Interior Design: A Tour Of Berdoulat, Bath, England

House & Garden (April 7, 2023) – Patrick & Neri Williams welcome us into their shop & home, Berdoulat, based in the World Heritage Site of Bath, England. The interior design duo have transformed a truly unique space in the heart of Bath, which sees Georgian, Regency and Victorian architecture converge.

Video timeline: 00:00 – Shop: “Originally in the 18th-century, the shop would have a completely different format” 02:51 – Kitchen & Living Room: “The kitchen is the real heart of the home” 05:24 – Internal Courtyard: “This is the room where we relax and also come up with ideas” 07:54 – Bedroom: “We colour-matched the original Georgian green” 10:30 – Shop Vaults: “This is the original kitchen from the 18th-century servants’ quarters”

With a deep respect for the history and soul of the building, they have sensitively renovated the Grade II-listed space. “In 1890, three very eccentric Victorians joined forces,” explains Patrick as he stands in the front-of-house shop.

“What they did with the building was to completely reformat the space. All of the internal walls at ground and first-floor were removed, as was the ceiling to create this fantastic double-heighted space.” Watch the full episode of Design Notes with Patrick & Neri Williams and tour Berdoulat in Bath.


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