Healthcare Interviews: Centers For Medicare And Medicaid Services Director Seema Verma

Seema Verma, administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, sits down for a rare one-on-one interview with special correspondent Sarah Varney of Kaiser Health News. They discuss President Trump’s plan for sustaining public health insurance programs, how the administration would respond if Obamacare is struck down by the courts in the future, and the latest Medicare for all proposals.

New Books On Wine: “Veuve Clicquot” By Sixtine Dubly (Assouline)

Veuve Clicquot by Sixtine Dubly ASsouline 2019When Madame Clicquot, who had become the veuve (widow) Clicquot Ponsardin, inherited the house in 1805, she followed the motto “Only one quality, the finest” and created the first vintage and the riddling rack, two major innovations for champagne production. Centuries later, the brand behind the characteristic yellow label continues to make history, going beyond champagne to represent a complete lifestyle. 

Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin has been pushing boundaries for the past 250 years. From inventing rosé champagne in 1775 to collaborating with innovators such as Andrée Putman and the Campana Brothers, with each passing century the legendary label goes above and beyond to challenge itself with new initiatives to energize and excite its enthusiasts.

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Research: “The Human Microbiome – A New Frontier In Health” (UCTV)

Microbiome expands the genetic and functional capacity of its human host. Susan Lynch explains that human microbiome develops early in life and that gut microbes shape immune function and relate to disease outcomes in childhood.

The Human Microbiome A New Frontier in Health UCTV

She also explores next-generation microbiome therapeutics and research.

Classic Car Books: “Healey – The Men & The Machines”

Healey The Men & The Machines John Nikas January 2020“Nikas combines extensive research into a previously unavailable and highly detailed archive of Donald Healey’s personal records with the author’s masterful ability to weave together an amazing level of detail while making it an eminently readable story. The result is a book that both seasoned automotive historians and anyone with an interest in the story of a life well lived will enjoy. Until you’ve read this book, you don’t know the true story of Donald Healey and his cars”
(Reid Trummel, Editor in Chief, Healey Marque)

Written in collaboration with Gerry Coker, the designer responsible for the iconic Austin-Healey 100 and Sprite, this volume represents the most complete account ever of the sports cars built at Warwick, Longbridge, Abingdon and West Bromwich. With unprecedented access to Donald and Geoffrey Healey’s private papers, diaries, scrapbooks and photo albums, corporate and financial records from BMC, Donald Healey Motor Company and Healey Automobile Consultants, the files of Jensen Motors and Nash-Kelvinator, dozens of personal interviews and exhaustive research into previously unavailable primary source material, this book provides a thorough account of the true story behind these automobiles and the individuals who created them.

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New Interviews: 86-Year Old Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (BBC Podcast)

BBC World Service The Documentary PodcastSupreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the leading liberal Judge on the US Supreme Court. At 86 she has spent many decades fighting for women’s rights, including equal pay and access to abortion. A pioneer, this is a rare interview with a living legend. Razia Iqbal presents this special programme from New York as she receives the $1m Berggruen Prize for philosophy and culture.