World Economic Forum: Top Stories- March 18, 2023

World Economic Forum (March 18, 2023) – This week’s top stories of the week include:

0:15 Silicon Valley Bank collapse explained – On 10 March, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) failed after a ‘run’ on the bank from customers wishing to draw cash. The bank didn’t have enough funds to pay them. So federal regulators had to step in and shut it down. Silicon Valley Bank is the biggest US bank to fail since the 2008 financial crisis and the second-biggest ever. Just a few days ago, it was a respected player in the tech space, with thousands of venture capital-backed start-ups among its customers. So how did things go wrong so quickly? Watch the video to learn more about the Silicon Valley Bank collapse.

2:14 Aviation will be net zero by 2050 – Altogether, aviation is currently responsible for 2.5% of global emissions. Without action to reduce emissions, demand could see this soar 300% by 2050. 65% of the way to net zero will come from switching to sustainable aviation fuels (SAF). Its production uses a fraction of the carbon footprint generated by petroleum fuel.

3:49 AI detects lung cancer better than humans – It reads routine chest X-rays to highlight up to 29 abnormalities. Including the patient’s risk of lung cancer so a radiologist can take a look. Usually, human radiologists scour X-rays by eye. But 20% of lung cancer risks go undetected this way, causing a potential delay in diagnosis and poorer outcomes. The new tool was developed by and is being scaled up in partnership with AstraZeneca. The tool was trained using over 4 million X-rays. In trials, it was 17% more sensitive than a human. Early data indicates impressive accuracy for identifying risk of malignancy

5:18 Researchers restore movement for stroke victims – Doctors implant electrodes in the patient’s neck. These stimulate undamaged parts of the spinal cord and bring movement back to paralyzed arms and hands.


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‘Spectacular Landscapes’

8K VIDEOS HDR (March 18, 2023) – World’s Most Spectacular Landscapes in 8K UHD Video.

Video timeline: 00:0000:12 Intro 00:1300:47 Weisssee Lake, Austria 00:4801:06 Northern Lights, Sweden 01:0701:28 Pongour Falls, Vietnam 01:2901:55 Plitvice lakes, Croatia 01:5602:31 Antarctica 02:3203:00 Emosson Dam, Switzerland 03:0103:25 Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil 03:2604:03 Lofoten Islands, Norway 04:0404:37 Patagonia, Chile 04:3805:06 Icebergs, Greenland 05:0705:46 Rainbow Mountain, Peru 05:4706:25 Yosemite, USA 06:2606:46 Raja Ampat islands, Indonesia 06:4707:07 Monument Valley, USA 07:0807:47 Etretat, France 07:4808:20 Vestrahorn Mountain, Iceland 08:2108:45 Karakoram Mountains, Pakistan 08:4609:20 Bora Bora, French Polynesia 09:2110:00 Ergaki Mountains, Russia 10:0110:20 Laguna de Canapa, Bolivia 10:2110:46 Transfagarasan Road, Romania 10:4711:15 Cumbre Vieja Volcano, Spain 11:1611:58 Eastern Sierra Mountains, USA 11:5912:28 Bariloche Lake District, Argentina 12:2913:08 Dolomites, Italy 13:0913:39 Grossglockner Road, Austria 13:4014:05 Aconcagua Mountain, Argentina 14:0614:59 Meteora, Greece 15:0015:20 Los Caracoles Road, Chile 15:2115:52 Grand Canyon, USA 15:5316:48 Faroe islands, Denmark 16:4917:49 Kamchatka, Russia 17:5018:09 Laguna del Inca, Chile 18:1018:40 Voidokilia Beach, Greece 18:4119:20 Llaima Volcano, Chile 19:2120:21 Tolbachik Volcano, Russia 20:2220:45 Hvannagil Estuary, Iceland 20:4621:18 Big Sur Coastline, USA 21:1921:44 Rago National Park, Norway 21:4522:12 Alpstein Mountain, Switzerland 22:1322:46 Outro

Reviews: The Top Museum Exhibitions In March 2023

Sotheby’s (March 16, 2023) – Tim Marlow is back, and this month he’s taking us from London to Tokyo on a tour of some of the most exciting exhibitions to appear this decade.

It’s the 50th anniversary of Pablo Picasso’s death and The Musée National in Paris along with The Albertina Museum in Vienna are commemorating the occasion with two outstanding shows centered around the legendary artist’s work.

The new landmark Vermeer exhibition in Amsterdam showcases 28 known works by the artist, providing a rare opportunity to see a significant collection of his masterpieces in one place. Learn about these thrilling shows and more in this video.

Arts & Culture: The New Criterion – April 2023


The New Criterion – April 2023 issue

Poetry a special section
T. S. Eliot’s still point  by James Matthew Wilson
Singing the “Frauenliebe”  by Ian Bostridge
The foundational “Kokinshu”  by Torquil Duthie
A White Russian on the rocks  by Boris Dralyuk

Darkness visible: Auden collected  by William Logan

Three poems  by Georgia Douglas Johnson 

New poems  by David Ewbank

Paradise lost

by Peter W. Wood

A review of Peace and Friendship by Stephen Aron & Indigenous Continent by Pekka Hämäläinen.

Infinite India

by Amit Majmudar

A review of India: A History in Objects by T. Richard Blurton.

Finance Preview: Barron’s Magazine – March 20, 2023


Barron’s Magazine – March 20, 2023:

Banks Survived Another Week—and the Biggest Ones Look Like Winners

Banks Survived Another Week—and the Biggest Ones Look Like Winners

The nation’s banking giants will be beneficiaries of the industry’s turmoil. They have cheap stocks, and hefty dividend yields.

First Republic Bank and SVB Both Courted Wealthy Clients. That Wasn’t Enough.

First Republic Bank and SVB Both Courted Wealthy Clients. That Wasn't Enough.

Investors and customers fell in love with these two Silicon Valley banks and their CEOs. Then they fled as the crisis hit.

Why Regulators Didn’t Spot the Risks at Banks—How to Stop the Next Failure

Why Regulators Didn't Spot the Risks at Banks—How to Stop the Next Failure

The banking sector is in turmoil. But the causes are very different from 2008.

The Fed’s New Bind

The Fed’s New Bind

Some economists say the Federal Reserve must pause its interest-rate-rising campaign to help bolster banks, while other economists say that such a pause would indicate the Fed isn’t serious about taming inflation.

Front Page: The New York Times – March 18, 2023


Banking Crisis Hangs Over Economy, Rekindling Recession Fear

The Federal Reserve policymakers, pursuing interest rate increases to tame inflation, must now contend with upheaval in the financial system as well.

Borrowing could become tougher, a particular blow to small businesses — and a threat to the recovery’s staying power.

Arrest Warrant From Criminal Court Pierces Putin’s Aura of Impunity

A highly symbolic move by the International Criminal Court, which accused President Vladimir V. Putin of war crimes, carries moral weight.

Mortgages, Wine and Renovations: Silicon Valley Bank’s Deep Tech Ties

Silicon Valley Bank has been deeply interwoven to an unusual degree into the lives and businesses of tech investors, entrepreneurs and executives.

More than many other banks, SVB catered to how risky tech start-ups and their backers do not adhere to normal business practices.

After Police Killing of Walter Scott, a Department Tries to Rebound

The North Charleston Police Department has hired more Black officers, cut down on traffic stops and invited Mr. Scott’s brother to speak to recruits.