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Previews: Times Literary Supplement – Aug 19, 2022


The summer double issue of The Times Literary Supplement @TheTLS , featuring @YsendaMG on the British abroad; @questingvole on Roald Dahl; poems by John Fuller and Simon Armitage (both titled ‘The Repair Shop’); @RebeccaSpang on cryptocurrencies; @Skye_Cleary on love – and much more

Preview: Times Literary Supplement – Aug 12, 2022


Shared intelligence

How British and American secret services have collaborated

By Richard Norton-Taylor

Contemporary philosophy|Book Review

The truth is out there

Do different perspectives lead to scientific progress?

By David Papineau

Natural history|Book Review

If we only had eyes to see

The extraordinary variety of animals’ sensory worlds

By Charles Foster

Diaries|Book Review

Monks and bones

Dora Wordsworth’s journal of her father’s German tour

By Frances Wilson

Previews: Times Literary Supplement – Aug 5, 2022


This week’s @TheTLS , featuring Marjorie Perloff on Robert Lowell’s Memoirs; A. N. Wilson on Lord Northcliffe; @funesdamemorius on Aleister Crowley; @MarenMeinhardt on Manon Gropius; @JuliaBell on Lillian Fishman; @chrismullinexmp on political lives – and more.

TLS Preview: Times Literary Supplement – July 29, 2022


The TLS (Times Literary Supplement) for July 29, 2022 – @TheTLS, featuring @billmckibben on the future of farming; Bart van Es on Shakespeare’s life and sources; @profrhodrilewis on the sixteenth-century mind; @soniafaleiro on Geetanjali Shree; @mary_leng on straw men – and more.

Covers: TLS / Times Literary Supplement – July 22, 2022


The Times Literary Supplement (TheTLS) featuring @ambermedland on Jean Rhys; @joemoransblog on Britain’s housing inequality; @maryanneclark60 on the first true-crime play; @colincraiggrant on In the Black Fantastic; @bjkingape on the science of dogs – and more.

Preview: TLS/Times Literary Supplement – July 15, 2022


This week’s TLS, featuring @profbate on Arcadia in art and literature; @philipcball on Peter Higgs; @anelsona on philanthropy and inequality; @billmckibben on our climate turning point; @jamesamarcus on Emerson and Thoreau; @ScurrRuth on open-air painting – and more.

Preview: Times Literary Supplement – July 1, 2022


@TheTLS – July 1, 2022. Featuring Kenneth Rogoff on inflation; @KuperSimon on the Tour de France; @natsegnit on the ultrawealthy; Terry Eagleton on Geoff Dyer; @amyhawk_ on Hong Kong; @scheffer_pablo on climate change in medieval literature – and more.

Previews: Times Literary Supplement – June 24, 2022

Times Literary Supplement for June 24, 2022: @TheTLS, featuring our annual Summer Books feature; Michele Pridmore-Brown on transhumanism; @zoesqwilliams on the Oxford chumocracy; a newly discovered response to the Wilde trials by George Egerton; Claire Lowdon on the new Ottessa Moshfegh – and more.