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Culinary Arts: Short Film “Déguste” Serves Up Life As A Cooking Chef For A Day

Directed by:  Stéphane Baz

Director of Photography: Selen Kilinc
Edited by: Maeva Issico
Produced by: Insolence Productions

Déguste Short Film Directed by Stephane Baz 2019

“Déguste” invites you to live through the point of view of a cooking chef for a day. A day at the top of food chain, closest to the matter. A day in the culinary crash.

Déguste Short Film Directed by Stephane Baz 2019

Website: http://insolenceproductions.com/

Short Film Documentary: “Achille Salvagni” Is An Artistic Look At The Renowned Designer


Achille Salvagni DesignerAchille Salvagni is recognised as one of the most sophisticated and innovative creatives working today. His influences range from the rich heritage of generations of master designers before him, to cutting-edge contemporary design tendencies. Combining Italian craftsmanship with his passion for noble materials, Salvagni’s timeless interiors reflect his unique approach and the understated elegance of his aesthetic.

For the past 18 years, Salvagni has been at the forefront of his field, tailoring bespoke interiors for some of the most influential personalities, and commissioned to lend his expertise to prestigious international residential projects in New York, Miami, Paris and London, amongst other leading global cities. Salvagni continues to delight and surprise through his careful and considered juxtaposition of objects, materials and tones.

His London Atelier draws from a selection of now iconic pieces and places them in an intimate domestic environment allowing collectors and design aficionados to experience their craftsmanship first-hand. Using only the noblest materials — mahogany, rosewood, royal oak, laurel, onyx, bronze and gold — the works are realised by Rome’s rich collection of unparalleled artisans found in the Vatican City and amongst the cabinet makers of the Quirinal Palace. With a couturier’s approach to design, even the smallest details of the Atelier’s works are the result of an exacting attention to detail, from the patina selection through to custom door handles and hinges.

In this film, Salvagni offers an insight into the philosophy behind his works and how his Roman heritage has influenced his craftmanship.

Website: https://www.achillesalvagni.com/about/

Top New Wildlife Films: “Chungungo – A Mentor’s Tale” Directed By Ben Goertzen (2019)

Written and Directed By: BEN GOERTZEN


Chungungo A Mentor’s Tale Directed by BEN GOERTZEN 2019


Director of Photography: BEN GOERTZEN

Chungungo A Mentor’s Tale Directed by BEN GOERTZEN 2019

Underwater Director of Photography:MAURICIO HANDLER-RUIZ

Chungungo A Mentor’s Tale Directed by BEN GOERTZEN 2019An endangered, South American Marine Otter mother and her two pups act as a vehicle into a poetic exploration of the threshold between comfort and action. Through blending traditional blue-chip cinematography with a philosophical narration the smallest marine mammal in the world is used as a mentor to teach humans about trusting their internal compass and confronting difficult questions. From showing a caring mother, to a playful sibling bond, to the kelp forests that nourish their entire ecosystem, this film aims to build empathy for animals as complex beings with more depth than we give them credit for.

Website: http://www.aquaterrafilms.com/

“Past To Present” By Andrew Studer Profiles Photographer Jarett Juarez’s Love Of Fixing Up Old VW Buses (Short Film)

Filmed, Edited and Directed by: Andrew Studer

Past To Present Short Film By Andrew Studer 2019

‘Past to Present’ tells the story of photographer Jarett Juarez and his passion for bringing new life into old Volkswagen Buses

Presented by Juneshine Hard Kombucha

Past To Present Short Film By Andrew Studer 2019

Made possible by Wolfsburg West

Featuring Photographer Jarett Juarez:

Past To Present Short Film By Andrew Studer 2019

Websites: andrewstuder.com

Top Artistic Short Films: “Carbon” By Felipe Hermini Portrays Life As A Countryman In Brazil

Director, DP, Camera and Editor _ FELIPE HERMINI

Carbon Cinematic Short Film by Felipe Hermini 2019
Additional Photographers_Diego Querzoli_Luca Pucci
Sound Production, Folley, Mix and Mastering_ Rafael Freitas
Color Grading_ Marcio Pasqualino, ABC
Motion Designer_ Júlia Hermini

Carbon Cinematic Short Film by Felipe Hermini 2019

The project was co-created by 4 artists( Hermini, Pucci, Querzoli and Freire) through their perception of a day in a countryman’s life.

Website; https://www.imdb.com/name/nm3106384/

Apollo 11 Tributes: “Landing On Airwaves” Recounts Media Impact Of 1969 Lunar Landing (Video)

Directed: Jonathan Napolitano
Produced: Brian Bolster, Jonathan Napolitano, Kayleigh Napolitano
Executive Producer: Matthew A. Stewart
Associate Producers: Elizabeth J. Davis, Chris Harder, Vinnoth Krishnan, Mo Scarpelli
Edited: Jonathan Napolitano
Title Animation: Maggie Noble
Music: Cemeteries

Landing On Airwaves Apollo 11 Landing on Moon 1969 Short Film

On July 20, 1969, an estimated 530 million people from around the world watched the Apollo 11 moon landing on television.

Website: https://www.jonathan-napolitano.com/

Racing Car Nostalgia: “Type 64 – The Oldest Surviving Car To Bear The Porsche Name” (Video)

Director: Andrew Schneider
Director of Photography: Mike Koziel
Photography: Jack Schroeder
Production: PorchHouse Pictures

This is the story of the first car to bear the Porsche name – The Type 64.

Type 64 by Porch House Oldest Surviving Car to Bear the Porsche name 2019

Developed 1939, the car survived war torn Germany to go on to be the baseline for one of the greatest modern auto manufacturers. To think it all started here, with this shape, and this engine layout, is remarkable.

We sat down with legendary filmmaker and founder of Radical Media, Jeff Zwart and Porsche Factory driver Patrick Long to find out more about the machine.

Website: http://www.porchhousepictures.com/