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Arts & Culture: Art Review Magazine – May 2023 Issue


ArtReview (May 2023 Issue)Featuring Frida Orupabo, Isaac Julien, Sarah Pierce, Kahlil Robert Irving and Christina Quarles; columns on faltering art markets and questions of what art should do for a society; and much more

Aki Sasamoto wins Calder Prize 2023

Aki Sasamoto, Yield Point, 2017, installation view. Image: Jason Mandella

The winner receives $50k, a three-month residency at Atelier Calder, and the placement of works in a public collection

Have We Reached the Endpoint of Revivalism?

Cao Fei, MatryoshkaVerse, 2022. Double Channel HD video, 16:4.5, color with sound, 37min 38sec © Cao Fei, 2023. Courtesy the artist, Vitamin Creative Space and Sprüth Magers

Art has long looked to the recent past for inspiration, but might the return of post-Internet art just be too much, too soon?

Frida Orupaboon the cover of ArtReview May 2023, mines images sourced from colonial archives, film, fashion and family albums to create collages that carve representation and empowerment from stereotype. Her visual references, ranging from clips of singers like Nina Simone and Billie Holiday, to the art of Carrie Mae Weems and Kara Walker, are incorporated into multilayered works, some pinned with metal tacks to look like the kind of vintage paper doll whose appendages are manipulable. The sense of ‘reclaiming the power to choose how a woman’s body, and more specifically Black female sexuality, is presented and received’, writes Fi Churchman, ‘is a central theme of Orupabo’s work’. 


Exhibitions: ‘Ramses And The Gold Of The Pharaohs’

FRANCE 24 (April 7, 2023) – As the “Ramses and the Gold of the Pharaohs” exhibition opens in Paris, we bring you a special show dedicated to the celebrated king who ruled the Egyptian empire over 3,000 years ago. The exhibition’s centrepiece is the pharaoh’s sarcophagus, which is on special loan to France.

It’s a gesture of recognition from Egyptian authorities after French scientists saved the mummy of Ramses II from a devastating fungus in 1976. Our Culture Editor Eve Jackson went to check out the once-in-a-lifetime show, while Lyana Saleh of FRANCE 24’s Arabic channel spoke with renowned Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass about the fight to repatriate Egypt’s ancient artefacts.

New Art Exhibitions: ‘John Craxton – Drawn To Light’, Meşher Studio In Istanbul


Meşher, Istanbul’s leading multidisciplinary art space, is to celebrate the life and work of the painter and designer John Craxton (1922–2009). The late British artist’s first solo exhibition in Türkiye will run April 5–July 23, 2023.

John Craxton: Drawn To Light

5 April – 23 July 2023

Meşher will have the honour of exhibiting the biggest and the most comprehensive display of Craxton’s artworks ever to be showcased. John Craxton: Drawn to Lightcurated by Ian Collins, friend and the biographer of the artist, brings together a diverse selection of works spanning the artist’s long career.

John Craxton: Drawn to Light - Announcements - e-flux

Featuring nearly 200 works, the exhibition offers a wide-ranging presentation of Craxton’s artworks including a monumental tapestry, paintings, drawings, prints, book designs and personal effects. The exhibition charts a joyful creative life moving from war-time darkness into light and from monochrome to brilliant colour. The window display features an example of the vintage motorbikes the artist loved to ride.

John Craxton: Drawn to Light - Announcements - e-flux

In addition to loaned works, Meşher’s John Craxton: Drawn to Light exhibition features 44 artworks from the Ömer Koç Collection, whose holding of Craxton works is second only to the John Craxton Estate. Photographs by the American photographer Robert McCabe and the London-born painter Nicholas Moore also enrich the John Craxton: Drawn to Light exhibition. First travelling to Aegean in 1954, McCabe’s photography focuses on its landscape and people, providing a close parallel with the art of John Craxton. Nicholas Moore’s photographs show scenes from his 1985 trip to Istanbul with John Craxton. A frequent visitor and an admirer of Istanbul, Craxton’s revelatory exhibition invites art lovers to explore his art and life in the lands he loved best.

READ MORE at e-flux

Art Exhibitions: ‘Dosso Dossi. The Aeneas Frieze’ At The Galleria Borghese

Dosso Dossi. The Aeneas Frieze

Dosso Dossi. The Aeneas Frieze

Galleria Borghese – From April 4 to June 11, 2023, the Galleria Borghese brings to fruition its research on landscape painting and the relationship between Art and Nature with Dosso Dossi. The Aeneas Frieze, a never-before-seen exhibition – the first dedicated to the great Ferrarese master’s pictorial cycle-curated by Marina Minozzi.

Dosso Dossi (Giovanni di Nicolò Luteri, Tramuschio ?, c. 1487 – Ferrara, 1542) – The Cretan Plague c. 1520-1521

For the first time, five of the ten canvases that made up the frieze created by Dosso Dossi between 1518 and 1520 for the Camerino d’Alabastro of Duke Alfonso I d’Este in Ferrara are being brought together in a single location. The operation, also prompted by enthusiasm for the recent reappearance of some of these paintings, is the result of an ambitious collaboration with the Louvre Abu Dhabi, the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., and the Museo del Prado in Madrid.

Dosso Dossi (Giovanni di Nicolò Luteri, Tramuschio ?, c. 1487 – Ferrara, 1542) The Repair of the Trojan Ships;
the Building of the Temple to Venus at Eryx and the Offerings at Anchises’s Grave c. 1518-1519

The Frieze, of which only seven canvases have been found to date, was made by Dosso Dossi drawing inspiration from specific episodes of the Virgilian poem taken from the first, third, fifth and sixth books, leaving out, however, the part devoted to the hero’s love story with Dido, that of the wars in Italy and the founding of Rome.

Art: ‘BASQUIAT × WARHOL PAINTING FOUR HANDS’ – Fondation Louis Vuitton



In 2018, the Fondation featured the “Jean-Michel Basquiat” exhibition. It continues its exploration of the work of the artist, revealing, this time, his collaboration with Andy Warhol.

Jean-Michel Basquiat et Andy Warhol, Untitled (collaboration no.23) / Quality, 1984-1985

Between 1984 and 1985, Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988) and Andy Warhol (1928-1987) created around 160 paintings together in tandem, “à quatre mains”, including some of the largest works produced during their respective careers. Keith Haring (1958-1990), who witnessed their friendship and collaboration production, would go on to speak of a “conversation occurring through painting, instead of words,” and of two minds merging to create a “third distinctive and unique mind.”

“Basquiat × Warhol. Painting four hands” is the most important exhibition ever dedicated to this extraordinary body of work and brings together more than three hundred works and documents including eighty canvases jointly signed by the two artists. Also featured are individual works by each as well as a set of works by other major artists (Michael Halsband, Keith Haring, Jenny Holzer, Kenny Scharf……) in order to evoke the energy of the New York downtown art scene of the 1980s.


Tate Modern – Explore the powerful work of two groundbreaking modern artists, a unique chance to discover the visionary work of Swedish painter Hilma af Klint and experience Dutch painter Piet Mondrian’s influential art in a new light.

Hilma af Klint The Ten Largest, Group IV No.2, Childhood 1907 Hilma af Klint Foundation

Although they never met, af Klint and Mondrian both invented their own languages of abstract art rooted in nature. At the heart of both of their artistic journeys was a shared desire to understand the forces behind life on earth.



Hilma af Klint and Piet Mondrian: Forms of Life by Nabila Abdel Nabi |  Goodreads

Best known for his abstract work, Mondrian in fact began his career – like af Klint – as a landscape painter. Alongside Mondrian’s iconic grids, you will see the rarely exhibited paintings of flowers he continued to create throughout his life. Also on display will be enigmatic works by af Klint in which natural forms become a pathway to abstraction.

Both artists shared an interest in new ideas in spirituality, scientific discovery and philosophy. Af Klint was also a medium, and this exhibition showcases the large-scale, otherworldly masterpieces she believed were commissioned by higher powers.

Art Exhibition Tour: ‘Philip Guston Now’ In London

National Gallery of Art (March 29, 2023) – What is the duty of an artist? Philip Guston’s answer might surprise you. Philip Guston constantly re-invented his style over the course of five decades.

Philip Guston Now

March 2 – August 27, 2023


As the world whirled around him, he painted to meet the moment. He captured both simple pleasures of daily life (like eating or driving) and large-scale violence by “bearing witness” to the world with an unflinching look at war, racism, and his own inner demons.


Explore Selected Works

Martial Memory, 1941
Female Nude with Easel, 1935

Views: Inside The Studio Of A Glass-Blower Sculptor

Victoria and Albert Museum (March 28, 2023) – Inspired by traditional oil paintings, sculptor Elliot Walker works with molten glass at exceptionally high temperatures and speed to create unique 3D still life sculptures. Step inside his studio to see each stage of this extremely challenging process, as he creates a new work made up of three-dimensional sliced fish, in response to a tiny fragment of a Middle Eastern glass beaker in our collection.

Video timeline: 00:00 In the studio 01:10 Elliot’s still life series 01:45 Design inspiration from the V&A collection 03:03 Hot workshop: gathering molten glass with a blowpipe 03:30 Building up layers of clear and coloured glass 03:56 Spiralling the coloured glass 04:15 Shaping the glass with different tools 04:50 ‘Swedish’ or bubble overlay technique 05:57 Creating the fish shape 06:41 Adding surface texture, fins and a metallic finish 08:14 Cold workshop: cutting and polishing 09:17 The finished piece

Profiles: ‘Edward Hopper’s New York’ Exhibition Tour

CBS Sunday Morning (February 5, 2023) – A new exhibit at the Whitney Museum of American Art provides a window into Edward Hopper (1882-1967) and his view of urban life. “Edward Hopper’s New York” features about 200 works that capture a changing and changeless city, and illuminate the inner lives of city dwellers. Correspondent Serena Altschul reports.

International Art: Apollo Magazine – February 2023

Apollo Magazine – February 2023:


  • How Christopher Wren built his reputation
  • The changing face of Silicon Valley
  • An interview with Zineb Sedira
  • The tiger who smoked a pipe
  • Plus: the uncertain market for Old Masters, the Cambridge colleges that have turned to wood, the artists who have taken young women seriously, and reviews of Guido Reni, Edward Hopper and the new museum at the Bibliothèque nationale