: Balboa Island In Southern California (4K)

Balboa Island is a harborside community located in Newport Beach, California, accessible to the public via bridge, ferry and several public docks. The community is surrounded by a paved concrete boardwalk open to pedestrian traffic, designated as a public walking trail by the city.

Originally a sandbar, Balboa Island was built between 1905 and 1913 by developer William S. Collins. It’s a small community with just 3,000 residents, but on weekends and holidays it comes alive as a day trip destination for Southern Californians. With abundant boutiques and restaurants, there are plenty of things to do on Balboa Island.  

Village Walks: Capalbio In Grosseto, Western Italy

Capalbio, in the province of Grosseto, is called the small Athens, due to its position and the historical and artistic importance assumed in the Renaissance era. Located in the south of Tuscany, Capalbio stands on a hill covered by the typical Maremma scrub. The municipality was awarded with the 5 sails and it is in first place in the Blue Guide for the reception and quality of its area.

Video Timeline: 0:00 – [Drone intro] 3:00 – [Walking tour begins / Start at Piazza Giordano⛲] 4:50 – [Porta Senese (Siena Gate)☀️🏰] 6:20 – [History of Capalbio…more later…at 11:10] 9:34 – [Piazza Magenta⛲] 11:00 – [Panorama and tour around the walls👣] 11:10 – [📋𝗕𝗿𝗶𝗲𝗳 𝗛𝗶𝘀𝘁𝗼𝗿𝘆📋] 14:50 – [Via delle Campane (Bells’ Alley)] 20:30 – [Piazza della Chiesa (Church Square)] 21:40 – [Aldobrandini Castle / Collacchioni Palace🏰] 22:10 – [Church of St.Nicola – *tour inside*☀️⛪] 26:10 – [D’Annunzio’s poem of Capalbio🎼] 27:50 – [Northern Gate🏰] 28:35 – […touring the narrow medieval alleys of Capalbio…👣] 53:20 – [Walking along the walls – history of the walls☀️🏰] 1:01:00 – [☕️…some relax after this beautiful walk!…minutes of Ambient Sounds☕️]

Its history is closely connected to the Tre Fontane Castle of Rome, which today dominates the valley below. The different and characteristic neighboring hamlets make the village very famous. All small and characteristic, some of the hamlets are also known for the wonderful beaches, which offer numerous services and are suitable for families with children and for young people looking for fun.

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Walking Tour: Toulouse In Southern France (4K)

Toulouse, capital of France’s southern Occitanie region, is bisected by the Garonne River and sits near the Spanish border. It’s known as La Ville Rose (‘The Pink City’) due to the terra-cotta bricks used in many of its buildings. Its 17th-century Canal du Midi links the Garonne to the Mediterranean Sea, and can be traveled by boat, bike or on foot. 

New Campervan Reviews: The 2022 Hymer Venture S

When the Hymer Vision Venture concept car was unveiled at the Caravan Salon 2019, the traditional motorhome manufacturer from Bad Waldsee presented a bold response to current and future trends in the industry and revealed how motorhomes might look in 2025. That vision is now becoming reality as Hymer celebrates the market launch of the new Venture S.

It’ll be hard to find a report or blog article about the world’s largest caravaning fair without a mention of the dark green camper van. The latest proof of Hymer’s pioneering spirit and innovative strength is breaking new ground – but not only in terms of layout and design: In addition, 20 innovative materials from the company’s cooperative partner BASF are proof of the unwavering future orientation of the technology leader for motorhomes.

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World Economic Forum: Top Stories Of The Week

World Economic Forum top stories of the week for August 26, 2022 include: 0.15 Google’s Robot has thought itself how to follow your command 02.12 Video Voyage into Deep Space 03:22 Ants do a better job at protecting crops than pesticides 04:52 Drought has revealed several long lost relics to the world

Home Design: ‘Wyoming House’ In Kew, Australia

Embodying a specific set of client stipulations, Wyoming is a modernist-inspired home with innate flexibility. Crafted by Inarc Architects, the open plan residence exceeds expectations for a house of its kind. Located in the Victorian suburb of Kew, in close proximity to the Yarra River,

Video Timeline: 00:00 – The Local Project’s Print Publication 00:14 – Introduction to Wyoming 00:55 – A Walkthrough Wyoming 01:11 – Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works Plan from 1911 01:29 – Sticking to A Strict Brief 02:14 – Matching Old to New 02:50 – Interior Lighting 03:21 – Creating A Gallery Space 04:12 – Adopting Modernist Principles 04:50 – Inarc’s Favourite Aspects of Wyoming 05:42 – Subscribe to The Local Project’s Print Publication

Wyoming stands as a rejuvenated dwelling. Originally built in 1911, the settlement of the modernist-inspired home proposes the unique experience of feeling close to the city whilst accessing the countryside lifestyle. The clients requested that the modernist-inspired home include areas for entertaining. To this end, Inarc Architects reimagines the original front rooms of the house as entertainment spaces which flow to the modern addition. In response to the clients’ passion for the outdoors,

Inarc Architects reinforces the sense of privacy attached to the garden space. An old hedge on the northern boundary is replaced by one of a similar style, exuding a sense of visual protection. Aesthetically, the modernist-inspired home champions white, as per the client’s request. White honed granite floors combine with classic Italian carrara to establish the limited colour palette.

Benefitting from meticulous spatial planning – both indoors and out – Wyoming offers a flowing, effortless living experience. Inarc Architects answers the clients’ requests with rigour, resulting in a highly-personal, modernist-inspired home.

Preview: ‘Frozen Planet II’ With David Attenborough

Global superstar Camila Cabello and legendary composer Hans Zimmer have teamed up on their new track ‘Take Me Back Home’ for the first look at #FrozenPlanet2. And yes, Sir David Attenborough will be back!

Singer-songwriter Camila Cabello and Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer have joined forces to write a new song for “Frozen Planet II.” The new track will be featured in the debut extended trailer for the highly-anticipated David Attenborough-narrated series.

A sequel to the 2011 series, “Frozen Planet II” is a six-episode journey through Earth’s icy regions including the North and South poles, produced by BBC Studios’ Natural History Unit. The collaboration on “Take Me Back Home” marks the first time a new song has been written to support a BBC One natural history show.