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Is That Popular Diet Plan a Healthy Choice?

Some attention and planning may be necessary to ensure popular diet plans provide enough of all the nutrients you need.

  • SPECIAL REPORT: Small Amounts of Physical Activity Can Have Big Benefits
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  • FEATURED RECIPE: Hummus and Veggie Wraps
  • ASK TUFTS EXPERTS: Activated charcoal; oatmeal vs. oat bran

Walking Tours: Volterra In West Tuscany, Italy (4K)

Volterra is a walled town southwest of Florence, in Italy. The central Palazzo dei Priori has medieval frescoes and a bell tower with expansive views. Volterra Cathedral has a marble entrance and a gilded coffered ceiling. Nearby are the remains of the Etruscan Acropolis. The Guarnacci Etrurian Museum has a rich collection of archaeological artifacts. The Roman Theater complex includes the ruins of 3rd-century baths. 

Video timeline: 0:00 – [Brief intro] 1:15 – [Walking tour begins / Piazza dei Priori] 3:20 – [Palazzo dei Priori☀️🏰] 9:50 – [Piazza San Giovanni⛲] 11:40 – [Chapel Addolorata – *tour inside*⛪] 18:30 – […back to Piazza dei Priori…⛲] 19:20 – [Medieval Show…To see the FULL Show skip to 02:31:00 📸🎼] 27:00 – [Cloister of the Cathedral of St.Maria Assunta – *tour inside*⛪] 32:30 – [Piazza San Giovanni⛲] 37:30 – [Baptistry of St.John – *tour inside*☀️⛪] 46:20 – [Cathedral of St.Maria Assunta – *tour inside*☀️⛪] 58:40 – [Piazzetta dei Fornelli⛲] 59:30 – [Via Orto Tondo] 59:40 – [📋𝗕𝗿𝗶𝗲𝗳 𝗛𝗶𝘀𝘁𝗼𝗿𝘆📋] 1:02:20 – [Vicolo del Mandorlo] 1:04:50 – [Via Francesco da Volterra] 1:05:50 – [Via San Filippo] 1:08:40 – [Via della Pietraia] 1:10:30 – [Vicolo dei Belladonna] 1:11:50 – [Church of San Cristoforo – *tour inside*☀️⛪] 1:14:00 – [Vicolo Chinzica] 1:15:50 – [Church of Madonna del Gabellino – *tour inside*☀️⛪] 1:17:20 – [Ancient Roman Baths🏛] 1:18:10 – [Via San Felice] 1:20:50 – [Via San Lino] 1:21:40 – [Church of St.Lino – *tour inside*☀️⛪] 1:25:10 – [Church of St.Francis – *tour inside*☀️⛪] 1:27:20 – [Cappella della Croce di Giorno☀️] 1:32:20 – [Porta San Francesco (St.Francis Gate)🏛] 1:34:20 – [Via Ripetta] 1:35:40 – [Porta San Felice (St.Felice Gate)🏛] 1:38:25 – [Panoramic Point⛺] 1:41:10 – [Via Lungo le Mura (along the wall alley)] 1:44:25 – [Porta all’Arco (Gate of the Arch)☀️🏛] 1:45:25 – [Via Porta all’Arco] 1:50:00 – [Piazza Martiri della Libertà⛲] 1:50:50 – [Via di Castello] 1:52:10 – [Via Giacomo Matteotti] 1:55:50 – [Via A.Gramsci] 2:00:00 – [Parrocchia della Cattedrale Church – *tour inside*⛪] 2:02:00 – [Piazza XX Settembre⛲] 2:02:30 – [Panorama on Volterra⛺] 2:05:30 – [Church of St.Augustine☀️⛪] 2:09:20 – [Porta Marconi (Marconi Gate)🏛] 2:12:00 – [Via Don Giovanni Minzoni] 2:15:50 – [Medici Fortress☀️🏰] 2:19:30 – [Porta a Selci (A Selci Gate)🏛] 2:20:40 – […a little far to the north… walking near Porta Fiorentina (Florence Gate)] 2:23:45 – [Church of St.Michael Archangel – *tour inside*☀️⛪] 2:26:10 – [Piazzetta San Michele⛲] 2:27:10 – [Via dei Sarti] 2:28:00 – [Viti Palace☀️🏰] 2:28:50 – [Via delle Prigioni (Prisons’ Alley)] 2:30:45 – [☕️📸🎼… the Medieval Show in Volterra! …☕️📸🎼]

Aerial Views: Curieuse Island In The Seychelles

Curieuse Island is a small granitic island 1.13 sq mi in the Seychelles close to the north coast of the island of Praslin. Curieuse is notable for its bare red earth intermingled with the unique coco de mer palms, one of the cultural icons of the Seychelles, only growing on the two neighboring islands.

Evolution: How Nature Is Adapting To Urban Sprawl

It’s a new and surprising chapter in the theory of evolution. According to recent studies, it’s in our cities, of all places, that animals and plants adapt particularly quickly to changing living conditions.

Nature’s response to the spread of cities is astonishing: Why do catfish in the river of a French city systematically prey on urban pigeons on the banks? Why do female birds on a university campus in California suddenly change their mating behavior? How do mice in New York’s Central Park cope with an altered diet of human food waste? How have killifish in the Atlantic built up resistance to deadly chemical waste?

And, is it possible for moths to adapt to nighttime light pollution? New research provides surprising new insights into Darwin’s theory of evolution. Nowhere else do animals and plants adapt so quickly to new living conditions as in cities. Biologists have long known that animals and plants occupy new habitats in the vicinity of humans.

But now, new genetic analyses show that these adaptations are accompanied by significant changes in DNA. Even more surprising: these evolutionary changes have not occurred over periods of millennia, but within just a few decades. The process has amazed scientists, who watch as nature transforms even our most hostile man-made interventions — pollution, light pollution, noise, garbage and dense development — into creative energy for new adaptations. Some researchers believe that our cities may soon develop their own, brand-new life forms. What are the implications of these developments for the balance between humans and nature on our planet?

Harvests: Peppers Turn A Serbian Village ‘Crimson’

Donja Lokosnica is an unassuming agricultural village in Serbia. That is until it’s time for the annual pepper harvest, where around 250 out of 280 households in the village engage in growing the crimson crop. The sweet peppers are the lifeblood of the small village that produces 60,000 tons of peppers a year.

To learn more about how the Serbian farmers turn the quaint village a rich red, tune in brand new episodes of Europe From Above. Thursdays at 8pm, on National Geographic UK

Architect’s Tour: Toorak Residence In Melbourne

Approached with experience and discernment, Toorak Residence is an architectural dwelling with a considered interiority. Designed by Architecton, the luxury home embraces its context, enabling seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor space.

Video Timeline: 00:00 – The Local Project Print Publication 00:15 – Introduction to Architectural Toorak Residence 01:02 – The Levels and Layers of the Home 01:46 – Blurring the Lines Between Living and Landscape 02:30 – The Material Palette of the Architectural Home 03:15 – A Sculptural Champagne Cork 03:28 – Lighting Considerations 04:08 – A Range of Versatile Living Areas 04:44 – Ageing Like a Fine Champagne 05:13 – Subscribe to The Local Project Print Publication

Located in the affluent suburb of Toorak in close proximity to the Melbourne CBD, Toorak Residence is strong element in the impressive architectural environment. Marked externally by a bold sculpture, the home sits at over 1000 square metres and features three spacious levels. Arriving at Toorak Residence, the process of entry is elongated by carefully layered experiential details. Beyond the front gate lies an informal garden space – a tactile composition of pleasant greenery – which effortlessly navigates residents towards the main entrance. Stepping inside the architectural home, the material palette is intentionally restrained. Architecton champions concrete, natural stone, timber and glass as the ideal canvases for light and bases for architectural detail. Flowing out towards the landscape whilst internally welcoming sunlight, Toorak Residence does justice to the rigour of Artchitecton. A house tour reveals the architectural residence to be a peaceful dwelling, encouraging intuitive patterns of movement for superior living.

8K Views: The Landmarks & Landscapes Of Poland

Polandcountry of central Europe. Poland is located at a geographic  crossroads that links the forested lands of northwestern Europe to the sea lanes of the Atlantic Ocean and the fertile plains of the Eurasian frontier.

Video timeline: 0:00 intro 0:15 Green field in Sułoszowa 0:23 Wooden house cover by the ice 0:34 Tatra mountains 0:40 Odra river 0:45 Krakow Traffic 0:50 Warsaw at night 1:29 Castle ruins 1:33 Rocky mountain 1:43 Field in Sułoszowa 1:51 Stare miasto 2:02 Castle ruins 2:13 Krzyżtopór Castle 2:23 Turbines 2:30 Warsaw at night 2:44 Castle ruins 2:58 Pieskowa skala 3:06 Wawel castle 2:14 Green mountain 3:18 Old castle 3:28 warsaw time-lapse 3:33 Culture and Science 3:44 Nowy castle 3:53 Krakow 4:08 Poland warsaw 4:34 Odra river 4:51 Night warsaw 4:55 Tatra mountain 5:04 Zakopane 5:15 Turbine 5:26 Kazimierz Dolny 5:36 Old castle 5:46 Clock Tower 5:56 Wawel royal castle 6:06 Renaissance castle 6:17 Stare miasto 6:27 Stare miasto 6:43 Capital of poland 6:55 Modern downtown 7:05 Clock Tower 7:17 Krakow 7:27 Krakow 7:37 Aerial View 7:47 Skyscrapers 7:58 Clock Tower 8:07 Turbine 8:19 Nowy wisnicz 8:29 Castle 8:40 Wroclaw 8:52 Poland at night 9:13 Royal castle 9:32 Clock Tower 9:52 Skyscraper 10:04 Clock Tower

Now bounded by seven nations, Poland has waxed and waned over the centuries, buffeted by the forces of regional history. In the early Middle Ages, Poland’s small principalities and townships were subjugated by successive waves of invaders, from Germans and Balts to Mongols.

In the mid-1500s, united Poland was the largest state in Europe and perhaps the continent’s most powerful nation. Yet two and a half centuries later, during the Partitions of Poland (1772–1918), it disappeared, parceled out among the contending empires of RussiaPrussia, and Austria.

Previews: History Today Magazine – September 2022

September 2022

The Original Rock Star

200 years on from the deciphering of the most famous piece of rock in the world, what does reading the Rosetta Stone reveal?

Views: A Walking Tour Of Monaco (Summer 2022)

Monaco, French Principauté de Monacosovereign principality located along the Mediterranean Sea in the midst of the resort area of the Côte d’Azur (French Riviera). The city of Nice, France, lies 9 miles (15 km) to the west, the Italian border 5 miles (8 km) to the east. Monaco’s tiny territory occupies a set of densely clustered hills and a headland that looks southward over the Mediterranean. Many unusual features, however, have made Monaco among the most luxurious tourist resorts in the world and have given it a fame far exceeding its size.

News: Trump FBI Search, U.N. & Turkey Leaders In Ukraine, Mexico Violence

A Florida judge has given the Justice Department a week to decide what to make public regarding the search of former President Trump’s home.

The UN secretary general met with the presidents’ of Ukraine and Turkey in Lviv, Ukraine. A wave of violence in Mexico kept Tijuana residents at home after a cartel allegedly called for a curfew.