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Work Innovation: ‘2021 Nissan Office Pod Van’

The Nissan Office Pod is more than a workstation: it’s a fully mobile van with just enough creature comforts to make a day at the office feel like a quiet vacation.

The van, a Nissan NV350 Caravan, features an office desk and chair, though it can slide in and out of the back of the van, giving workers an open-air working experience when it’s extended. It stows away inside when needed.

On top of the Office Pod is a balcony that’s accessible from the interior. Official video show off a large lounge space, a patio recliner, and a sizable umbrella. The van also features a golf ball-like exterior with a scallop-like pattern along its sides, which sits above the slightly widened fender extensions.

Electric Vehicle: ‘Mobilize EZ-1 Prototype By Renault’

Groupe Renault has revealed a new two-seat urban mobility vehicle designed called the EZ1-Prototype, which recalls the Twizy and will be the first machine offered under its new Mobilize mobility brand.

The Mobilize business venture is intended to help lead Groupe Renault’s efforts to break into new mobility, energy and data-related services, which it anticipates will become increasingly profitable in future years. It will focus on developing both hardware – with a range of purpose-built vehicles – software and services, such as car charging, subscription and finance schemes.

Mobilize is developing four purpose-built machines that will focus on ride-sharing and last-mile delivery services. The first is the EZ-1 Prototype, which “exemplifies the goals of the Mobilize brand” by putting “service at the heart of vehicle design”. 

Designed as a shared-use urban mobility vehicle, it takes cues from mobility concepts previously shown by Groupe Renault but has been honed for real-world use. Users will be able to rent by time or distance on a pay-per-use basis.

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Future Transportation: GM Reveals ‘Electric Flying Vehicle’ (Video)

At CES 2021, GM reveals a flying car dubbed eVTOL. The electric flying vehicle is GM’s vision for personal transportation.

January 12, 2021 – General Motors today revealed a futuristic new Cadillac Vertical Take-Off and Landing Vehicle (VTOL) that is designed to ferry city-dwelling business people from rooftop to rooftop.

The Cadillac VTOL is described as an “all-electric, single-seat, well-appointed aircraft,” that can travel between skyscrapers at speeds of up to 55 mph, or 90 km/h. A vehicle such as this could be useful for businessmen and women that need to quickly get from one side of a major metropolitan area to the other for a meeting or another important engagement, bypassing any ground-level traffic that may be bogging the city’s streets down.

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Urban Design: ‘One-Minute City’ Pursued In Sweden

…Sweden is pursuing a hyperlocal variation, on a national scale. A plan piloted by Swedish national innovation body Vinnova and design think tank ArkDes focuses attention on what Dan Hill, Vinnova’s director of strategic design, calls the “one-minute city.”

A vision for a decentralized urban area that allows residents to meet their daily needs within a quarter-hour walk or bike from their homes, the concept has been pursued as a means of cutting greenhouse emissions and boosting livability in a host of global cities — especially Paris, where Mayor Anne Hidalgo has embraced the model as a blueprint for the French capital’s post-Covid recovery

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Called Street Moves, the initiative allows local communities to become co-architects of their own streets’ layouts. Via workshops and consultations, residents can control how much street space is used for parking, or for other public uses. It’s already rolled out experimentally at four sites in Stockholm, with three more cities about to join up. The ultimate goal is hugely ambitious: a rethink and makeover of every street in the country over this decade, so that “every street in Sweden is healthy, sustainable and vibrant by 2030,” according to Street Moves’ own materials.

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Yacht Tours: ‘Komokwa’ – 135′ Horizon, 2010′ (Video)

Horizon motor yacht KOMOKWA is now offered for sale by her original owner. The best of this Horizon Premier 135 series she is in fantastic condition and the only one available with the owner cabin located on the bridge deck. Her beautiful lines conceal a splendid interior layout and offer an exceptional deck space. At anchor stabilization and frequency converter for worldwide navigation; over 60,000 nautical miles proven. Her main engines are under a comprehensive “Bumper to Bumper” 5-year warranty which expires in May 2022. The top deck is a guest favorite with 360-degree views. This deck has a hot tub with unobstructed views, sun chairs, a forward sun pad area, a shaded dining area. A full bar with 6 stools, a grill, and an outdoor shower complete the deck.

Car Review: Top 10 New ‘2021 Luxury SUV’s’ (Video)

In this video: the all-new 2021 models from SUV Luxury Class that will be smoothly sailing on the motorways across the globe.

Detailed list of all vehicles that appeared on this #AT_New_Cars video:

BMW iX: Unlike the compact iX3 crossover that is not destined to arrive to the US, the upcoming IX flagship will be the brand’s global EV, built on a dedicated architecture with 118-inches long wheelbase. In terms of size and functionality, the iX is comparable to BMW X5 and X6, offering electric AWD capabilities and lounge-like seating for 5.

Bentley Bentayga: The world’s original ultra-luxury SUV is the current money-maker for the British brand that balances formidable power with hand-crafted perfection of the interior. The new generation of the Bentayga will be sold in three powertrain options.

Acura MDX: Positioned as a new flagship in Acura’s crossover range, the 4th generation MDX lifts styling cues from the recently refreshed TLX sedan, and just like the former, even offers a performance-focused Type S version.

Genesis GV70:–the-gv70/s/42c832f4-69e3-460b-8039-0efb19e49d15 Genesis is not wasting time when it comes to exploring new market niches, so after barely launching the GV80 SUV, the company is already on track for starting production of the all-new GV70 crossover.

Mercedes-Benz AMG G63 Carlex Yachting Edition: The latest version of the AMG G 63 is a true beast and a generously equipped SUV right from the assembly line. However, the Polish-based Carlex Design can make your G-Wagen look posher than a ten-million yacht.

Infiniti QX55: Despite the completely shared platform with the QX50, the Infiniti QX55 fastback SUV actually borrows styling cues from the striking mi-size FX model that was in production between 2003 and 2017.

Land Rover Discovery: For 2021, the British carmaker boosts the Land Rover Discovery with new tech, reshuffled powertrain portfolio and a fresher front fascia.

Range Rover 50 Years: The fiftieth anniversary of the model is commemorated by commissioning 1970 limited edition units worldwide, each individually numbered and carrying a special “Fifty” script lettering. The Range Rover 50 is based on the highest Autobiography trim.

Genesis GV80: 2021 Genesis GV80 is making a debut outside of its home market, and as a part of it, arrives to the United States. Here, the mid-size gets a stock 2.5L Turbo inline 4 making 300 horses, but the 3.5L twin-turbo V6 is destined to become the buyer’s favorite mill squeezing out 375 hp through an 8-speed automatic to all four.

Aston Martin DBX: Throughout its existence, Aston has filed for bankruptcy 7 times and in March 2020 was aiming straight for its 8th. But thanks to the combined efforts of Lawrence Stroll and other shareholders, a half a billion pounds cash injection saved the company yet again, so the arrival of the DBX is back on track.

Kia Carnival Hi-Limousine: Despite being labeled as a minivan, the Carnival AKA Sedona in its current form looks like a confident 7 seat crossover, or as Kia calls it a “Grand Utility Vehicle”. In South Korea, the fourth generation of the model will be offered in a luxurious Hi-Limousine version.

Technology: Tesla Battles Nio In China – Charging Vs Battery Swapping (Video)

Gone are the long waits at charging stations: Chinese electric-vehicle startup NIO is pioneering battery-swap systems, challenging Tesla and other rival car makers. Here’s how NIO and Tesla are racing for the world’s largest EV market in China.

Photo illustration: Sharon Shi

Future Of Safe Driving: ‘Infrared & Iris Sensors’

The SEAT Smart Quality team uses Eye-Tracker glasses to track the driver’s gaze through infrared sensors, cameras and algorithms. Knowing where users are looking helps to achieve a more intuitive and secure interaction with devices such as infotainment.

This technology will have applications in other areas such as the design of mobility apps. Infrared light sensors, high resolution images and a sophisticated algorithm. All this technology is used to find out exactly where people are looking.

As we drive, the road must obviously be the main focus. That’s why it’s key to safety to be able to locate everything we’re looking for on the central console of the infotainment system at a glance, from the navigation system to the air conditioning or the radio.

 “We must guarantee the minimum interaction time with the screen, and to do this the information must be where users intuitively and naturally look for it” says Rubén Martínez, head of SEAT’s Smart Quality department. To accomplish this, they now have an innovative system.

Analysis: ‘How Airlines Are Transporting The Covid-19 Vaccines’ (CNBC Video)

Major U.S. airlines like American Airlines, United and Delta have stepped up to become a crucial part of the vaccine delivery supply chain alongside logistic giants like UPS, FedEx and DHL. Even though it’s only one part of the journey, it’s a critical one. DHL and McKinsey estimate vaccinating the world will require up to 15,000 flights.

Innovation: The ‘Top Ten 2021 Camper Vans’ (Video)

When you want the freedom and adventure of the outdoors, without the size and price tag of a motorhome, modern camper vans are an increasingly attractive option. From compact, tech-filled campers through to fully-equipped, rugged 4WD’s – there’s a lot to get excited about in the world of outdoor escapes. Let’s check out 10 of the most innovative camper vans coming in 2021