Front Page: The New York Times – December 14, 2022


Inflation Cooled Notably in November, Good News for the Fed

Consumer Price Index data reinforces that inflation is beginning to slow down just ahead of the Federal Reserve’s December rate decision.

Prosecutors Say FTX Was Engaged in a ‘Massive, Yearslong Fraud’

A criminal indictment unsealed on Tuesday and a complaint by the S.E.C. describe years of wrongdoing in Sam Bankman-Fried’s crypto empire.

Scientists Achieve Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough With Blast of 192 Lasers

The advancement by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory researchers will be built on to further develop fusion energy research.

As Covid Spreads Fast, Beijing Isn’t in Lockdown. But It Feels Like It.

Almost no one is venturing out even after an easing of pandemic measures. Cold and flu medicines are scarce, but food supplies appear adequate.

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