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Books: TLS/Times Literary Supplement – Feb 17, 2023


Times Literary Supplement (February 17, 2023) – This week’s @TheTLS , featuring @jamesamarcus on Mailer at 100; Tom Seymour Evans on James Ellroy; @SPlokhy on Putin’s war in Ukraine; @nclarke14 on Blake Morrison; @CamilleRalphs_on Sylvia Plath; @natsegnit on Salman Rushdie; @rinireg on balloons – and more.


Books: TLS/Times Literary Supplement – Dec 16, 2022


Times Literary Supplement @TheTLS – December 16, 2022: Featuring @CLEdwall on Keats; @prospect_clark on Starmer’s Labour; Martin Ivens on Liz Truss; @zoeguttenplan on Orlando at the Garrick; @pottmeister on White Noise; @angusjnicholls on Eckermann and Goethe – and more.

Previews: Times Literary Supplement – Nov 25, 2022


The November 25, 2022 @TheTLS , features Olivia Laing on Kathy Acker; @emilytwrites on self-help and philosophy; @MElizabethLowry on Henry James’s golden age stories; @TobyLichtig on The Doctor; @MirandaFrance1 on Mariana Enriquez; @henryhitchings on slow journalism – and more.

Preview: Times Literary Supplement – Nov 4, 2022


This week’s @TheTLS , featuring André Aciman on Proust; Margaret Drabble on Robert Aickman; @LucyHH on Naples; @AnnPettifor on climate refugees; @scheffer_pablo on Nona Fernández; @IsabelleBaafi on the poetry of June Jordan, Wanda Coleman and Rita Dove – and more.

Books: TLS/Times Literary Supplement – Oct 28, 2022


This week’s @TheTLS , featuring Helen Vendler on Matthew Hollis’s biography of The Waste Land; Vernon Bogdanor on the UK’s future; Christopher Priest on Terry Pratchett; Felipe Fernández-Armesto on lying; @irinibus on the creative potential of constraints – and more.

Books: TLS/Times Literary Supplement – Oct 21, 2022


This week’s issue of the TLS, featuring @George_Berridge , Claire Lowdon and Edmund Gordon on new books by Cormac McCarthy, Barbara Kingsolver and George Saunders, respectively; Gabriel Josipovici on Cézanne; @15thcgossipgirl on Chaucer’s innocence; @rinireg on hatred – and more.

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Previews: Times Literary Supplement – Aug 19, 2022


The summer double issue of The Times Literary Supplement @TheTLS , featuring @YsendaMG on the British abroad; @questingvole on Roald Dahl; poems by John Fuller and Simon Armitage (both titled ‘The Repair Shop’); @RebeccaSpang on cryptocurrencies; @Skye_Cleary on love – and much more