Opinion: Curing Obesity, Ron DeSantis’ Foreign Policy, Entrepreneur Hype

March 6, 2023: A selection of three essential articles read aloud from the latest issue of The Economist. This week, how to cure obesity, Ron DeSantis’s foreign policy doctrine (10:53) and why hype can help and hinder entrepreneurs (17:00).

Preview: London Review Of Books – March 16, 2023


London Review of Books (LRB) – March 16, 2023 issue:

Libel Tourism

Defamation isn’t the only legal threat to investigative journalism. Data protection and privacy laws are increasingly used as alternatives to a libel claim. Unlike a defamation writ, which claimants generally have only a year to file, data protection and privacy actions can be taken up to six years after publication, and there is no defence of truth.

Medieval Selfhood

Medieval Christians understood themselves to be interconnected to an extent that would surprise many people today, at least in Western cultures. Their minds and hearts were legible to other people as well as to God and the devil, and they saw themselves as vulnerable to interference from human and supernatural forces, to both good and bad ends.

Revolutionary Portraiture

The majority of women artists who exhibited at the Salon in the revolutionary period had never before shown their work in public. During the 1790s and early 1800s, several of them submitted self-portraits or portraits of other women artists, presenting, implicitly, an idea of the female painter as both a subject for portraiture and a professional in her own right.

Previews: The Atlantic Magazine – April 2023


The Atlantic Magazine – April 2023 issue – In “The New Anarchy,” a sweeping new cover story for the April issue of The Atlantic, executive editor Adrienne LaFrance draws upon years of reporting to argue that America is experiencing an era of increased acts of violence intended to achieve political goals, whether driven by ideological vision or by delusions and hatred.

The New Anarchy

photo illustration with alternating red and blue images of 10 violent protesters in various poses, some armed, one wearing Trump flag

America faces a type of extremist violence it does not know how to stop.

The Book That Teaches Us to Live With Our Fears

A staring wolf and a girl kneeling

Wolfish explores the question of what, exactly, we perceive as threats.

Art & Technology: Long-Extinct Species ‘Imagined’

‘What is lost is (not) lost forever’ imagines how extraordinary species which have become extinct in the last few centuries would look today, had they survived.

angelo renna envisions how centuries-long extinct creatures would look today using midjourney
Hydrodamalis gigas (also called Steller’s sea cow): extinct large aquatic mammal

designboom (March 6, 2023) – To visualize this new AI-generated series, Italian architect Angelo Renna looks to scientific research and characteristic descriptions of these animals and plants, feeding them as text prompts to Midjourney to visualize their appearances. The project, he notes, is not de-extinction or a revival of extinct species but is instead an educative process to learn about other forms of life in history.

angelo renna envisions how centuries-long extinct creatures would look today using midjourneyConilurus albipes: extinct white-footed rabbit rat — a rodent related to rats, mice, and squirrels

angelo renna envisions how centuries-long extinct creatures would look today using midjourney

Arthropleura: extinct millipede arthropods that lived in North America and Europe around 345 to 290 million years ago


Previews: The New Yorker Magazine – March 13, 2023


The New Yorker – March 13, 2023 issue:

How Russian Journalists in Exile Are Covering the War in Ukraine

Ekaterina Kotrikadze, TV Rain’s news director, at the studio in Latvia.

Dozens of media outlets have fled to the capital of Latvia, only to encounter a distrustful public and a set of strictly enforced laws and regulations.


Biomilq and the New Science of Artificial Breast Milk

A baby sucks on a bottle attached to an intricate machine of pipes and beakers that form the silhouette of a breast-feeding mother.

The biotech industry takes on infant nutrition.

Why We Never Have Enough Time

An alarm clock without a traditional clock face; instead we can see inside it to a beautiful nature scene.

In her new book, Jenny Odell argues that structural forces have commodified our moments, days, and years. Can our lost time be reclaimed?

1955 Mid-Century Modern: Tour Of ‘Windemere Tract’ Home In Phoenix, Arizona

Open Space (March 5, 2023) – Ralph Haver AIA was an American Architect who was highly accredited to bringing Modernism to Arizona. Malcolm and Lea weren’t necessarily looking for a modernist home when they stumbled upon their current Ralph Haver home.

Always intrigued with design and making a space into their own, they saw the potential through their designer Joel Contreras who at the time was one of the few people redesigning historic homes in Arizona. Ralph Haver was known for his use of affordable and practical building materials, such as concrete block and plywood, which allowed him to create affordable postwar homes. Malcolm and Lea are a part of a small tract of Ralph Haver homes with only 30 homes in their neighborhood.

Throughout the past several years, they have seen a new generation of buyers coming into the neighborhood and lovingly caring/restoring/ remodeling the homes. Ralph Haver homes are reminiscent of the Cliff May homes in Southern California, similar construction, design elements and die hard homeowners that are uplifting the legacy of these architects.

News: Battle For Bakhmut, Enriched Uranium In Iran, CIA Counterintelligence

March 6, 2023: Ukraine’s battle for Bakhmut: is the eastern city about to fall to Russia? Plus: a special interview with James Olson, former chief of counterintelligence at the CIA; a round-up of stories from Asia; and a US Supreme Court copyright case involving Andy Warhol.

Front Page: The New York Times – March 6, 2023


In Florida Legislative Session, a Chance for DeSantis to Check Off His Wish List

Republican lawmakers have indicated the session will be guided by Gov. Ron DeSantis’s priorities, including a proposal that would expand gun rights.

Using A.I. to Detect Breast Cancer That Doctors Miss

Hungary has become a major testing ground for A.I. software to spot cancer, as doctors debate whether the technology will replace them in medical jobs.

Ukrainian Soldiers, Nearly Encircled, Push Russians Back

The battle for Bakhmut is not over — at least not yet. Ukrainian assault brigades offered Moscow a bloody reminder of that over the weekend.

They’re Exporting Billions in Arms. Just Not to Ukraine.

As traditional weapons suppliers like the U.S. face wartime production shortages, South Korea has stepped in to fill the gap, while trying not to provoke Moscow.