City Guide: Top Things To Do In Vilnius, Lithuania

This is not for people with a fear of heights: Join DW reporter Axel Primavesi on the observation deck of the Vilnius TV tower! But before Axel looks down from a height of 170 meters onto the capital of Lithuania, he will introduce you to Cathedral Square and a typical Lithuanian specialty, Šaltibarščiai.

Florida Design: Building The Salvador Dali Museum

The challenges of redesigning the Dali museum in Florida were two-fold: deliver an iconic design befitting of its subject, and defy conventional building methods to make it strong enough to withstand a hurricane. The result: a landmark structure, as enduring as the work of the great artist himself.

The original Dalí Museum opened in St. Petersburg in 1982, after community leaders rallied to bring the Morses’ superlative collection of Dalí works to the area. The Dalí’s stunning new building opened on January 11, 2011. Designed by architect Yann Weymouth of HOK, it combines the rational with the fantastical: a simple rectangle with 18-inch thick hurricane-proof walls out of which erupts a large free-form geodesic glass bubble known as the “enigma”.

The Enigma, which is made up of 1,062 triangular pieces of glass, stands 75 feet at its tallest point, a twenty-first century homage to the dome that adorns Dalí’s museum in Spain. Inside, the Museum houses another unique architectural feature – a helical staircase – recalling Dalí’s obsession with spirals and the double helical shape of the DNA molecule.

Previews: The Atlantic Magazine – December 2022


The Atlantic – December 2022 Issue:

“Monuments to the Unthinkable”––In Cover Story, Clint Smith Reports from Germany on What the U.S. Can Learn about Atonement

Questions of public memory—“specifically how people, communities, and nations should account for the crimes of their past”—animate the work of the Atlantic staff writer, author, and poet Clint Smith.

Perspectives: Harper’s Magazine – December 2022


Harper’s Magazine, December 2022 – Should we be Rooting for the Apocalypse? Rachel Kushner on Timothée Chalamet’s Cannibal Turn Sasha Frere-Jones Searches for Perfect Sound A Christmas Story by Kate DiCamillo And More.

Apocalypse Nowish

The sense of an ending


You Talkin’ to Me?

by Meghan O’Gieblyn

Martha Stewart Living

by Martha StewartChelsea Handler

His Folk Nation

by Darryl Pinckney

No Times Like the Present

A Forest of Berlin

by Brenda Coultas

The Art Of Architecture: ‘Santo By Th Sea’ (Vietnam)

“Santo by the Sea” was developed based on the idea of ​​​​the owner’s desire to have a Mediterranean Revival – Santorini architecture.

WA Awards 42nd Cycle is open for Votes until 4 December 2022

However, the difficulty when developing this style is that the doorways are very small and narrow as well as how to bring new modernity to the house. From that concept,

Santo by the Sea

Santo by the Sea is designed with large arched doorways to make the most of the beauty of the surrounding nature and bring natural light to the interior spaces.

SANTO by the Sea House / Pham Huu Son Architects - Exterior Photography, Windows

SANTO by the Sea House / Pham Huu Son Architects - Exterior Photography, Facade, Arch, Arcade

Views: Sugba Lagoon In Siargao, Philippines (4K)

Sugba Lagoon is a hidden gem and a must-visit when in Siargao, Philippines. It can be reached within less than an hour by boat from Siargao and is definitely worth a trip. This lagoon offers the most transparent and turquoise water, stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, and much more.

Nature: ‘Four Seasons In Yorkshire Dales’, England

The Yorkshire Dales is home to outstanding scenery, great castles, abbeys and a breathtakingly peaceful atmosphere. At its heart are two very special protected areas – Yorkshire Dales National Park  and  Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) – as well as it having the Forest of Bowland AONB and North Pennines AONB as its close neighbours. These protected areas are truly not to be missed.

“Yorkshire Dales, a home to 20000 people and 600000 sheep. The Dales is group of river valley in north England, each valley having its own character. This short film shows variety of seasons in the Dales and typical Yorkshire Dales landscape, such as drystone walls, wildflower meadows and limestone pavements.”

Filmed and Edited by: Alex William Helin

Music by Mark Petrie and Andrew Phrahlow, licensed from Audio Network. Sound effects are from Epidemic Sound.

Political Analysis: Trump’s Effect, Imagine Peace In Ukraine, Qatar World Cup

A selection of three essential articles read aloud from the latest issue of The Economist. This week, the Trump effect, (10:30) imagining peace in Ukraine and (18:00) should fans watch the World Cup in Qatar? 

Front Page: The New York Times – November 14, 2022


Democrats’ Senate Victory Hands Biden a Critical Guardrail Against the G.O.P.

Even a bare-minimum majority preserves Democrats’ ability to confirm President Biden’s nominees and would allow them to stop Republican legislation in its tracks should the G.O.P. win the House.

An Emboldened Biden Now Faces a Tough Choice About His Own Future

The president feels buoyant after the better-than-expected midterms. But as he nears his 80th birthday, he confronts a decision on whether to run in 2024 that has some Democrats uncomfortable.

Iran and China Use Private Detectives to Spy on Dissidents in America

The U.S. investigators are hired under false pretenses by authoritarian governments to do their “dirty work,” the F.B.I. says.