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News: Hong Kong Begins National Security Trials, EU-US Green Trade Dispute

February 7, 2023 Hong Kong’s biggest national-security trial yet begins. Plus: a trade dispute between the EU and Washington, the latest TV news and how the war is changing Ukraine’s historically patriarchal society.


Culture: The New Review Magazine- February 5, 2023


The New Review (February 5, 2023): @natasha_walter on the state’s crackdown on ​the right to protest Plus: @marktpower’s shipping forecast photographs @RobertDFBooks interviewed by @MsRachelCooke On my radar: @paramore’s Hayley Williams & more.

Preview: MIT Technology Review – January/Feb 2023

JF23 cover

MIT Technology Review – January/February 2023:

10 Breakthrough Technologies 2023

Our annual look at 10 Breakthrough Technologies—including CRISPR for high cholesterol, battery recycling, AI that makes images, and the James Webb Space Telescope—that will have a profound effect on our lives. Plus care robots, 3-D printing pioneers, and chasing bugs on the blockchain.

Generative AI is changing everything. But what’s left when the hype is gone?

No one knew how popular OpenAI’s DALL-E would be in 2022, and no one knows where its rise will leave us.

AI is bringing the internet to submerged Roman ruins

The technology is making it easier to monitor underwater archaeological sites.

Cover Preview: Landscape Magazine – Jan/Feb 2023


Landscape Photography Magazine – January/February 2023 Issue:

Exploring Death Valley • An Essential Photographic Guide

Death Valley is utterly iconic and much photographed. What are the best ways to get to every depth and peak? QT Luong’s guide to the highlights of this extraordinary location will let you in on every secret

Dusk To Dawn Landscape Photography

Expand your landscape photography potential by shooting long after sundown and on through the night. As Mark Hamblin explains, photography requires very little light

Previews: Photograph Magazine – Jan/Feb 2023

Cover: ©Uta Barth, Thinking about…“In the Light and Shadow of Morandi” (detail), 2018. Courtesy Getty Museum

Photograph Magazine – January-February 2023:

A Career-Spanning Survey of Uta Barth’s Rigorous, Seductive Photographs

The German-born photographer’s precise work, on view at the Getty Center, explores what it’s like to see and perceive our surroundings.

Mary Ellen Bartley

The photographs in Mary Ellen Bartley’s series Morandi’s Books – meditative still life compositions in muted colors transformed by collage elements – are gently disorienting despite their formal precision. 

Cover of Twenty-five Years Ago, by Joan Lyons (Visual Studies Workshop Press, 1998)

Previews: Foreign Affairs Magazine – Jan/Feb 2023

January/February 2023

Foreign Affairs – January/February 2023:

Putin’s Last Stand

The Promise and Peril of Russian Defeat

The Global Zeitenwende

How to Avoid a New Cold War in a Multipolar Era

A Free World, If You Can Keep It

Ukraine and American Interests

Cover: American Scientist Magazine – Jan/Feb 2023

Current Issue
(Cover illustration by Sean Murtha.)

American Scientist – January/February 2023

In “A New Picture of Dinosaur Nesting Ecology” (Perspective), paleontologist Daniel T. Ksepka offers an overview of these sweeping advances in his field, showcasing the spectrum of reproductive traits among the dinosaurs, often with surprising mixes of reptilian and avian traits. 

A Deep Dive into Innovation

Groundbreaking innovations may appear to be strokes of genius, but they are most often the product of context, consequence, and coincidence.

Is Garlic Mustard an Invader or an Opportunist?

Originally thought of as simply harmful to native plants, this invasive herb has been spreading for far more complex reasons.