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Architecture Tour Video: ‘Hotel MalisGarten’ In Austria, First 5-Star To Be Totally Made Of Wood

In Austria’s Zillertal region, the first 5-star hotel constructed out of solid wood has opened its doors. It’s an outstanding example of sustainable architecture, and was designed by renowned architect Matteo Thun.

Italian Estate Tour Video: ‘Villa Padronale Arezzo’

Just outside Arezzo, in a panoramic position with direct view over the historic center, beautiful manor villa with Italian garden and gatehouse. The villa and the gatehouse have been finely restored and offer a total of 11 bedrooms and 982 sqm of livable surface. The garden, elegant and well-maintained, is the ideal background for events, thanks to the beautiful view over Arezzo.

Italian Estate Video Tours: “Castello Torrito”, Umbria

In a very panoramic position in the municipality of Foligno, in the heart of Umbria, we find this beautiful medieval castle. The property, spanning over 500 sqm, currently offers a total of 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. A beautiful garden enclosed by the original walls is ideal for events and weddings and also features a finely restored private chapel. All around, 4.0 hectares of land complete the property.

Top Hotel Video Tours: “Hotel Splendido” In Portofino, Italy (2020)

Belmond Hotel Splendido is one of the most enchanting hotels in Portofino. Gaze across the rugged coastline, enjoying prime position above the bay. Delve into the spirit of irresistible glamour at the finest of all Italy resorts as you embrace all that’s best about the Ligurian Riviera.

Experience Italian dining at its best while making the most of the facilities at both our Portofino properties. Start the day with an invigorating motorboat ride or a soak in the saltwater swimming pool. End it with a candlelit dinner and a starlight stroll through the lush flower gardens.


Innovative Home Design: “K Valley House” In New Zealand (Video Tour)


A retreat for film makers.

The clients are a couple, a director and director of photography in the film industry, their jobs involve them filming on location for stretches of time. This house is the space to which they retreat between filming.

The site is 20 hectares of farmland on the Kauaeranga river in the valley of the same name, it stretches from high on the hillside to the river banks and includes a ridgeline which commands a panoramic view of the farmland below and the native bush on the opposite slopes of the valley.

The clients brief called for a response which engaged with the site in both a filmic as well as practical way, they live a life of self-sufficiency while on the land, including growing, animal husbandry and butchery. The clients spoke of materials that have a patina of age, of sustainability, of recycling and adaptive re-use, of provenance of materials.

Our response was to concentrate the small mass of building that the brief determined into a singular geometric form that could hold its own in the big landscape. We positioned the form straddling the ridgeline, engaged with the slope at the high end and floating above the land as it falls away. Drawing from the vernacular of rusty corrugated iron sheds prevalent in the district, we clad the form in a rainscreen of rusted corrugated iron sheets, a rural camouflage of sorts.

The building is made largely of recycled materials and fittings, which the clients procured over the duration of the build.


Italian Estate Video Tour: “Villa Orseola” In Positano

In the oldest part of Positano, slightly above the historical centre, near an antique church, ancient villa enjoying a beautiful panoramic view of the Amalfi coast and Capri. This aristocratic property (12 bedrooms in total, many with direct sea view) was originally built in 1741 on the ruins of Roman construction and has been recently carefully restored to a high standard and keeping its original magnificent distinctive features.

Travel Tour Video: “GRAND HOTEL Portovenere, Cique Terre, Italy” (2020)

Once upon a time, this historic building hosted the Convent of Saint Francis. Following careful renovation works, today it features a charming hotel with sea-view rooms, a Mediterranean restaurant and luxury services. Grand Hotel Portovenere overlooks the marina and the historic center of Porto Venere.


Italian Estate Video Tours: “Villa Antinori Di Monte Aguglioni” In Tuscany

This beautiful historic villa, located on a scenic position, on one of the hill tops on the left side of the river Arno, a few kilometres from Florence, is now for sale. Its beautiful facade appears on the label of a wine that has made the history of Chianti Classico in the world: we are talking about Villa Antinori Monte Aguglioni, belonged to one of the great families of the Tuscan wine tradition from the late 19th century until the middle of last century. This beautiful villa, located just 5 kilometers from Florence, is rich in history. From 1498 to 1517 it was owned by the powerful Del Giocondo family who owned the famous Monna Lisa, wife of Francesco del Giocondo, called “La Gioconda,” painted by Leonardo Da Vinci in circa 1505. From here it seems that Baldo was the Aguglione, jurist and Florentine politician, contemporary of Dante, who the great poet mentions twice in his Divine Comedy as the “villan of Aguglione.” It was, in fact, the Aguglione to give judgment, September 2, 1311, which excluded Dante from the amnesty, preventing the return from exile. This is a rare complex from the 16th century, constituted by the manor house and other buildings of pertinence such as the keepers lodgings and other rural buildings of agricultural use. The property is surrounded by splendid parks and gardens, tree-lined alleys, vineyards and olive groves. A large wood surrounds and shelters this dreamlike property. There are two entrances: the main and original one is an iron double gate that allows access through a driveway, lined by cypress trees, that leads to the Italian style garden rich in ornamental plants and basins, which was originally designed by the English architect Cecil Pinsent, who created an actual park with rose beds, scented plants and symmetric flower beds. There is also a double ramp staircase leading to the main level.

Italian Estate Video Tour: “VILLA ANTINORI DI MONTE AGUGLIONI” Near Florence

Home to the once powerful del Giocondo family from 1498 to 1517, an historic villa commands a scenic hill on the left side of the river Arno a few kilometers from Florence. Lisa del Giocondo, the wife of Francesco del Giocondo, and better known to the world as Mona Lisa, perhaps sat for Leonardo da Vinci in one of the many splendid rooms of the storied 16th century complex. A manor house, keepers’ lodgings, two conservatories, a warehouse, and other rural buildings for agricultural use are surrounded by 27 hectares of splendid parks and gardens, tree-lined alleys, vineyards, and olive groves. The original entrance to the estate is an iron double gate that opens to a drive lined by cypress trees and leads to the Italian-style garden rich in ornamental plants and basins designed by the English architect, Cecil Pinsent. The main body of the 2,800-square-meter villa comprises three levels and a basement floor served by internal staircases and an elevator. A chapel—typical of prestigious period dwellings, and a precious example of the devotional architecture of the 18th century—is cloistered on the fabulous grounds.

Italian Villa Video Tour: “Palazzo Positano” (2020)

In panoramic position over the historic center of Positano, in the beautiful Amalfi Coast, we find this beautiful luxury villa (500 sqm) with 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. The sea view property, enriched by unique masterpieces and by a wonderful garden on a terrace, is a unique gem and has already been chosen in the past by celebrities such as Armani, Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, Madonna and Alice Kiss for their exclusive Italian vacations.