1960’s Television: “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” (1964) Celebrates 55 Years

From a Smithsonian Magazine online article:

When the special finally aired in 1964, it became such a hit that it has been rebroadcast every year since, making it the longest-running Christmas special in history. Even today, the special still punches above its weight; when Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer aired on CBS in 2016, it beat every show except This Is Us. In 2017, more viewers tuned in to watch Rudolph than A Charlie Brown Christmas, which ran on ABC in the same time slot.

Reindeer and dentists, puppets and LED light bulbs, Gene Autry and General Electric—these odd pairings might not seem to have much in common. But each played an important role in the making of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, a classic Christmas special currently celebrating its 55th straight year of annual reruns. Before Rudolph lit up the small screen, a series of tragedies, twists of fortune and lucky coincidences allowed his tale to endure through decades—eventually ensuring a place in holiday tradition.

Smithsonian website

Art & Innovation: “Gweilo” Scupltured Lighting By Partisans Design, Toronto

Gweilo is a new collection of custom lights by PARTISANS. Inspired by the idea that light itself could be harnessed and manipulated to create a physical sculpture, PARTISANS developed a design that alters light at its source. Gweilo reimagines illumination to architectural effect.

As spectral sculptures that fold and bend like light rays themselves, the pieces function as accents, dividers, or centerpieces, gracefully delineating space to create an
ethereal atmosphere.

Gweilo Lighting Sculptures Partisans Design

Each Gweilo light is handmade using thermoforming, a technique that allows etched optical grade acrylic sheets to be custom-shaped while they are still in their hot plastic
state. The sheets are heated to just under 400°C, at which point they become molten and pliable. They are immediately removed from the heat source and sculpted to produce a
variety of distinct folds and curves. When the metal extrusion containing an embedded LED strip is affxed to the cooled sheet’s edge, light is diffused across the etchings, amplifying the luminescent output. The result is an infnite set of silhouettes and sizes that emulate the vital movement of light.




Podcast: Top Christmas Songs In France, England, Germany, Japan & U.S.

Top Christmas songs from the world’s top 5 music markets as selected by Monocle Magazine.

5. France – Johnny Hallyday (“Mon Plus Beau Noël”)

Johnny Hallyday Mon Plus Beau Noel Christmas Song Album cover

4. England – Pet Shop Boys (“Always On My Mind”)

Pet Shop Boys Always On My Mind England

3. Germany – Helene Fischer  (“Stille Nacht”)


Helene Fischer Stille Nacht

2. Japan –  Yamashita Tatsuro (“Christmas Eve”)

Tatsuro Yamashita Christmas Eve Japan

1. United States – Mariah Carey (“All I Want For Christmas Is You”)

Mariah Carey All I Want For Christmas Is You United States

Monocle website

Top New Travel Videos: “Cityscape – 4K” Timelapse Views Of American Cities

Filmed, Edited and Directed by: Emeric Le Bars

CITYSCAPE | Travel through American cities from early in the morning to late at night. Experience the visual and audio atmosphere from each place.

Cityscape 4k Timelapse of American Cities by Emeric Le Bars December 24 2019

Cities included:
– Los Angeles, CA
– Las Vegas, NV
– San Francisco, CA
– Dallas, TX
– Denver, CO
– New York City, NY
– Atlanta, GA
– Chicago, IL



Classic Cars: “1968 Ford Falcon Futura Wagon”

From Wikipedia:

1968 Ford Falcon Futura Wagon Interior Classic CarsIn late 1965, Ford launched the third generation Falcon, based on a shortened Fairlane platform with revised styling. At the top of the line was the highly-trimmed Futura Sports Coupe, which featured chrome side window frames, giving this two-door sedan the look of a hardtop. It also featured a premium all-vinyl interior. Large “Sports Coupe” script on the “C” pillar was borrowed from the 1964–1965 Fairlane Sports Coupe.

Classic Cars logoThe heater-defroster became standard.[22] Brakes were 9-in for six-cylinder Falcons, and 10-in for V8s.[23] The two-door hardtop and convertible were dropped, while the station wagon and Ranchero were moved to a larger platform shared with the contemporary Fairlane. The Ranchero left the Falcon line and adopted the Fairlane’s front sheet metal for 1967. The 1966 Falcon was used in the Trans-Am series. The 1967 models were mostly the same as the 1966 models, but more Federally-mandated safety equipment was added, including a dual-circuit brake system, energy-absorbing steering wheel with a large, padded center hub, 4-way flashers, soft interior panels, and mountings for front shoulder belts (which were available as an option). A reminder light was added for the seatbelts;[24] 1968 was the first model year for the square tail lights.[25]

1968 and 1969 Falcons got new side marker lights or reflectors, front outboard shoulder belts, and headrests for cars built after January 1, 1969. The basic body and mechanical specifications remained the same as 1966–1967 models.

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Political News: Tamara Keith And Amy Walter On Politics Monday (NPR)

NPR’s Tamara Keith and Amy Walter of the Cook Political Report join Judy Woodruff to discuss the latest political news, including the state of the 2020 presidential race as the Iowa caucuses approach, an impasse over a Senate trial for President Trump and the “policy victories” Trump is claiming as he readies for a reelection campaign.