Architect’s Tour: Toorak Residence In Melbourne

Approached with experience and discernment, Toorak Residence is an architectural dwelling with a considered interiority. Designed by Architecton, the luxury home embraces its context, enabling seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor space.

Video Timeline: 00:00 – The Local Project Print Publication 00:15 – Introduction to Architectural Toorak Residence 01:02 – The Levels and Layers of the Home 01:46 – Blurring the Lines Between Living and Landscape 02:30 – The Material Palette of the Architectural Home 03:15 – A Sculptural Champagne Cork 03:28 – Lighting Considerations 04:08 – A Range of Versatile Living Areas 04:44 – Ageing Like a Fine Champagne 05:13 – Subscribe to The Local Project Print Publication

Located in the affluent suburb of Toorak in close proximity to the Melbourne CBD, Toorak Residence is strong element in the impressive architectural environment. Marked externally by a bold sculpture, the home sits at over 1000 square metres and features three spacious levels. Arriving at Toorak Residence, the process of entry is elongated by carefully layered experiential details. Beyond the front gate lies an informal garden space – a tactile composition of pleasant greenery – which effortlessly navigates residents towards the main entrance. Stepping inside the architectural home, the material palette is intentionally restrained. Architecton champions concrete, natural stone, timber and glass as the ideal canvases for light and bases for architectural detail. Flowing out towards the landscape whilst internally welcoming sunlight, Toorak Residence does justice to the rigour of Artchitecton. A house tour reveals the architectural residence to be a peaceful dwelling, encouraging intuitive patterns of movement for superior living.

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