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Previews: History Today Magazine – January 2023


History Today Magazine – January 2023 issue:

The Cold, Cold War

Throughout the 19th century, rival nations battled to conquer the poles. One explorer set out to establish an Arctic colony – or to get rich trying.

Roses are Red?

The Wars of the Roses saw some of the bloodiest months in English history, but winning on the battlefield did not necessarily mean winning the war.

Preview: History Today Magazine – December 2022

December issue

Inside December 2022 issue:

Age of Doubt: Saints and Sceptics

The medieval period was a golden age of saints and miracles, but they were met with a healthy dose of scepticism.

‘A Baptism of Blood’

Fighting for the Union in the US Civil War, Welsh soldiers discovered that the cost of assimilation was the loss of their native language.

Renaissance Wonder Women

To Renaissance audiences, the mythical Amazons were exotic, mysterious and revealed hidden truths about their own society.

Previews: History Today Magazine – September 2022

September 2022

The Original Rock Star

200 years on from the deciphering of the most famous piece of rock in the world, what does reading the Rosetta Stone reveal?

Preview: History Today Magazine – July 2022

A postcard from Casablanca, with an advertisment for absinthe, undated.


Under the Influence

Alcohol was part of daily life in the colonial Maghreb. In 1913 the French banned alcohol in Tunisia, revealing a deep distrust of local drinks and their Jewish and Muslim makers. 

Members of the Official IRA manning a barricade, the Bogside, Derry, April 1972.


An Irish Cuba?

During the worst year of the Troubles, the British government became alarmed at the implications of a Soviet embassy opening in Dublin.