“Politics Monday”: Tamara Keith And Amy Walter On Police Reform (PBS Video)

NPR’s Tamara Keith and Amy Walter of the Cook Political Report join Judy Woodruff to discuss the latest political news, including the pressure that mass public protests are putting on lawmakers to enact police reform, President Trump’s “law and order” strategy and whether it will energize his base and where former Vice President Joe Biden stands on changes to American law enforcement.

Podcast Interviews: Filmmaker Jon Wilkman On “Screening Reality”

New Books in History talks to Professional filmmaker Jon Wilkman, who draws on his own experience, as well as the stories of inventors, adventurers, journalists, entrepreneurs, artists, and activists who framed and filtered the world to inform, persuade, awe, and entertain.

Screening Reality: How Documentary Filmmakers Reimagined America (Bloomsbury, 2020) is a widescreen view of how American “truth” has been discovered, defined, projected, televised, and streamed during more than one hundred years of dramatic change, through World Wars I and II, the dawn of mass media, the social and political turmoil of the sixties and seventies, and the communications revolution that led to a twenty-first century of empowered yet divided Americans.

Timelapse Travel Video: “Flower Carpet – Brussels” By Joerg Daiber (2020)

Filmed and Edited by: Joerg Daiber

Two years ago I shot a film about Brussels for visit.Brussels and I ended up editing a separate film from the Flower Carpet since I had quite a bit of footage and only a few shots made it into the film. The idea was to release this film in 2020 when the next Flower Carpet event in Brussels takes place. Well, you can guess how that is going. Of course the event has been cancelled, but until the next one takes place you can enjoy the awesomeness here.


20th Century Art: Female Artists Highlight “Ginny Williams” Collection

As an early patron and friend of artists including Louise Bourgoeis, Ann Hamilton and Lee Krasner, Ginny Williams was revered for her pioneering support. “Ginny saw the Art World as this wonderful and diverse ecosystem, and she loved all parts of it” Sotheby’s Chariman Amy Cappallazzo fondly recalls, “she had a tremendously rich relationship with so many artists”.

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Podcast: “MedDiet” Alters Gut Micriobiome In Older People, Improves Frailty, Cognition, Inflammation

We observed that increased adherence to the MedDiet modulates specific components of the gut microbiota that were associated with a reduction in risk of frailty, improved cognitive function and reduced inflammatory status. 

Dr Philip Smith, Digital and Education Editor of Gut and Consultant Gastroenterologist at the Royal Liverpool Hospital interviews Professor Paul O’Toole; who is Professor of Microbial Genomics, Head of School of Microbiology and Principal Investigator in APC Microbiome Ireland, an SFI funded centre at University College Cork, Ireland, on “Mediterranean diet intervention alters the gut microbiome in older people reducing frailty and improving health status: the NU-AGE 1-year dietary intervention across 5 European countries” published in paper copy in Gut in July 2020.

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New Photography Books: “Ballet – Arthur Elgort”

Following his career-spanning monograph The Big Picture, Arthur Elgort pays homage to his first love and eternal muse in this new collection of photographs. While glimpsing ballet through Elgort’s lens we are taken not to the front of the stage but behind the scenes, where the hard work is done.

Arthur Elgort Ballet - Steidl Book - May 2020

On this journey through the hallways and rehearsal spaces of some of the world’s most distinguished ballet schools, including the New York City Ballet and the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet, we see previously unpublished images of legends such as Balanchine, Baryshnikov and Lopatkina. The perfection of the prima ballerina disappears in these quiet photographs where the viewer is able to witness the individual dancers’ natural glamor as they work to perfect their craft.

Elgort’s snapshot style allows the pain and pleasure of one of the world’s most beloved forms of expressive dance to be seen with beauty.

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