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Top 2019 Home Designs: WARchitect’s “HACHI Skyscape” In Thailand

 The project’s owner runs a 5-story apartment. In the past, the rooftop was only used to keep water tanks, leaving a lot of empty space. The owner, therefore, wished to build a small house there for his own use. The rooftop location is an interestingly unique context that sets this project apart from other housing designs. Instead of a normal ground, this house has a concrete courtyard. Trees are replaced with vertical lines of tall buildings in the Lat Phrao district. 

WARchitect The Hachi Skyscape Interior

WARchitect The Hachi Skyscape Kitchen InteriorOur idea was not to make this house feel like a building, but to free it from form. We wanted it to be just a borderless box that emerges out of nowhere in the sky, as if the thickness of the wall and roof were non-existent, but still able to make holes in the ceiling to install curtains, air conditioners, and embed lights. Our intention was to give an illusion to onlookers that the entire ceiling was in the same straight line even though we featured a drop ceiling and a slope that was intentionally used to make the wall and ceiling look thin.

To read more: https://www.facebook.com/pg/WARchitect.design/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2010327902589589&ref=page_internal

Top New Travel Videos: “The Golden Harvest” In North Vietnam (2019)

Filmed, Edited and Directed by: Dennis Schmelz

Beautiful golden rice terraces and green tea hills – welcome to North Vietnam. After a 10 hours car ride from Hanoi through the Vietnamese mountains I finally arrived at the beautiful rice terraces of Mu Cang Chai. The long journey was worth it – I’ve never seen something like this before. The rice has already colored from green to yellow and is ready for the harvest – glad that I made it to this place while the „golden season“.

The Golden Harvest In North Vietnam by Dennis Schmelz 2019

Website: https://dennisschmelz.de/index.php

Top New Travel Videos: “Colored Frame” By Christophe Hamon Features Thailand

Filmed, Edited and Directed by: Christophe Hamon

Colored Frame short travel film by Christophe Hamon 2019.JPG

Music by: Olafur Arnalds (“Happiness Does Not Wait”)

Thailand is a wondrous kingdom, featuring Buddhist temples, exotic wildlife, and spectacular islands. Along with a fascinating history and a unique culture…

Colored Frame short travel film by Christophe Hamon 2019

Dreaming of crossing this land with my family and friends for 3 weeks. Our adventure took us by train – boat – car – foot (a little bit), overnight boats between the south and north.

Colored Frame short travel film by Christophe Hamon 2019

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Christophefilmmaker