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Top Exhibitions: “Art Basel Miami Beach 2019” (Dec 3-8)

Art Basel Miami Beach 2019Over 200 of the world’s leading international Modern and contemporary art galleries display artworks  by over 4,000 artists, including paintings, sculptures, installations, photography, film, video, and digital art. Visitors can find works ranging from editioned pieces by young artists to museum-caliber masterpieces. 

Website: https://www.artbasel.com/miami-beach

Top Restaurants: “Joe’s Stone Crab” In Miami Is #1 Independent In Sales

From a RestaurantBusinessOnline.com release:

Joe's Stone Crab MiamiJoe’s Stone Crab in Miami Beach, Fla., is the top-grossing independent restaurant in the country, according to Restaurant Business’ annual ranking of the Top 100 Independents. In its first time in the top spot, the restaurant brought in more than $38 million in 2018.

Top Independent Restaurants in US

To read more: https://www.restaurantbusinessonline.com/top-100-independents-2019?year=2019&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiWlRZMU5tRXdOakJoTTJNMCIsInQiOiJtVHAzTWJoRFI5R3d0YWExNTAyUUs4Z3huZFpSa0NJTWs4TXFcL2R3azZodWo0QWxDaG9CMEs4Slh1dDFnd1BEd214OGhsRjdFXC9Lc21iZlFjSXN4ZTY1U3NlUkhWV1wvREExeFJZRVZhQWpBa1lyZytKbngrUUJuWWU5T1YwbmpiWiJ9